Sunday, 11 November 2007

~take me back~...

Diz very few dayz~ i've been in a state of depression~well, not that depressed ahaha~ just sad, mm, a li'l bit~ i donno~!! Everyonez busy at these tymz, assignmentz!!!~ Mine'z due in 2 weekz arggghhh~! NOt to mention my chem and bio online test~! Both due in 2-3 dayz~...! *wait, i've done my Bio oredi~ fuuuhhhhh~.. thanx Tamema~!!*

Datz just not it~ itz getting colder and colder nowadays that it snowed 2 days ago~!! Oh~ I wen for d bon-fire nite at the beach last night~ and it was deadly freezing that I couldnt feel myself anymore~!!! But hey, the fireworkz amazing!
Assignment due, testz and dead cold weather~ Well, thatz not the big reason y im depressed tho~ Mmm.. how can i say this.... relationship problem? Yah, distant relationship~ wat a big deal~... But hey, guess what, im so fine now~ thankz to Ipin~!! :D:D:D I called to Brunei lastnight while waiting for the bus, and it was 3am there~!!! SssSSooorrriii, terlupa~So careless aiyoyo~! Well~ Ipin balum tidur plang, I know em soo well bwahahhahaha~ it has been so long eversince we last contact~ *sad* but funny last night, i suddenly remmbered Ipin~& i needed em... B4, he was alwez there for me no matter what~ especially at desperate times~ he was one of the most important person to me (still is bah lalala). Tho we just knew each other last year~

So yah, we den chat thro msn~ ucap ucaping nda branti~ rindunya~.. haha~... The pain i've been carrying ilang~ how did he do that? Aaaahhhh i love you Ipin~ i miss you~~~~~... :D:D Sigh, dulu pling ska hangout dgan ia tu :P coz ipin slalu lanja heheheehhe~ i love spending time having a conversation in a cafe~ have some tea or coffee~.. itz just so~~nice that feeling~!

I realise that, im more to talking then msn-ing~ Mahirah, Zoel n Hadee are alwez online~.. im happy for that, atleast they're alwez there wherever whenever~ I feel bad for not chatting with em at times. I mean i've been really really talkative with them back in Brunei~and all of em are my best of frenz. If only i would, there's so many things i wna tell dem~ malas typing kot?? hahaha~
Aaahh~ i wouldnt have an interesting wonderful life wihout them~

Mahirah and my cuz Faridah~ who gave so~ many advices that have changed my life (seriously...) eversince kanak-kanak udah~ c far tah haha~ waa~ glad to meet em in London 2 weekz ago~

The romantic sweet couple Zoel and Illa~ both are my very close frenz~ haha, i didnt see them both coming~ both of them aha, ALWEZ keep company Awwww~ so i never get lonely klu ada dorang~

And of coz I will never forget Hadee and Zai la hahaahha~ ARGH, kenapa kmu dua nda di Uk kan??? Zai di New Zealand whereas Hadee di Australia~ Fuhhh~ Funny huh~ to see how our path lead us~.. But no matter what, we'll make sure our friendship takkan brubah ahaha~ I love you both~~~!!!!

~Everyone~... Fuh~ kenangan terindah eh haha~
I wonder how things would change nnti~
Are we gonna keep our promise?
At least i can go skyping with Longlong~ i still can see em~ talk to em~... ;) Sigh, Longlong find it really hard to manage his time~ but im really happy that he still can spare his time to talk to me once or twice a week. It must be hard to have 6 courses per semester~ i need to understand his situation~.. I don wanna give em trouble, yet i still do~ aiya sorry Longlong~

Aha, masa skyping~
Cute longlong ah rambutnya ;)~
I kept on thinkin~ klu ia kana antar ke UK instead of US~ Waaa~ kan baik??

Umm~ haha, ya noe watz funny~ why is it easy to say the ‘love’ word wen im talking about frenz, but really hard to say it wen im talking about my bf?? Hahaha, itz d same ngan how easy I joke n tell ppl my guy frenz are my ‘bf’ but malu to say longlong is my bf?? Ntah ah???? Ngapakan?? Hahaha~..

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Watched SAW4 last night with Miji at Vue Cinema, it was AWESOME~!! As expected~ im quite satisfied XD Its not the best movie among 4 tho, but still its good what!! SAW3 is still my favoarite, SAW2 comes next~ aha.. the torturing device in SAw4 is not as "AAarggh~!!" as the one in the 3rd movie~ but at least i get to know jigsaw's past~ waaa.

But believe it or not, Miji nearly slept through the movie~!! Seriously dude, of all the movies, and u actually got sleepy??? No doubt~ he was busy the whole day~.. eversince last night kashian... Ahaha~ we had Raya celebration at Linksfield hall today and Miji jadi MC~ aha, cali~ macam org tua :P:P:P *Don take it Don take it* Haha~ atlast~ SATAY!!!! T_T terharunya~ this is the 1st time makan satay this raya fffuuuuu~~~..

Itz funny d only bruneianz attended the clebration were only me and Syauqi~ where did the others go?? How come they're never interested to celebrate RAYA??~ "its hard~" i know itz hard especially the fact that there are not many bruneianz here~ but we can celebrate with the Malaysianz wat?? Even dangar lagu raya pun nda mau dorang ani aiiii~.... I just don understand~.. well i do actually, but i just have to be strong thats all, it'll make the matter worst if i cant feel the raya~ im really glad i can get along with the malaysianz here~..

MMmmm~ where was i~ oh ya~!! Movie! Um~.. i really need save up my money eh~ i better stop watching more movies, itz 4pounds here~ Aiii~.. but i wanna watch Enchanted wa~!!! Hadee to punya pasal~!! Showing me the triller the last time~ nda plang sabar nah.

Life~life~... Mmmmmm~... ada apa ah~ I LOVE BEING IN ABERDEEN~ Donno eh~ Donno y~ it just feel so comfortable here~ I went to london last week for only 2 days, and i actually missed aberdeen so much~ itz just so clean, beautiful and peaceful in here~.. despite the fact that i met many new wonderful frenz. Oh~ ryt pic, my Uni at night, i took that msa moon cake festival~ how the moon shines..Isnt it wonderful?

Still~................... I MISS BRUNEI~!!! At times i kept thinkin about the past~ my family, my frenz, my car~.... not until next year til i can see them again~ Fuuu~.. Mmm~ i miss Longlong jua, sentiasa busy dengan kehidupannya di Florida, lupa udah kan aku T_T hardly chat with em either~ sigh~.. to think about the long long way infront of us, i wonder whether we will still be together at the end of the road? Hanya tuhan yang tahu~ tho then again~ we just have to try our best to make sure our relationship will remain forever. Adui~ berjiwang jua eh. Anyhow, what will it be :p just wait and see~

Halloween~~~~~ *_*

Imagine my sakainess~ hahaha~ my very 1st halloween night! I went to the Union Bar and Tunnels with my japanese pwen Nao and d otha Nippon society community memberz~ Doriana, Koki, Nico, Sumei & Bart. Haha~ itz nice to hang to out with them :) And oso, once again terserempak ngan the Hongkongz hahaha :D yah, i didnt noe aberdeenz that small?? Anyway, last minute aku ikut dorang for the haloween party~ p sampat jua me and Nao bali headbandz~ I bought the bunny earz, kinda weird~ so i cut into a cat ear- shaped~

How does it feel?? Ntah ahaha~ siok mliat orang lain terpulang, nda branti ketawa jua :D itz a heck of experience for some1 like me~smua so~new to me. Being in a bar n go clubbing~ i still donno watz fun about it~ i guess itz d fact that i don drink. Abez my pwenz paksa aku, nah~.. that wont work~ no thank you :P Haha~ Cali la, Karen ketawakan aku sebab aku minum coca cola saja "U come all the way here to drink a coke? Whatz the point for u to go clubbing?" APala~ ahahaha.. oh well XD

but hey, I DID HAVE A GREAT TIME~!! :D


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