Thursday, 30 July 2009

Hong Kong Day 4 - A new hairstyle!

Jerry took me to his friend's saloon called Lobby, which situated in Tsim Sha Tsui. Nyeh its time to say goodbye to my long hair~...

I planned to cut my hair guy-short~.. but i guess change is good. My hair was cut into layers at the back, and my front bit? Abez smua kana potong pendek *_* (i kept on biting my lips when that was happening).

But all ends well~ i think i love the new me. :) Owh and Jerry, thankz for the treat!!

Day-3 in Hongkong - My friends and the halal restaurant~

I finally got to meet Karen and Grace!! \(^o^)/ So happy to meet them again!!

Too bad Jacky was not able to come for dinner~ :P Nyeh, we all are going to meet each other again this weekend anyway. :)

Karen, Jacky and Grace were my Marine Resource coursemate during the 1st semester of my 1st University year in Aberdeen. They were all exchange students for only 1 semester~ yet, being with them were 1 of the best memories I ever had as a Uni student.

They are actually the reason why I stopped by Hong Kong before going to Japan ^^

Before meeting up with the girls, me and Jerry went to visit the HongKong History and Science museum in Tsim Sha Tsui.
It was nice but I didnt take any good photos~... *_*

Afterwards, we walked around for food (end up eating in an indian restaurant). On our journey, Jerry showed me the one and only mosque he knows in HK~ (He thought its the only mosque there is. Well thatz not true :P have 4 more la)

Dinner - Islam Food restaurant ;) (our meeting point)

The girls told me that this restaurant is popular for this food below.
Just after dinner, we went into another place for desserts! .... man, how i love these sweet stuffz

End of Day 3!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Day-2 Hongkong - Shopping, food and animals

Today, we spent the whole day in only 1 part of the HK main shopping area - Mongkok.

Lalah yo~ after a long walk, i took off my high heels and bought new flats hehe (why did I wore them from the 1st place?)

At 11.30 in the morning, we went to Mongkok using a mini bus from Whampoa~(the journey took about 15min).

Brunch at Suzuki Cafe
The food we ordered
Hui Lau Shan
I read a good review about this place (and its EVERYWHERE!). So I decided to have a try :P
Its mostly all about mango here!
Really nice :) especially how they put 1 mango into many varieties !
[tapi nyaman lagi manga dirumah haha] We went to a street where petshops are found the whole way

Street stalls opened from 6pm onwards

Pu3's 1st solo trip to Hong Kong!!

Dear family and friends ^^

After 3hours flight, Pu3 had finally arrived to Hong Kong! As promised, I tried to update my blog during my trip as often as possible :)

-_-' I tried to make a simple post but i couldnt help myself! There's so many things to be sakai about :P Sadly, towards the end of the day I didnt take any more pictures due to tiredness.

Bah ok ah, i start!

Approaching HK~.. so many islands!
Met Jerry at the airport.But then, there's so many things to see in the airport (including museums, cinema & arcade)!~ So we decided to look around for a while before going to the city.

We went into the Asia Hollywood Museum
Owh owh~ This is 1 of the things in HK I am so VERY SAKAI about.
Gashapon (Capsule toy?) everywhere!
Surely there's many in Japan as well

Walked around the food corner.
Saw plastic food menu. Sakai again!!
And these are all taken in the airport.
After that barutah go to the city. We took a 25min train ride, then 15min free shuttle bus to Jerry's flat at Whampoa gardenIts 1 of the main shopping area in HK. After meeting Jerry's family, we went off to look around.
So many Japanese shops :P pretty cheap too!

At night, Jerry's family invite me to eat out in a Sushi restaurant ^_^ The salmon sushi were sooo good!
Back to Jerry's place, I taught Jerry's 10-year-old sister Kelly and her maid Nana how to play congkak (my present to them from home) :P
Nyeh it was nice! Jerry's family is very friendly, :) Im very thankful that his family is letting me stay at their place.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Me and my big mouth~ *_*

Why is it so hard to keep MY things to myself?
Zayaputeri, age 21
No Secret

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Back to: Disneyland Resort Paris

Well~ its never to late to post about it :P

I don like uploading many pictures at a time *_* like.. why do i even have to blog about it? Nobody even cares!

But somehow i thought about how pointless it is to take a lot of snapshots without showing it off to anyone hehehe,
so~ here you go! :P

Ok~ i start with the rides >3<

Starting from my favoarite,

Tower of Terror

*The only snapshot (+frame) we bought from Disneyland Paris*
A lift drop tower thrill ride - we were taken up to the top of the 13-storey building, then suddenly *snap* the lift dropped against gravity. Just when it hits the bottom, it went up to do it all over again.......... And I was deadly terrified.
But nyeh, it was awesome. (tho i dont think i will ever want to ride this again)

Here's more ride photos (sneeky shots, to expensive to buy bah *_*)

I think the last 1 is a photo of the Pirates of Caribbean ride. And we met Jack Sparrow there :D
Only few photos with Disney characters.. *_*
All others are so popular that it was really hard to get them.Only villains (hated - less popular)Other photos

Lalala~ thatz all??.. THATS ALL?
Well then,
Here's the princess waving you all goodbye.
*Yayyy* \(^o^)/ *C Pu3 lame*
Guuyyysssss~ i have 5 days left!!!! *_* Sakit parutku ehhhhhhhh~


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