Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Macduff Marine Aquarium trip

Monday~22 Oct~

My Marine Resource class is having a trip to Macduff Aquarium at the north of Aberdeen~ an hour bus trip from our Uni~.. :) I find it great~ especially the fact that Miji’s with me this time~ Oh oh~ finally, a malay classmate!! The one and only~ woo~.. His name is Wan Hamizi actually, but I love calling em Miji :P cute kali ah~ he’s from Miri ladies and gentlemen!!! His family moved to Aberdeen since 2002~ and moved back to Miri last year leaving Miji alone studying in Aberdeen University~..

Anyway~ the trip startz at 1pm~ at which aku baru abez class bio~!! Waaa.. nasib baik sampat~ I laughed myself off keeping in mind to noe punctual it was, n to compare that to Brunei~ Omigosh~.. Adui, janji Brunei tah banar~ So sat beside Miji~ n had a great chat during the journey~ Nice.. Also great to noe that my hongkong frenz Karen, Grace n Jacky ikut jua the trip~ So we all stick together la~ I alwez prefer in groups rather being alone~ ahaha~ of cozy~..

Macduffz aquarium is a small place~ :D but quite interesting~ I mean~ never seen such fishes before~ I find the stingrayz cute especially~ awww~ SO ADORABLE~!! It reminds me of the dolphinz swimmin around n splash us wit water ~ Aside from that, the big lobster surely made my mouth water ahaha~ and oso~ I got the chance to touch t
he starfish and corals~!!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

U've done it again hadee~

Haha~ buang boreng~ posting one of the videos hadee ambil using my videocam WITHOUT MY PERMISSION~!! The thing is I don remmber him taking this 1!!! I just found it bila ku watched thro my whole recordz~ Yah, good old dayz~ annoying hadee was alwez there.. T_T sobsob~

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Strawberry tea~ Lifez still as it is~ ^_^

Whoa~.. i've been living in Aberdeen for a month & a half oredi~ that fast??? Im settling down fuh~ and I startd to get used to the environment and culture here~ Ntah ah, i also start to love my life here~ guess itz the fact that i met good frenz here to hang out here~

Im having problemz with my diet tho msa ani~ not eating healthy? Ahaha~.. But overall thingz r fine here~.. except the awkward atmosphere between me & my flatmates~ sigh. Anyway, I LOVE MY NEW ROOM in d self catered flat!! I love the flowerz my professor allow me to take home from the Bio lab!! I love the beautiful natural view from my window~!! I love the fact that there's a river behind the tress just at the back of my flat!! My gosh~!! Lifez dat beautiful~?!! I just found a short cut to Uni from the back of the my flat, went down the hill n imagine my surprise to see the breath taking eyeshot of the river!! Waaaa~.. semangat tia ku jalan kaki ke Uni msa ni~ just to pass by the river~ breathing in the fresh air~ Man, i love the feeling so much!!!

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Lohness trip

22 Sept~ Nessie Hunt!! We coached off to inverness within a 2 hours ride~ Adui paning eh~ We went to the lochness beach~ den got onto a boat trip across loch to the scenic Urquhart castle~ a ruined one aha~ kinda dissapointd actually~ i was really hoping to meet the lochness monster! Wait~ I DID!!

But then again i enjoyed the trip~ esp the part where i met new frenz from Hongkong~ they turned out to be my Marine resourse classmates! Aha~ bagusla~..

Woohoo~!! D lochness monster~! See~? See~? Aha~...

Monday, 8 October 2007

4th Day?

Haha~ i should have post the rest of the fresher's week's~ oh well~ 20th September 07~ A day made especially for international studentz (fuh, finally!)~ so we have a welcome n info session~ plus international students mini-freshers' fayre..
We have free fun day at the beach today but MISSED IT~argh, all the free bowling, candy floss, dodgems, video games and XD 3D motion theatre WASTED just like that!! Oh well, atleast we get to have free tea&bagel brunch dat afternoon~
But then again~ itz also Scottish Culture day~!! We got d opportunity to learn the scottish dance to the loud Ceilidh music ahaha~ Guess this is one of the great dayz in aberdeen~ coz at this very day i got to noe Anu&Dave from India and Kim from Malaysia~ who til now are one of my good frenz now ahaha~


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