Sunday, 28 September 2008

Back in ABERDEEN!!!~ *_*

Same ol'NC gang~
More Bruneianz~!
New flatmates~!

Dont go online much~ since no internet connection in my new home yet ;)

So yah~ i'll post more often nextym~.. i hope

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Desperate jua eyh~ *_*

"Get off me you~.."
Time is running out~ only 1 more week left...

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Dear Diaries~ *_*

Itz been a long while~... i apologize. Not that im malas or anything, itz just that i've been jotting down most of my feelings onto my diary book instead. Aha thatz d thing, i cant make this blog too personal ba~.. nope, im bad with keeping myself in, but expressing it to d public? Okeh fine i do,but not much in blog la (seriouslyyy~).. :P

After a long blog holiday (*_*), i now present you a special post ;D maybe nothing to you, but somehow it means a lot to me. This is my kind of joy. Keeping memorable stuffs have always been one of my greatest hobby, never once i missed a day without writting (&drawing) my diary before.

Itz a pity i no longer do d same routine anymore~..

Since i came home to Brunei, i re-read all my diaries again~.. i love to look back. I kept my own diary since primary 1, all thankz to my mum who bought and taught me how to write a journal on my 7th birthday. It became one of d most important things to me til now.

Sad, i lost my 1st journal, atleast i still have d 2nd one :) left side - are the oldest books i kept. From primary 2 (1995) to primary 4 (1997).

Not much of a daily journal tho, i filled the books with cartoons mostly. D li'l gal got such an imagination! (Sometimes i wonder where i got all d ideas from..those wonder years)

Not to forget d fact that i started making comics at early age, i loved making d HORROR type. Hey, i was good yo.

Below, 1 of my good ones (1997), 'The Demon One Night" aha, d story is so original, came out from no where - since d story was not planned at all. Of coz itz lame and non sense since it came from me, furthur more, the 9 years old me.

Primary 6's - P.C.E examination (1999) whahaha~ *_* Just by looking at it made me remmber exactly the feelings when i drew this~ itz like vision of a chicken while eating chicken flavoured crisp :P apakan
At d end of my primary yearz - had so many time in hand. Drew a lot that holiday, below right hand side was something i was really proud of ;)~.. those dayz~.. Langsung nda berapa pulang actually.

My 1st year as a secondary student (2000), the year where aku paling rajin buat diary.

Not to mentioned how detailed it is (every sentence comes together with their own cartoon!).

Plus, itz d year where kids go thro stages of puberty, my point of view about boys started to change there haha. Every single day included something about my crush, altho i only look from afar. So cute, yet so kashian ;D

Form 2 (2001), Started to use computer to type in my daily happenings - printed it, pasted it & drew onto, i was that RAJIN?

Zaimah and i started to become best of frenz from that year onwardz~..

I love my Form 3 (2002) diary, Either in and out is neat. D book cover especially - made it myself. Photocopied my own comic with some other comics i loved, cut, mix and paste - TADA, i give u a lovely Pu3z original ;D
An improved style of mine~.. musim PMB ba, yet sentiasa ada masa to do these things.

Going onto my 4th year (2003)~ my dad bought me a digital camera :) so since then , pandai2 tia ku putting in pictures. Not that often tho~..but from that year onwards, i began to appreciate pictures more.
Above - our 1st biology animal experiment!! Cutting out the organs, how cool is that!! (there'z a reason why i love SAW from the start *o*) i do feel sorry for d mouse tho......

Im still surprise the fact that i used to love writting stories at d same time!!! Now i see Im actually really weak at writting in english baa~ Suruh aku buat english essay? Baik tah aku lumpat dari gunung nah, jadi puteri gunung ledang.
(2004), my 1st fully used school organiser! Well, this year SMB made their 1st ones wa, im not gonna waste it. As a result, i really like d way it is organised, short and simple, yet still able to fill in drawings everyday :D

  Growing older, i changed d way i handle my journals. Starting from lower 6 (2005), I began to use 2 books, one for my daily organiser, another for confessions~ woooooo~.... Never fail to bring both to school.
Being me, for d love of treasuring anything memorable, i made special pages in organiser such as those especially for cute mini photos,
autograph and drawings. :) 

Whatz funny - is how i managed and tried to make my daily diary short n simple everyday~ my fren did asked me why didnt i just buy a real organiser instead~ ;P guess i love to keep things my own way.
Confession book, of coz, something i jotted only when i feel like it.
Where i expressed my confusions, love and anger in my own way, i usually end it up with a perfect solution which made myself feel better. Mostly filled with writtings, but sometimes i let out my thoughts and feelings in a form of comic.

I started to take in interest in expressing myself thro making comics since form4 tho. Now i only make comics all about me~..which is yah, so~.. umm, siok sendiri?? haha, don mind, don care.

I've done cover to cover 2 comic diaries so far. Still on going, now im doing my 3rd one.

Actually, itz mostly about love tho. Is it what we called the chronicle of finding true love? Yah, my journey continues~....
I started to be a lil bit active in blogging since last year, but i couldnt express my true self~.. i guess im afraid about people's point of view, d fact how i worry & complain too much about how things are. I need to go back on track~ and i have to make sure i will always do~...


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