Monday, 28 December 2009

Science and Christmas in Glasgow

Hello ^_^ Miss me?

Me and Jeri just came back from a trip in Glasgow. Though its still Scotland, there were so many fun things to do during the Christmas season :)

So this is what i wanna post about today ^^ our day in Glasgow! And owh before i start, Jeri has coloured his hair brown! Awww~ he looks just how it was on the 1st time we met!

Ok la~ 3,2,1!

The 1st place we went to:
Glasgow Science Centre
Haha yea, i am such a geek :P
But HEY! They also have an IMAX theatre and a tower there!
So we went to watch AVATAR in 3D IMAX!

Waiting for the movie, we played around the Science Mall

One of the machines we tried..

The Planetarium is my favoarite (and its my 1st time ever - a dream come true!) :)
It is said to be one of the best in Britain!
Other photos around the Science Centre.

Christmas eve:
We went to the Christmas Market in St. Enoch
Colourful ginger cookies!

We headed to the carnival in Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. The rides were making us sick *_* so went back to town so much earlier than expected.

Walking around town, we found another amusement centre! I hated the cold, but it is so much better outdoor really..

Such a jolly christmas ^^Before i go.
Let me recommend you one of the best Japanese restaurant I ever been to in uk. ^^Sapporo Teppanyaki restaurant serves the salmon sushi i've been searching for that melts in the mouth!
Pricey but worth it!

Monday, 21 December 2009

Pu3 and the Snow

Its been snowing for a few days now~ :) Yay, white christmas!

Got a list of things to buy this holiday. Im not much of a shopping person really, but it has been really long since i bought something (that is not online!).
I need a new pair of boots, waterproof this time! T_T Hate the melting snows, (or just simply wet rainy days)~ the water seeped into my shoes (damaging them), wet my socks (damaging them) and turned my feet numbed. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to arrive home with great wet stockins everyday?

Snow! Go back to snow!
My flatmates went to Paris few days ago, and its only me here in 28 Hilton Terrace. :( We would have gone out and make a snow man in the backyard if they were here~.. tons of pretty pictures too!

Well... that didn't stop me from taking my own photo outside.

Just one photo, one photo!
Saw my neighbour smiling at me when i was posing for my camera.
Straight away went back inside malu malu.
Payah jua eh kalau nada dangan ani.

Seems so lonely right - living alone. :) Nyeh, i still have my noisy guinea pig with me you know ( and yes, he is still alive!) . Plus, im going to Glasgow with Jeri soon... And! And! My bestfriend Zai from New Zealand will be in London this January!! Cant wait to meet her! :D

So anyway, these are pictures from the last two weeks.
Once again, thank you Peter!
And thank you Dodi! - For borrowing me your wonderful camera :)

Saturday, 19 December 2009

To Type, to Write or.. to Draw?

Got half of other my reports back! I am very happy with the marks!! \(^_^)/ I seriously didn't expect all of this~ Can't wait to tell mum! (My whole family in on vacation in Kota Kinabalu at the moment, semoga perjalanan selamat, amin)

Anyway, I also just handed in 3 of my Computer Modelling reports today \(^o^)/ Woohoo!!! Finally~ WINTER BREAK!!!

Although Uni is over, today im going to post about me in lectures hohoho~

Here you go

I almost never miss bringing my laptop to lectures~ I type in my notes instead of jotting them down in my notebook. Reasons are:
(1) I type faster than writting
(2) I have trouble reading my own handwritting (banar!)

I got so used to this that I can now even type everything with my eyes closed

But~ eversince a week ago (after more than a year),
I got tired with typing. So I go back to writting la~..
This is how my notes look like.

I guess~.. I should stick to typing notes afterall -_-'
Atleast I won't be distracted by the fact i am able to doodle as much as i want. (I dont use internet in lectures cause it is obvious and i afraid that i might annoy my other course mates)

Somehow, after a few days bringing a notebook to lectures~.. my interest in drawings grew back to the point I started to make comic diaries during lectures! Is it because I haven't confessed my thoughts much lately? Or is it just my hand feels very gatal because long time already haven't draw?
Argh, if i have known this would happen, I should have brought my diary to lectures. Sayang bah in lecture notes terpulang~ *_*

Monday, 14 December 2009

Nippon Connection's Forgetting About The Year Party

Very very busy~ yet Very very tempted to blog... So sorry I go for blogging instead of replying your messages *_* Will do it later.

I have only half an hour now~..

This is something from last week ^_^ (Picture by Peter)And
~.. here's the video :)

Karaoke! Nothing much~
.. unless you wanna hear me sing ;P *wink*wink*

Michelle's going back to America :( *sob*
Its been really great knowing each other~
Lots of love~

Friday, 11 December 2009

HK Disneyland with Kelly

Happy Belated birthday to Jeri's little sister Kelly \(^_^)/

We called Kelly in Hongkong yesterday~ waa.. so cute ehh. Haven't chat with her online this semester! ;| I hardly go msn now bah! Too busy? Rather than msn, i used my free time to blog nowadays.

Poor Kelly~ last summer she was waiting for my post on Disneyland.. it was the only time we spent the whole day together. Of course it was eventually forgotten~ But then again, its never too late right :)

So here I give you~ another story from last summer in Hong Kong ;)~

Stitch everywhere!
Jeri said people in Hong Kong tend to love Stich the most.

Anyway, its so crazy to know the fact that i went to 2 Disneylands last summer *_* Jeri was actually planning to take me to another one in Tokyo! But i had enough somehow.

Here's the difference between the Disneyland in Hong Kong and in Paris. The castle in Paris is actually much bigger :P everything else is so much bigger! But i enjoyed more in Hong Kong really~

Instead of Mickey, Stitch is the mascot here~

But they do have the House of Mickey :) So sakai to know I got the chance to meet Mickey and Minnie mouse!!

A whole day of fun ^_^

Disney Buffet!! *_* I was shocked by the variety of food they offer!! So banyak!
The crabs were so BIG! (Tapi lagi jauh nyamannya katam di brunei ehh). And it was the 1st time for me to try the Squik Ink Noodles! ^_^ Loved it!


So many Mickeys!! So colourful~
I love the extras for ice-creams :P Macam-macam, crazy!
I think Hong Kong provide the most delicious food around. It has become one of the great reasons why i just wanna go back there again!
Other reasons? Duhhhh~ im sure you know laaa~

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Picking Berries and Making Jams in Japan

Hi everyone \(^_^)/ So~ happy!! I have just handed in my report, I am now free!!! (..atleast for a few days..)

Today~ let's talk about JAMS! I love jams, do you love jams?~ Doesn't matter what fruit~ i simply love them! Especially Peter's jam! Hopefully the free jam will keep on coming in ;) *wink*wink*

Last night i had the best fish soup ever!! ~ And it was made by the same person who made my favoarite jam! Thank you so much for the amazing food Peter! ;D

Back to jams~
Last summer in Japan, when we were wwoofing at Shinji san's Beberui..

.....We got the opportunity to pick berries and made jams out of it! @-@ I was so damn sakai.
Pics! Pics! Pics!
So many raspberries! [And so many rasp!! *_*]

Back in Shinji's house, in the kitchen~...

That's it on jams :P


Its the best stop motion clay animation i have ever watch! The film took an hour and a half~ and unlike others, this animation cut me deep, guess it was meant for adults~

Its about the 18 years of penpal friendship between two different people from different part of the world. A lonely 8-year-old girl from Australia and a 44-year-old obese man with Asperger's Syndrome from NY!

Very interesting!
Please watch the trailer! ;D

Friday, 4 December 2009

The Princess and the Gentleman

I really love our mugs! \(^_^)/
Bought it in Brunei last summer~ So cute!!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Addicted to iphone games >_<

I've been trying to blog about this for a few days now~.. FINALLY! *_* Due to my lack of free-for-blog time, I only got to edit 1 picture a day until i finally get to publish this! Fuh! Really really want to die one! Crazy 3rd year kacang-kana-picak schedule! Argh!!

Fuh, much better :)

Okay~.. stress-free activities!
What do you usually do to fly yourself away from reality?

I loovvvee reading manga regardless!!
I hate to admit this, but I really am only into Japanese stuffs =_= *typical, grigitan jua rasanya eh* Owh wait, no la~.. others from Japanese dramas, i love watching The Simpsons, Futurama and other American family comedies as well!

Ah before i get any furthur away, lets go to my main topic for this post - Iphone games! I am currently quite addicted to it baby!\(^_^)/ Martabak talur masih panas baaa hehe~ still full of sakai-ness! :P
I've downloaded many-many games already~ but i'll just show you 2 of the games downloaded just recently~
I had finished the Virtual Villagers 2 :P so now im going for Virtual Villagers 3! Looks like im really into real-time games ;D

Another 'interesting' game is called Dream Chronicles. Atleast, that is what i heard.

And guess what, I havent really started playing the game yet!
........Need to ask why???

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~... if only I have time........
Im kinda worried it is as addictive as Virtual Villagers 2.
Once you started, there's no turnin' back~ I couldn't take it off my hand!


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