Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Easter Holiday Timetable

My holiday is packed!
I will be going for a 3-day backpacking trip to Inverness in less than 3 hours,
Sorry for not updating my blog much~.. :P

For those who are waiting, sabar ya ;D 
One day! One day!

Lots of love everyone! 

Friday, 26 March 2010

In Return of your Cute Doodle of me

A thank you to Daidai bel for including me in your cute doodles friends \(^_^)/ (Click here to see her post).
Rabbits ears! lol, okay la, i was born in the year of rabbit anyway.  
*Hey, you have a bunny hat!* owh ya~.......

How come have snail there?
Im kinda surprised, 'si-put' (snail) is also one of the names my friends called me. I dont think you know that right Daidai? :P Magic

 So in return, I made a drawing of you ^^ 

This was drawn with a pen, and thus couldn't change the mistakes i made like the hair and the chins.
But anyway, hope you like it :D 

Anyone else interested to be drawn? 
Go make a drawing of me 1st la hohoho. 

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Please don't do this to me!

I'm not happy!
What did I do this time ah?
 I used to be annoyed by his talkative behaviour, 
but now that he's quiet... Maigawd! I never felt so lonely! 

Totoro doesn't talk back much nowadays,
and he doesn't even come to me when I called him! 
Im getting worried really~ @_@ Is he okay?

See, both of my flatmates went to Malaysia for a month & a half... leaving me here home alone.
 I don't like the silence~... =_= 
But anyway, Easter holiday next next week! XD 
Looking forward for a brand new adventure!

Okay everyone! 
Sing 'Under the Sea' with me! 

Above is a keychain from last holiday in London'e Sea-Life aquarium with Zai. ^^ Pretty cool huh? 
We were riding a giant turtle under the ocean! 
No oxygen tank needed, how awesome is that? Lol.

"So Pu3~ whats your plan this Easter?"
Adeler~.. Just keep coming to my blog! \(^_^)/

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Pu3 and Her LX3

Bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC LX-3 from 3-4weeks ago and thought that I got scammed! Found all the bad reviews about that site after getting no luck from my items in 2 weeks.
I was devastated and heartbroken for a few days expecting 290pounds money loss and no camera at all.

But alas~ I got an email from crazycamera a week ago saying that they have dispatched my item, and received my camera set the next day! Imagine my relief! Syukur Alhamdullilah~..

Why I buy a new camera? Cause my Sony Cyber-shot have lost some of its function especially focusing (although its still good under bright light). I get disappointed with the photo outcome now. Some hotos in blog are taken with iphone ^^ sadly its hard to handle!

Now I got my LX3, I kept on getting demands from my friends and family to post up the photos took with my new camera ^_^ Sabar bebz. Note that I haven't learn much on the correct way to fully use my LX3.

Here are my 1st few photos taken.
Strawberry cake (i love!), my flatmates' stethoscope, Jeri's chocolate biscuit, my pink recycle bag bear and the tiny cactus I bought last 2 years (Dodi! Peter! Its still alive!)
Didn't know how to focus yet (used intelligent iso)

Then i saw this small 'focus' button~ lol

Off to university~
Welcome to the dull and gloomy Aberdeen.
Nah, this was taken in late afternoon with Pinhole Scene mode. The weather nowadays are quite good actually.Except for the borders, the scenery photos are not photoshopped just so you know.

Ugh, gloomy stuffs makes me sad. Go to the bright one 1st la, we'll go back later.

Emerging spring flowers in the botanic garden outside my Zoology building.
The wideness of a photo can be adjusted. Photo above is adjusted to 4:3 wide

and below is 16:9 wide

Snowdrop - always the 1st one to emerge at the beginning of the spring. ;)Enough flowers, lets go inside!

"Meow, meow"
Owh did I tell you that my department is also Aberdeen's Zoology Museum?

After class, I walked around campus.
Photo taken with Film Grain scene mode
Kings College - the landmark of Aberdeen University. It is an ancient university (the 5th oldest in UK) which was founded 1495. That's 515 years ago!
Some of my classes are held here as well.

New Kings, Taylor building and Elphinstone Hall

That's all for the campus tour.

Next photo shows how wide the photo capture is.
This is Pete's Kitchen by the way ;) Not mine.
And just last night, I finally discovered the use of manual focus!
..Focusing on Jeri's R2D2 phone strap i bought him for Christmas.
One last thing! Because of the quick shot and good stabiliser, I can finally capture my guinea pig easily! Yay!

Awwwwwwww~ look at him ;D struggling himself to escape.
The cutest yet most annoying creature on earth.
Maigawd~ Lumix LX3 is simply awesome! ^^
Lot of love!!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Experimental Nightmare

Mmm~... Maybe something is trying to tell me something... =_=

Or maybe im just tired..

Currently my life is filled with animals, laboratory work and reading scientific papers.

=_= I need a rest.

I took an afternoon nap straight after I handed in my report one day~ and had this a weird dream....

Okay it does look funny -_- but i was so damn scared you see!
Was all in sweats when I woke up.

So.. what does this all means? :P

Anyway, this is what I did last week's practical.
Another work on deep sea fish.

This is taken in the morningand..
this is what happened to the fish in the late afternoon
"Owh~... No wonder!" - I HEARD THAT!

For your info
I study Marine Biology (+Zoology)
Its ironic somehow..
Students took this course because they love animals

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Officially Red-Headed!

Dyed my hair red copper a few days ago.. This is my 1st appearance with my new look in public!

I decided to post it on my blog rather than facebook since Bruneian people don't visit my blog much.

Except for me, all my other friends here think this colour suit me better. What do you think?

Somehow, i look naughty now +_+
I miss my black hair already!

What brand did I use?
Sassy, a Malaysian product me and my mum bought last summer in Brunei (a halal one).
I have been holding the box for a long time! I just didn't dare to colour my hair just yet!
See, I love my natural black hair.
But at times, i do get very curious!

Chose the copper red colour cause it looks brown to me.. but i doubt it would give great effect on my appearance... I WAS WRONG! (at least that's what I think)
My little sister used to colour her hair a few times, but the colour wouldn't absorbed into her hair much - A stuborn hair, which I thought would be the same like mine.
So didn't worry or expect much...

The outcome surprised me:

Pretty neat huh?

You should see the next image!

I know how much people hate to see me camwhore.
Come on, you can't run away forever! XD
Im a woman anyway

Somehow...I could hear the screams from a guy called Zoel.... =_=
Dude! Be happy for your friend!
Im not even pouting, Don't kill your self!!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Guinea pig ATE my Iphone Headset!!

I think it was around 2 months back....when lost my Iphone headset..

I didn't mind much since Jeri never use his. So I never did search for it thinking it might be somewhere in my room... Little did I know my guinea pig had a great feast one night......

It was only yesterday that I found out an earpiece lying down on the floor near his cage. Like "What the......??"

Nowadays, I set Totoro free around the room everytime Im home.
It bit my Laptop and Iphone charger once but didnt give any harm. Maybe he got electrocuted after the bite coz looks like he never seem to be interested in bitting them anymore.
But anyway, eversince then, I make sure not to leave valuable stuffs on the floor when he's running around.
I had NO IDEA my earphones was somewhere reachable for him!!!

So this is what happened to them

Just an hour ago, I searched inside his cage and found these!
The control button (& microphone)! T_T Definitely my Iphone's!!!
I thought it would be an old ipod earphones that I didnt use anymore since it looks dirty.
T_T Arrgghh why does it have to be the expensive oneee?????

I've got more to be worry about...Is my guinea pig going to be okay after the stuff he eaten?? I searched the whole cage and still couldn't find any bits of wires from the headset! Owh Totorooo~ I spent a lot on your daily essentials and extra food. Yet, it never seem to be enough for you ah? I still love you anyway.

As a punishment, Im not going to let you out from the cage for atleast a week. This is to stop you from eating weird stuff again!

................................. In anyway T_T hopefully you'll always be fine..............


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