Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sleeping cutie~ *_*

Isnt she the cutest thing everrrrrrr?:puteh_2: I wonder if i will ever have a daughter who looks like her in the future~..

Owh? Thatz me by the way:puteh_13: hehehe~ 20years back yo. My parents always found me sleeping on this wooden chair under the dinner table. I remmber waking up with a mark on my face everytime.

Sigh. :puteh_21: how I miss those carefree days.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Dear diary~.. today, Im a fish *_*


I've covered everything *_* yet I still didn't do well for the exam..itz the fact that 30% of the questions given cannot be found in lecture notes. Owh well, just hope i'll pass this thing.

Anyhu~ My hair have grown long now~ Im thinking whether I should cut it guy-short again, or should I just leave it longer and curl it ^3^
Having long hair is such a drag, but it makes me look more older and girly =,= With short hair, people easily mistaken me for a 15-year-old thanx to my flat chest, owh boy.
So what do you think people?
Cut it or leave it?

Monday, 25 May 2009

25th May~.. somewhat special *_*

25th May has always been an important date - the date of birth of people dearest to me :)

Now that im active in blog, i have no reason not to greet these people on their very special day here.

Dah, Mij n Dee~ dulu kan mati jelousku kamu sama birthday ahh hahaha ;D

I hope you girls like your presentz. ^_^

And here's for Mimi ^^ the owner of one of my favoarite blogs.

I learned so much from her blog, i got very interested in Gyaru culture and started reading downloaded Japanese magazines. (Im into fashion??? ;D Yay, i got a new hobby!)

Im not sure how your new himecut hairstyle really look like, but I hope this drawing is fine with you ^^.

May god bless you all ^3^ Amin

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Off you go~ *_*

Oh oh! *3* Totoro knows how to surf the internet!~
I put him on my study table. Then he started playing with my laptop and changed the website!

Yay, my guinea pig is a computer geek!
^_^ Awesome!


Im studying Immunology at the moment *_* Arghhh why is it so hard??!! There's too many alien words to be memorised!!


Saturday, 23 May 2009

You've been so Wonderful to Us~.. ^_^

Friday, 22 May 2009

Sweet Treatz!~ *_*

Im not aware much about Japanese goodies until I joined Nippon Connections. Itz a wow to see the varieties of (interesting) food they have, especially the flavors.

My favoarite would be KitKat. Somehow d Japanese never stop trying out new flavors on Kitkat, one after another. Banyak limited edition.Why only in Japan kan?

So far, i've only tried grape, red bean and custard flavoured KitKats.

The grape 1 was kinda too sweet for me, karing leherku tarus. I dont think grapes go well with chocolate.
I love the red bean flavor :) It blends in so well mmmm~Want some more!

N baru jua masareto i got the chance to try the custard flavoured KitKat from Nobita (1 of his cosplay prize)......Nyeh, not much magic there. Caramel and chocolate have always been a good couple anyway.

Aiyo, why am only talking about KitKat ah~.. *_* Of coz i've tried many different types of sweet treats~ But I still think KitKatz d best!
Strawberry cheese cake candy!

Its 1 of d gifts i took from Dodi for helping out the Natsu Matsuri event.
Japanese goodies are indeed very interesting~.... ;)
:puteh_1:(Eleh~alasan c Pu3 ah~vain!)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

And Today's lunch is~........

So happy I can finally be able to make my own Japanese egg omellete ^^

(It doesnt look good but atleast it taste d same :P).

Thank you Michelle!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Natsu Matsuri Cosplay~!! *_*

Laugh as hard as u can. Pu3 joined this year's Natsu Matsuri Cosplay competition as Kairi from Kingdom Heart 2 (in School Uniform).

Of course i didn't win la hahaha.

Joining the cosplay was once again a lastminute decision (a night b4 d event). It was good enough la~ noting d fact it all came out from my wardrobe only. (Plus Alin's white collar shirt and Peter's tie)

Owh well~

Who won the 1st prize cosplay this year?

Mr. Nico Yakuza.

He won last year's end of year party oredi!

Boo~!! :P:P:P~ Nyeh just kidding

Guess who got the 2nd prize winner *_*


Aiyo, is this character even applicable?

3rd Prize
- Caroline

Im quite surprise she got only into the 3rd place.

I couldnt take my eyes off her boobies!

Other cosplayers

Kat and BenBen

We got the same number of votes :P

This is my Cosplay prize~
Obento Origami!!~ Awesome! \(^o^)/

All thankz to Peter for taking these photos for us ^_^

*0* Just Nice *o*

Okay~ I need to go back to my study~ *_* So many to update on the Natsu Matsuri events.
I'll post it next time ok~

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Nobita's Okonomiyaki~!

Nippon Connections Natsu Matsuri is coming!! It'll be all the same like last year~.. Except this time there'll b a obento workshop. And.. Nobita (Ppl call him Jerry) suggested Okonomiyaki to be added into our menu! Who's gonna make it? Uh.. Jerry??
*_* Nobita can cook??! His okonomiyaki looks so perfect no?
Have i ever mentioned that he's always the 1 who makes awesome dishes? Me? Im always the 1 who gave him stomach ache T_T~ *sobz*
Anyway, here's Nobita's very own menu poster I made for the Natsu Matsuri Event!
And here's the Event Schedule poster. There's so many things happening in 1 day!

The All Day Menu poster

Obento Workshop!
...Some extra poster to attract more ppl to come.

Yea, its lot of posters isnt it, but its not as time consuming as lastyear since i made d posters with photoshop (i handmade posters lastyear!). Exam? Argh! I was making these poster while printing my notes~ Making these poster is a good way to reduce stress tho...

Ok leave it.

I made another bento!! ^_^

Suka ku ehh~ Wanna buy cute bento decorations next time!


Thursday, 14 May 2009

B4 Time Change~ *_*

A page taken from my 2005 diary, 1 of the memories I treasured the most.

That time, we were at a point of growing up - facing hardships and getting to know our own limiting capabilities... At the same time, its when i realized how amazing friendship can be.

I just got done watching our college prom night 2006 video i took.......i cried :'(
I really hope I could show it to my friends online, pity i donno how.

I wish I could go back now that I could feel the distant between us :'(

Let me just show u a short video I made 2 years ago. It shows you how friendship means a lot to me. This 1 still makes me cry as well :'(

Sunday, 10 May 2009

What do you think of me?~ *_*

Hi people ^^

This is gonna be 1 special post. Do u know why?
Coz im going to post one of my PAST COMIC DIARIES! \(^O^)/ Yea I brought along my diary file with me to Aberdeen. I hope i'll post more of my illustrated/cartoonized diary in the future.

This 1 is randomly chosen, it was made on the 16th February 2003. And its more like a self-reflection of Pu3 by that time.
Since I have some international readers, i'll translate the comic :) - With poorly written English of coz (It'll be more like a direct translation - even my Malay sucks so much -_-'). And im sure people are like "Omg, from the way she writes her blog, I cant believe she's a University Bio student" - yea, i find myself hardly to believe as well. *_*
'My name is Pu-3 (age 15)
Everyone see me as an average girl who loves to fool around
- Such a stupid ugly girl.' :P

"Hey, do you know Pu-3?"
"Yup, why?"
"What do you think of her?"

"That girl.... she's just an ordinary person~.."
"Yup, aside from her ability to draw, she's nothing special compare to other girls"

"She's not pretty.
She's very short-tempered - gets mad so damn easily.
Plus, she only knows how to play around making a fool of herself.
How can she be considered as a girl?'

"What ghost.... =="


Ok, I didnt like myself that much *_* Cause i was this stupid ugly girl :P ehe (was?).


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