Sunday, 31 January 2010

My January With Zai (Day 3&4)

Here's the 2nd part of my London holiday...

..Ugh wait, its wasn't really a holiday for me actually, i had to spare some time to study everyday in London. Thus I didn't get to spent time enjoying as much as I wanted with Zai.. Although it was really wonderful by just being able to be by her side ^^

Day 3

Madame Tussaud! \(^o^)/
I've been to the one in HK, so im only going for Zai's sake this time. Turned out, London's Madame Tussaud is so much bigger and interesting!
Entrance fee is 25pounds :) but it worth so much than expected.

Well im sure many people what this place is all about.I apologies for the blurry photos~ After putting the photos into multiple frames using HP Photosmart Essential, their quality reduced so much!

Something else:
Big Brother Diary Room

Daring enough to enter the room~
we were challenged to follow Big Brother's order to dance.

One thing we didn't know is that:
Our actions were shown live on many screens in that area for everyone to see!

Nyeh~ its good that we didnt know.

They recorded our video and put it into a CD available for us to buy!
I think its..12pounds each? Yay! ^_^ So we buy la~ Souvenir ba!

The other souvenir:
Our very own 3D image in a crystal photo frame! ^^
45pounds for 2, so 22.5o each.
I usually would think this is expensive~ but hopefully this would make a good memory that last for a life time. ^_^

One last photos of the day :)

Day 4

*_* Stayed in Bruhall study room *_*
Good thing Rahman was there to accompany Zai shopping.
T_T Sorry Zai, i really needed to study for exams T_T

Delicious lunch break at Bonda's Cafe :P

End of day 4!

Extra bits - London Underground

Thursday, 28 January 2010

My January with Zai (Day 1&2)

Eventhough i've been to London quite a number of times, I realized that I never did really blog about my days there before.
I thought it would be just a waste of time since many people have been to London anyway~ Nobody would even bother to look at something so 'boreng'.

I should put that aside.

Im doing this for myself from now on~ My life is becoming more lively and refreshing eversince i tried putting more of 'me' in my blog :)


Day 1

Arrived London 8.15 in the morning.
Finally got to see my best friend after nearly 2 years!
We had a great talk in some cafe around Paddington~ so many to catch up!In late afternoon
Zai introduced me to Asmin and Hazwan. Together, we went to Abercrombie
Got a free picture taken with this guy model and his hotty-hot body~


Sigh~ how come Aberdeen's Nandos not halal kan? Not fair eh~..


Day 2

London Eye and Sea-Life Aquarium!
The weather was fantastic! :)

Its actually its the 1st time for me to get onto London Eye~
Quite expensive bah, 17pounds! (and that's with discount already!). Got to see a great view of London though :)

15pounds to see the aquarium! ^_^ Worth it!

Lovely photo magnet and keychain souvenirs!

The first 2 days was fun~ how will the last 4 be?

Guess you just have to wait ;) *wink*

Sunday, 24 January 2010

My guinea pig and I - Revision Week

Its been a very long time since i last talk about Totoro ^_^'
For those who have never seen my guinea pig, this is how he really look like
Pretty BIG now!
More of him one day ^0^' Not that i promise hehe
=_= I need to go back to work now =_='

Saturday, 23 January 2010

With Flash, Without Flash

Somehow everything does look better without flash kan?! :P
Aha :P Total random.

Owh, its still exam week by the way T_T ~ 1 to go! Gladly enough, the 3 days sandwich is over. Altho.. I don't think I did well yesterday T_T .......

There's just so many I wanna talk about~ especially about my guinea pig! He gets in and out from his cage every now and then~ habis all my stuffs (including me) digigitnya T_T I even took so many videos of him. Hopefully I will get to upload it here one day ;)

I kept browsing through the holiday pictures with my best friend. Since there's just too much to post about, i just have to wait til exam if over. Once start, i will never stop. So for now, just this one ^_^

10 years! Man =_= I feel so old....

Another bit,

Hummingbird cupcakes in London!
Very sweet and nice :) Thank you Hazwan!!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Revision Week

I will make a post about my London trip with Zai after exam okay :)
Wish me luck!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Last 30 Minutes in Bruhall London

I miss Zaimah already.. =_=

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010

The new year is here.
How time flies..

Im going to London by bus tomorrow to meet Zai :) (its been a year and a half since we last met!)
Excited, at the same time worry kan mati -Didn't know my exam date to be very close to this trip i've booked! Hopefully i get to study in London!

Looks like im going to be very busy, so i may not be blogging for a while.
Thank you for visiting my blog \(^_^)/
Happy New Year Everyone!!


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