Wednesday, 19 March 2008

D Night When i was supposed to study~ *_*

Hahaha~ what a night~...Instead of studying for my Sport science, i ended up joining my flatmatez playing with their makeupz!

owh~ never once i get to introduce my flatmatez~ nowz my chance heh~



and 1 more, Simi~ but i havent got her picture yet~ she was wearing pyjama the last time i was about to shoot her aha~

Sunday, 9 March 2008

While they're here~ *_*

It has only been a while~ yet der were so many kind of activities for d whole month during their stay in aberdeen~ Koki, Yuhei and Yuki~I wonder if they get the most out of it?~


i made the banner!! Hehe~ We were selling onigiri (japanese riceball) at the University chaplaincy during lunch~ Thingz turned out to be more than expected! Well done everyone!!

* *Some1 asked ryt on spot "what is Onigiri?"** - dat man bcame 1 of our 1st customerz

while i was workin' on d banner, otherz (esp d japanese) were making d onigiri in the kitchen~
~..Putting up d price very last minute, very reasonable right?
We have Furikake, Salmon and Tuna~ nice wat

*Itz good 2 have it in d chaplaincy~ ppl could just buy and sit and eat~ *

Our Onigiri Sale was a SUCCESS!! + We made quite a good profit out of it~ SO PROUD OF U NIPPON CONNECTIONZ!


A night of gathering at Dodi's.

All night long til 3.30am~

~get addicted to SingStar~..

taking picz with everyone~
~.. card games

~and video gamez~

I really thanked them for inviting me into such a wonderful traditional japanese dinner~ We had NABE~ which is actually ampir sama ngan steamboat~ And im really surprised d fact that they provide HALAL meat~ + the dishes are AMAZINGLY NICE

oh oh~ + 1st time trying out Natto~! campur nasii~... wah no bad loo~ i just cant get used to the weird sticky texture tho~ especially wen it getz in your mouth~

Trying out diz new kind of special taste~ i thought about Durian~.. How some ppl couldnt stand the taste and smell of it~


~..Spending the little amount of time left before yuki, Koki and Yuhei going back to Japan~

another night at Dodi's, this time each of us cooked our traditional dishes for everyone to try!

I made Ayam masak tomato~ ahahaha~ and tercampur banyak gulaaa~!! failure bebeh~

One of those nights when i get really hyper~.. i get really comfortable around my pwenz now~ juz nice.. :D


I find this as 1 of my great experience~ and itz a MUST TRY as 1 who live in Scotland.

Different types of dances~ ada berduaan~ and bergroup~
I tried out the walts~ i wonder if they do include this everytime they're have this ceilidh~ its just too slow~ and get really awkward ahaha~ Dodi told me that i would enjoy this slow dance if ur with some1 u love~
ykan? Errrr~...

i did this once with Longlong during the prom night ahaha~ and i rmmberd getting really nervous~ and at that point we started to realise that is where d magic starts waaaa~ if itz nt d dance, we wouldnt be together now no?

Thursday, 6 March 2008

It has only been a while~.. *_*


Wa amazing how i managed to get into Ecology class today! I woke up so late just now~ aher tido la tu bebeh apa lagi~ i hang out with Yuhei, Yuki and Koki last night til 2.30am~ sama sama Hillhead waa~ After they're done with Kendo, me, Syaz & Sa as usual dinner at qismat, den joined d 3 guyz rah watering hole. Booked the music room, got to play piano again after a long while - gila sakit atiku eh, i've forgotten half of my 'to zanarkand'! Took a walk outside together, then midnight mee goreng at my place ahaha.

Now waiting for Koki at the hub~ he wna join my Biology lecture aha~ get experience bah cannot kan? I tarik Yuhei into lecture 2 dayz ago oso~ Anyway, they're goin' back to Tokyo this Sunday :'( sigh, rasa barat la~ i wish i had get along with them sooner. My japanese speaking have improved eversince im with them! Not that itz good but at least i have a li' bit of confidence wa. I dont speak japanese much wen im wit Nao but i have no choice wen im wit these guyz. Waa~so thankful!

L to R - Koki,Pu3,Yuki&Yuhei~ yah hahaha, their mata so sepet :p orang jepun wa aiyoyo..

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Im skinny but why so tabam?~ *_*

Itz snowy outside~ hoping it wont stop~.. ~ nevermind d cold, im so~getting used to it now - I wonder what'll happen if i go back to Brunei?

At diz moment~ Im at the University hub waiting for my next lecture in 3 hours~ hanging out alone here have become part of my everyday routine~ Anyway, i have been bz with all sort of activities lately~ yet i want more! I should have posted national day bruneian gathering picz on the day itself, but then the 'esuktah ku post' thoughtz have caused 11 dayz to pass by ahaha. What to do?

below r ALL the bruneian studentz in Aberdeen~ eh wait, nooo~ Yachee& Shauqi nada! Still~.. sikitkan??!!

Spent most time playing with baby boy Haris~ Awww~.. Cute kali ah~ But then again as u can see im actually having fun with myself playing with all his toyz ahaha~ i really did.. kanak kanak kali ah, buleh~

Photo below includes ALL THE BRUNEIANz in aberdeen~ Haha, c how small it is~... But itZ MORE DEN I THOUGHT~ I didnt even noe derz bruneian families in aberdeen! What joy~
Sa and my other pwenz were playing basketball d day after~ I supposed to play also~ but I SUCK!!!!!!! Basketball IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR ME. "Pu3, u suppose to GET THE BALL, NOT GETTING AWAY FROM IT!!!", im afraid am i? "I QUIT!!!"~ From there on, i sat by the corner, playing Sa's Sim. IM NOT GONNA BASKETBALL ANYMORE

Oh oh~ diz are photoz shot by my pwen Peter~ nice.. :)) thank you!! Diz are taken during the setsuban party msareto. I realised how tabam i am!! How come ahh?? Im so kurus p tabam ani wa~especially d 1st 2 picz dibawah~


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