Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Gareth Gates in Les Miserables

My dream to watch a live theatre in the West End in London finally came true! (^o^)/
Watched 'We will Rock you' and 'Les Miserable'. 'We will Rock you' was a last minute decision and we bought the tickets 2 hours before the show started, it was really funny ;) but im just gonna talk about the other play in this post (sorry Jeri hehe).
I've been longing to watch Les Miserables since my 1st year in uk!
 Found a good seat online and booked the ticket a months advance.
The play was truly magnificant XD No photos allowed during the play, sorry.
But then,
I just realised something
Let me just let you all read my journal
Don't laugh yea XD
Gareth Gates!! OMG!
 I have NO IDEA!
I didn't recognize him, he looks different than how I remember (below).

Friday, 24 June 2011


Although i update my instagram (which directed to my tumblr) everyday, I couldn't find the right mood to blog!
 Lol, i guess i've been betraying blogger for a while.
 It's been busy and confusing lately, so many things had happened
I cut my hair again!
My unnatural curly hair had grown very long and messy, I couldn't stand any longer.
My flatmate Nano helped cutting my hair shoulder-length at first, it's pretty nice ;) but I want it shorter!
I went for another haircut in Jmoriyama, London last week
 and yea I love my new hairstyle ^^ I feel so light and refreshing

Anyway, so what have I been doing this past month?
Just check out my tumblr!

goyang kaki
result out (happy!)
London (theatre fun)
Caught cold flu since day 2 in London
Macbook breakdown
So yesterday, went to town to get my macbook fixed. Fortunately my laptop is still under warranty.
They said, i will be getting my macbook back next week the quickest.
=,= I hope everything's gonna be okay

Im using Jeri's laptop for the time being.
And im still not feeling good.

My parents are coming in a week!


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