Monday, 30 March 2009

Couldnt have done it without you *_*

Nyaman ati berabez ehhh~ All thanx to Nano and Zirah for helping out with my last essay biggrinbiggrinbiggrin

And thank you much Beechams FluPlus Caplets, for making me feel a whole lot better! Awu, im still not yet 100% healthy bah.

:puteh_18:Wah so little the time, my uk trip starts tomorrow and I havent pack my stuffz yet!

What the heck.

Alangkah bahagianya tuan Puteri melihat dunianya yang begitu indah dan luas........

No more slugs, No more hedgehogz, No more seals!!!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

1 essay left, GANBATTE PU3! *_*

Found this cute Puricute site where u get to design and make ur pictures cuter haha.

Remind me of d old neoprint we had a long time ago :P i wonder why is it so hard to find sticker photo booth in uk? Di Brunei pun dont have anymore :( sigh.

Anyway, i accidentally deleted all the photos in my camera a few days ago +_+ So sasak eh... ALL GONE! Owh well.

Im kinda not well at the moment, but my fever 2 days back was way worser. Thus my essay progress didnt go well at all. T_T I hope i'll finish it by today tho.

Back to work.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A li'l something from the past *_*

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

OMG, another essay??!! *_*

Feel like want to die now *_* so~... 3 essay reports and 1 test?!! Ya Allah, i really hope all my work will be nicely done in the end.

Thus, im going to stop blogging for a while \(^^)/ ....... I hope.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Kusut Locust *_*

Aaarrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh~ :puteh_8: i cant wait for Easter holiday!!

People asked me about the effort i made for this blog. Wah for those who knew me for a very long time are not supposed to be too surprise la~ I used to write and draw atleast 10pages diary everyday~ a FULLY DETAILED diary with drawings on each small paragraph i made! Adui~ nda caya? Nah! *Owh n i was in Ugama that time hehe, click to enlarge! :D*

My point is~.. i dont feel like wasting my time on this blog, itz the only thing that made me feel for who i am supposed to be. And i feel great! I stopped writting diary since upper 6, and it made me feel... like a DIFFERENT person! I know people change when they grow older, they get busier and focus in more important things.. but.. Why do i have to be that? Why cant i just stay?

Argh, fine, i'll try to improve my time management! Aiya, see,while you all are watching online movie, chatting or reading comic, i do my blog. What difference does it make? We all are just spending out time on doing something we like la~ haha.

Awu aku kusut lagi~ you wanna know what else is kusut? mrgreenmrgreenmrgreen

Mentel jua locustnya ani eh. It was last Thursday'z Invertebrate Life practical.

Haha~ total random.

Owh owh~.. I spent so much on sushi yesterday!! :puteh_29:But itz so~ good:puteh_26: i just cant resist good food. No! No! I need to save up..SAVE UP!!


Bah, i go do my work now. *Yea right*

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Ongoing shoujo comic *_*

Haha~ im not going to say anything, you can guess la~ razz

Time - in the blink of an eye~... capatnya masa berlalu.. Is it just me? neutral Easter holiday is coming in a week. After holiday - project, assignments and exam. After exam - Brunei!.....

:puteh_20:Uh.. im more worried about examz now (altho itz in the end of May), i really cant accept the fact we have to go back to resit exam in uk in August IF we fail 1 paper! And the exam is getting hard this year *nearly failed 1 of my course module last semester, so scary!* Man i really need to start studying!
Argh:puteh_28: I will do my best and try to pass everything!

Bah, back to the topic i supposed to talk about.

Our day out in town.

Went to watch'Marley and me' in VUE cinema~.. itz a good one biggrin recommended for all the dog loverz out there haha~... Nyeh, i hate dogs evil but im still an animal lover. This movie reminded me of my guinea pig somehow and my family somehow lol

After movie - dinner at Jimmy Chung's. Seriously speaking, aku kelamuan berabez udah Jimmy Chung's ani, bisai plg ayamnya halal, p masakannya smua sama everytime bah! P Nobita wanted to go there anyway.

I wasnt hungry at all sad yatah i end up sleeping in the restaurant, poor Nobita.

Sigh~.. if only *_*

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Ai Cayang~...*_*

Rindu serindu-rinduya~..... sing along with me ppl!

Lagi sekali, aku liat kebelakang... if only life is easier like beforeneutral Nyeh of coz, as a kid, we never get to appreciate the time we had. But i did think about the future, wondering what kind of person i will be one day.. confused somehow i never did change much.

I miss face painting with my siblings (^^) it was one the things we always do for fun... there's always something to do lol and its always noisy and full of laughter at home. Yatah it was hard masa my 1st year away from home, i didn't get used to the quite atmosphere here in uk.


I went through the pictures dalam my laptop~ Ada a few old photos i scanned back home just before i came here. I decided to post up this picture of my lil brother 16years ago haha (^o^) isnt he adorable?? Our mum scolded me and my big brother for tarik2 Yaka around on our book trolley. And yeah, that trolley mna panjang umur...
lol Yaka was so cute when he was a baby, are you curious to see how he look like now? mrgreen

Nah, his latest photo i stole from his facebook haha. Sorry lai, kaka nda minta ur permission razz nda apala, bukannya gmbar mu yg bida kaka curi kan kan? Am i right ppl, cute jua msih kan? Biasalah, liat kakanya (*o*)v

True his nose grows very big And bnyak jerawat hahaha. P masih jua hensem kan.. What? NDA?? Capa tu ah! berani jua! Aku GIGIT kamu karang!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Nippon Connections logo competition~ *_*

I have no choice but to participate~ *_* Im not creative enough to be able to make a simple yet meaningful logo.

<- This onigiri i made, how can it be accepted? I guess it would be a good NC mascot tho :P a pretty annoying one, thatz for sure.

Nobita helped with with the other 1. I find it so much better than the 1 one i made alone aha... altho itz not that good. Zai called me from NZ today~.. she used up $35 on that *_* adui, mahalnya~ im sorry love, but thank you so much ahh~ We used to talk on the phone all the time back in Brunei (even tho we see in school everyday!), itz so funny we dont do that anymore now that we're countries apart. I just hope our relationship wont drift apart in the future.....................................................*I wont let that happen!*

owhh and~ happy 21st bday to Mahirah!!~ :]

Friday, 13 March 2009

*Kiss* ^3^ *Kiss*

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Resident Evil: Degeneration - 2 THUMBS UP! \(>o<)/

Before i start talking about this one awesome CG animated movie, guess what i made this morning :P Bento lunches for me and Nobita.

Of coz, not at all the creative, but itz quite time-consuming for this very simple one..itz that bunny-shaped apple baahh!! To think about all the amazing bento lunches the Japanese made for their children, wow~ i salute ehh.

Awu~ aku hantam-hantam masukkan semua, asal edible hahaha. Tell me what you think of it \(^o^)/ i noe itz nothing special, p itz my 1st time kali ahh~ yay lets celebrate!!~ happy birthday to you~.. eh salah!

Enough bento talk, letz go biohazard! (>_<) *Gedegup gedegup* - bunyi jantung tuan puteri :P

"Wat a movie? Seriously?? Are u sure not a game play???!"
"Aiya~ why u dont believe me ar~ We watch now and see ar~"
What the hell~?! I didnt know anything about this? Zoelll~ why didn't u tell me~ -_-' aiyoo~ usually my broz the 1 who updated me with these kinds of stuffz.. i feel so ketinggalan..

Resident evil 2 was 1 of the first 2 PS games we ever played (d other was Crash Bandicoot), so yea, imagine our obsession torward this game. Aha, i never made a game/movie review in my blog before :P but my passion torward this game cant make me shut.
My 2 most FAVOARITE R.E. characters, Claire and Leon appeared together once again! Leon is SO HOT @_@ *drools* such a cool guy.
This CG animated movie is based on the original series of games, and it takes place 7 years after the Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2. And a year after Resident Evil 4.

Notice the differences : Leon and Claire before and now. (^_^) Owh derz so many other
similarities in RE 2 and RE Degeneration that really brings back memories.

The presence of a li'l girl~..

And say hello to the William no.2~..

Rating~... : 9.8/10,
the 0.2 point less is becoz there's not as many zombie scenes :P and i love zombies hehe. For all the gamers out there~.. this is a must watch animated movie! If not, how can u understand the 5th RE game anyway *duh*

Waa~ Resident evil game based have never failed to satisfy me~.. but nyeh, the real life movies are quite a disappointment.

Ok la, i end this post by putting up this 1 last photo (#_#)

*Having lunch at the hub* =_= Dude~ why do u have to be the pretty one in the picture ahhh~ T_T So unfair ehh..

And these are Nobita'z comments on the bento i made for him:
Omelette - "Too salty"
Garlic mushroom - "Too oily"
Bunny-shaped apple - "weird & non-sense"

.........Nobita... aku CUCUK biji mata mu karang! *And yeah, i did* :P Sorry for poking your eyes out. Please get well soon ~.. hehehe


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