Friday, 19 June 2009

I'll be back! *_* Dont wait for me

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Pu3z family in Scotland!! ^o^

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Wildlife Parasitology~ *_*

I finally have the chance to play around with my new hairstyler set! (^_^)

Bought it a day before my fieldcourse.I never thought i will ever have my very own hairdryer tho hehe yea~.. i didnt use these things :P this explains why my hair were always wet and messy.
I was hoping i could curl my hair permanently in the saloon but after a hairtest, i was advice not to due to my previous zigzag perm~ But a temporary curl is okay~ so~.. TADA!! Me my very own hairstylish!

Aiyo~ this is not supposed to be the main topic for this post~..i'll post some pictures of me with curly hair next time yah ^^.


Im going to compile the 7 days Wildlife Parasitology fieldcourse into 1 short and simple post. *tarik nafas*

Day 1 [Afternoon]- Get into groups.

[Evening] Small mammal trap introduction. (Each person have to place their traps into various locations)

Day 2
[Morning] Loch trip for fishing
Caught Gammarus, Gastropods (snail), Stickleback fishes and many other freshwater organisms!
[Late afternoon] - Lab
Stickleback dissections - Parasite inspection

Day 3

Pu3 found a cute mouse in her mammal trap!!
Gammarus (river prawn) dissection - parasite inspection
[Noon] Lunch in a small town nearby before going for another fishing

[Late afternoon] - Lab
Mammal dissection - Parasite inspection
[Evening] Dramatic parasitic life cycle
Day 4

[Morning] - Loch trip
Truck ride

Boat ride for Trout fishing
[Late afternoon til 10pm] - Lab
Trout dissection - Parasite inspection
Day 5
[Morning] - Lab
Trout Stomach Content Analysis
[Noon] - Project discussion
[Afternoon] - our last loch trip
Fishing for Sticklebacks for our group project
[Evening] - Lab
Gastropod (snail) parasite inspection

Day 6
All day - group project
[Afternoon] Trout BBQ

Day 7!


Get into the 2nd place and get a booze prize.
*(>_<) Owh why does it has to be a beer?* I exchanged my prize for a water pistol afterwards :P
.......okay~ this post isnt that short after all~ owh well.

Fieldcourse - DONE!

BACK! Im done with my Wildlife Parasitology field course!! Woohoo~!!!
A week on parasites - indeed those 7 days was quite an experience \(^o^)/ I cant wait to post on the things we did, yet, it was too much to talk about that i donno where to start!
Kindrogan Field study centre.
This is where we live, eat and study. Its a very DEAD COLD place.
Wake up 6am everyday to take a shower and make lunches.

Breakfast at 8am. And dinner at 6.30pm

Loch trips for fishing (for our research)

Our lab - where we spent most of the time. (Til 9/10pm)
Freshwater lab - a place where we kept all the animals. Smells!

Basically, its like going to Uni with animal dissection practicals everyday from morning to evening *_*

Yea~ it was a damn tiring week.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Pu3z VERY busy! *_*

Sorry for not updating >3<

Im doing my Wildlife Parasitology field course in Kindrogan Perthshire at the moment (for a week). *_* I have to wake up 6am everyday and work til 9/10pm!

Quite interesting tho~... I'll post all about it as soon as i finish my field course okay ^^ I have 3 days break before my family comes to Aberdeen on the 15th June 2009.

Please come and visit my blog by then :D


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