Thursday, 28 April 2011

Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Easter Travel Journal 2

Like finally! I started to think that I might just leave and forget about posting my Easter travel vacation forever, but yay here I am. I have to put a pause on my uni work for this though, i couldn't stop thinking bout my blog!

So where was I, omg Blackpool! Still 2/3 of my Easter to go! Should I post everything, should I not? DX Nyeh.

Blackpool travel journal page 1.
Blackpool is only about 30km from Lancaster, it took us an hour to reach there by bus. 
The main reason why we went there was the Pleasure Beach amusement park :)
Blackpool, on the way to our playground.

Blackpool travel journal page 2 and 3 - Pleasure Beach
It's one of the top tourist attraction in England with over 125 rides and attractions. 

Blackpool travel journal page 4

The 1st place we went to:
Ripley's Believe It or Not

I went to the one in London already, so this is my 2nd time into Ripley's museum. 
The museum in Blackpool is the 1st one to be opened in uk, it's so much smaller!
The building

The entrance
Jungle walkthrough

Heads, not as real and detailed as those found in London

Blackpool travel journal page 4
Big One roller coaster - the only scary ride I went onto
One of Europe's tallest rollercoasters
"Pleasure Beach biggest, fastest, scariest coaster will have you shaking in anticipation and screaming in delight." 

So happy to see halal Southern fried chicken restaurant in Magnolia Food Court!
 I love the seating area!

Photo memories
More photos taken in pleasure beach

Uh oh
Omg I'm craving for them so bad!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bruneians in Aberdeen - the interview

About less than 4 months ago, 
we made a video.
 In this video, 
we talked about our life as a student in the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. 

The video by Sa

Just for fun

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Travel journal 1 - Lancaster

So lazy! 
 I'm just gonna post up the 1st part of my travel journal and some photos okay :) 
In the train on the way to Lancaster from Aberdeen (5 hours - £32 return)
My favoarite photo of Jeri
Once arrived, 
we went to Lancaster information centre and I bought 2 random not-specifically-Lancaster-but-Britain postcards.
Then Joyce and Alan took us lunch in Wetherspoon.
Sunday market
Lancaster Uni map
Didn't take photos of the University :P
So instead, 
here's a photo of me and Jeri with Mahirah ^^ who is also currently studying in Lancaster. 
Surprise surprise

Next post - Blackpool 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Easter Vacation 2011

I'm back! Been resting for a few days now..
Wasn't in a mood to blog at 1st.
My family had a car accident last month X/
SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH, everyone was safe without any major injury...
We had to say goodbye to our family car though..
We've been travelling with this Toyota Land Cruiser for as long as I can remember :'(
..........But then again...... 
I'm just really glad my family are okay

✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼

I went down to Lancaster, Blackpool and Manchester 2 weeks ago. 
Made another travel journa

 my friends Mahirah and Hanis came to visit Scotland 

✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼
Here's my very short Easter vacation video 
Didn't take much this time

Did you enjoy your holiday so far? :)


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