Saturday, 28 June 2008

We are for who we are~ *_*

Who, among all the picshots, look most likely like a hamster? Aha, my cuz tu jahat~
Illa should hv joined the vanity shotz! nah~ nada
Slept over Zai's place for her birthday yesterday with Illa. At d same time it was d last night before she go back to New Zealand. U cant imagine how happy i was knowing she was going home to Brunei even it was only for 2 weeks. I thought we might not see each other for 6 yearz since we dont have the same holidays. Same goes to hadee from Australia!! N guess what, Zai balek, Hadee datang! Nasib baik sampat jumpa.
Waaaa~ musim emotional ani lh palingku need my bestfrenz. They have alwez been my comfort and support for yearz~... *sobsob*~ donno how will i be without you all~.. Thankful berabezku dorang sanggup balek brunei wlupun cuti pendek :')

Illa, Pu3 & Hadee rah bilik Zai~ I love her room full of all sweet stuffz :)

*more about d sleepover next post*

What is love actually? *_*

Who'z init - Hadee, Ipin, Zai, Zoel, Illa & Pu3 (Sori drawingz bikin bida)
Itz been a while since i last draw~ It was supposed to be a drawing of me being alone actually~ but then i thought about all the frenz im in love with~ i couldnt leave them out.. 'I am never alone no matter where i am'. i started to wonder~.. Is there really a difference between a love for a boyfriend and a love for bestfriends?
... is it possible that~
im not there yet?...
Huhu~ anyway~..
'Never be sad for what is over, just be glad that it was once yours'
Der goes the bluebunny and hummingbird story~.. They should have known that they're 2 different species hahaha~ :P:P:P

It has been great :)

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Away sekeluarga~ *_*

Somethingz wrong with my camera~ sigh. So~ curi gambarz from Yaka n babah. We had a family trip to KK :) i find some of gambarz are nice.
Cuz Kaka Tuyah from NZ & li'l bro Yaka
Thingz you cant explain :P


Us with sunglasses we just bought :P

Menenangkan jiwa ahaaha~

Around d hotspring~

Cute li'l Hadee & mami nya~

D biggest flower in the world~ Rafflesia~ Wah really wanna see the real 1 ehh~ *_*

Bali bali~

3 families altogether~

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Myself (1996)

(Diary Introduction 19th July 1996)

Hello my name is dk.Zaya Puteri.
I am nine years old.
I live in taman puri.
My faveorite food is daging and nasi ayam.
I have 5 family.
I in primary 3A class in Sunshine school.
Went 2 years later I in primary 5.
My best cosion is Faridah.
It’s my mother sister of mother Faridah.
I am fell matematiks. I don’t know I fell matematiks.
And I love my family.
Someday I am so boring in agama.
I have a lots of tired.
So I fell a sleep in class agama.
Then my teacher siram me.
So I weak up and my teacher said don’t always sleep.
If u ask me, surprisingly i have started writting a diary since I was in Primary 1~ It has alwayz been my favoarite pastym to reread everything i written years and years~ Yes, im quite proud of myself aha, amazing how different can a person's thoughts changes over the years. Sadly i stopped continuing eversince upper six + attached with Longlong~ too happy to write about it? I donno eh~ Guess i have forgotten for who I really was~ I have dreams~.. finishing my book filled with life~ Now, once again~.. my journey continues~....

Monday, 16 June 2008

Aww Sweet~ *_*

Since i got nuthin' to do, i looked thro the latest family album~ Raya 2007, a celebration without me and my big bro. Found cute pics aha, my mum should have sent me these picz while i was in Aberdeen hurh.

Babah and mami~
My li'l sibblings~ Yana, Yaka and Malina

Sweet kan familyku ani? Awu ja awu ja. ahaha~ ^_^ Love dem so much! *Termasuk abgku yang paling annoying aha~*

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Kiss Me Goodbye~ *_*

The song that Longlong introduced to me, the song that brought us together 2 years ago. How ironic, the lyrics turned out to be d one that could tell the story about our relationship. U did put a dream in my reality~ thank you so much for that... Im glad my 1st boyfren is you (n itz a pleasure to b ur 1st as well)~ itz really sad that it didnt work out, but we know itz better to let each other go.

You say my love is all you need to see you through
But I know these words are not quite true
Here is the path you're looking for; an open door
Leading you to worlds you long to explore
Go if you must move on along
I'm gonna make it on my own

Kiss me goodbye, love's memory
Follow your heart and find your destiny
Don't shed a tear for love's mortality
For you put the dream in my reality

As time goes by I know you'll see; this is me here
I loved you enough to let you go free
Go I will give you wings to fly
Cast all your fears into the sky

Kiss me goodbye love's mystery
All of my life I'll hold you close to me

Don't shed a tear for love's mortality
For you put the dream in my reality
Kiss me goodbye love's memory
You put the dream in my reality

Friday, 13 June 2008

With or without~ *_*

Im going thro such a hard time here~ Why does it have to b that HARD?? I myself agree that itz d best for the both of us... but what is this great pain inside? I thank all my frenz for d great support these 3 dayz~.. i rather not talk about it thank u~ but can i talk about some1 else instead? 1 of the people who is very dear to me~ some1 who was alwez there and never failed to make me happy~ and that person is my fren, Ripin~..

Gmbar masa orientation dulu hehe~
Hehe~ itz funny~ but i owe him BIG!! We just met in Pteb 3 yearz ago~ hahaha, masih sekolah. He was sweet and funny~ well still is, but the more i noe him, the more i love em so. Aha, this post is gonna be all about em, i feel like talking bout em baa. He touches my heart so many times that i couldnt keep this myself anymore, how wonderful a person can be, as crazy as he looks.
Umm~where to start~.. let me tell u about today den, we went out nearly the whole day~ he rushed the moment i told em the news. I knew he's having examz at the moment, but he didnt mind to meet me. I miss him so much~! and this time, he drives. I didnt eat for 2 days eversince the breakup, i have no appetide at all, but ipin pajal aku haha, went to vintage rose, i managed to finish my beef stick! Den he took me bowling wlupun ia tau aku teruk nda pandai main (jahat!), den have some dougnuts around Kampong Ayer~ after Karaoke we finally went home. Ripin tah banar eh, nda dapat kan stay in 1 place in 1 day, i feel bad for taking his time... but i was really happy... so happy, rasakan menangis haha.

To him, im just one of his frens, but to me, he's a special fren. Looking back~ there were so many wonderful things he did for me. Japanese speech competition 2006, i dont think i would get 2nd place without em, i practiced my speech a lot infron of ipin in pteb. Then on d day of the contest, i was dead nervous, i couldnt do my speech well, until i saw ipin arrived. I imagined the room was just the 2 of us like i used to practice, all the sudden, a burst of confidence, i smiled, i managed to get thro. I was glad to noe he came. Thatz just one~ otherz from that, were the sweet memories we made. He love to tease and annoy ppl a lot, but somehow it never pissed me off, instead i would alwez laughed my head off forgetting the world we living in.

I love to talk about my problems and life with ipin. He alwez say all the positive things about everything, buat aku sentiasa bersemangat and never give up. Guess there's no secret that he doesnt noe about me haha, ia atu pemajal baaaa!! But banartah eh, the more the person knows about u, the more closer u feel to that person. But ipin nda mo share some of his baa, oh well, i cant force em, im just a fren (mnyamal hehehe). I don mind la, i still love him for who he is. Respect his personal life (but msih ku try to korek mengurek aha)

What else can i say? Ipinnnn~ thank you so much for all the talk and support ah :') Lap u awang lantut!!

All about ipin, macam lain tah jua usulnya ahh~ aha, oh well.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Okaeri~ Im home~ *_*

Looking out through the window~ it was all white and blue~ the beautiful navi blue i adore. It was the South China Sea~ I was reaching Brunei soon that time, after 9 months away from home~ man, jantung ani bukannya main laju debarannya (haha, cali eh) "Finally~... home~.." I imagined what will the hot weather get me into after a long exposure without it. I remmbered Hadee's blog, the definition of the burning heat on his skin when he just arrived from Aussie. How should i define my feelings msa arrivng in Brunei after a very long time?? Dissapointed, it didnt get me feel the much difference (REALLY!)~ I was really happy just to see my mother and lil sis Malina~ then arriving home, i encountered a great surprise, my maid - aunty Juny is still home!!! PENIPUUU~!! Man, atu happyku! I tot she went home for good last december after all the 9 yearz working with us. i've been feeling sad d last 6 months everytime i think about the no last goodbye between us. Nyway, kaka tuyah made a surprise visit when we thought she was supposed to be in NZ~ Waaaa~ i rindu everyone!!!
Oh oh! n abg boy celebrated his bday in our house on that day it self!! Ahhh and~i finally met baby daniell!!! So cute~!! Siok kali ahh~ dapat jumpa ramai orang bila bru sampai rumahhh~
I couldnt sleep that night tho~ i never thought it was really hard to cope with the time difference aha~ Nxt 2 dayz, jmpa suhailla hehe~ lepak2 rah Giant in Rimba for d 1st time. Bleh laaaa~

Monday, 2 June 2008

My Lecture and Revision Notez *_*

Packing my stuffz, sampatku took pictures - some of my revision notes on one of my books. Man, i still do draw a lot huh? I love to doodle oso, especially kucing & kuda cacat~ ntah eh :P


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