Friday, 28 May 2010

I am still alive

I am very glad the 3-day-sandwich is finally over! T_T 1 more paper to go! 

Such horrible days~.. T_T Being up all nights munching in animal facts.. T_T So unhealthy! Then, dark swollen bags appeared under my eyes, and I never seem to get it hidden under my makeup. Horrible-horrible face to look at. 
Thank you for putting my exam dates, not only early, but next to each other~ I enjoyed it very much, yipee~....!

So anyway, it'll be 3 days till my last paper. For now, let me rest and talk about happy random stuff! 
Here's one of my favoarites Gashapon surprise
A tiny coffee creature keychain inside its coffee-can habitat!

Is it just me (for the love of coffee)
or is this the cutest thing you think you will ever get from a gashapon machine? ^^

What's your favoarite cutest thing that you own at the moment?

 Incase some of you do not know what gashapon means.....
They're toy capsule machines that were found everywhere during my HK and Japan trip. 
I was so damn SAKAI that time because there were so many unimaginable varieties of toy capsules available hehe. (Here's the link to my sakainess)

Off to the library! 

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Keep me sane

2 more days~.. 
T_T 3-exams in one go T_T 

Wish me luck. 

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Instead of complaining how stressful my days are *_* now that my exams are getting closer and closer~..
Let me talk about chocobanana instead!
Made these chocobananas for my Nippon Connections (society) Natsu Matsuri festival 2 weeks ago. Im so thankful Sa and Nano were willing to help :')~ its was our very 1st attempt and i am proudly to say that it was a success! \(^v^)/

How to make these wonderful treats?
Here's the video Sa made on the making of the chocobananas! :D

Its surprising easy and fun! :D 
Made more than 40 that night. And the next day, everything was sold out! (^o^) (1 chocobanana for 50p)
So happy!

Tempted to make one? 
Go go! Buy some cooking chocolate and banana! (owh and the white thing? that's coconut!) Make sure the banana is frozen before you put them on stick and dip into the choco sauce. :) 

Owh before i go,
 I would like to thank Daidai bel for giving me a Stylish blogger award!! ^_^
The rules
State 5 random facts about yourself and pass the award to 5 other bloggers. (I prefer not to choose who to be awarded, anyone would do ^^)
1) I love animals - been to many zoos/aquarium these recent years (Aberdeen 07, Berlin 08, HK 09, Japan(2) 09, Edinburgh 09, London 10 and Belfast 10) 
2) Laptop - everytime, everywhere
3) Coffeeholic.. in a milky way lol
4) Diaries - are my most treasured possession. (started keeping them ever since 7)
5) Mint, in my mouth. Most of the time :P

I'll do my other tagged post  next time okay ^^
Lots of love everyone 

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Goodbye Totoro.. T_T

Everything was decided in one day all of the sudden . 
My flatmate Sa, has always been allergic to animals, yet she let Totoro stayed in our place for a while before summer holiday. Her allergy was getting worst day by day to the point her nose started to bleed.
I had to take Totoro away as soon as possible. Unfortunately no one is free at this time, there's only 1 choice left. 

Animal adoption.  
Then again, I was planning to give him away this summer anyway~ (Because last summer cost me 400pounds already. Im just a student!).
Plus my parents never like the idea of me keeping an animal in my room, its not healthy. They're right. 

Its just a lil bit too early, Im just not ready to let him go. 
But I have to, letting go is a part of life I need to face. 

About my guinea pig,
I bought him at Aberdeen's 'Pets at Home' February last year. (Link1) (Link2)
He was so tiny and he had this cute mohawk hair :)
He grew a lot eversince.

And look at him now. 
A giant black bushy creature.

Its time to lets him go....

I gave him back to the place where I found him.
Good thing they have an adoption centre in Aberdeen.
Filling a form with detailed information about Totoro.
'Reason: Owner's allergy (?)'
'About me: No hugs, just talk'
'Loves: Parsley and Yogurt drops'
'Hates: Being hold on to'

Totoro loves to play around my room whenever he wanted.
 He's usually very noisy - asking for food, sings along everytime i sang~ and he talks back everytime I talked to him. 
But i am not allowed to pick him up! (only by force)
But he loves face massages lol. :P 

 Peter, thank you for helping me out sending Totoro at the very last minute ;)

Be a good boy Totoro...

Hopefully you'll get a new lovable owner who loves to talk a lot like you do.

Im missing you 

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

See how vain Pu3 can get

Yay~ as promised, here is my entry for the 'Peace' Photo Contest held by Rabbito.
Complete with my Peace cap. 
Lol, yea~ too much photo editing? I guess so :P
This is the original photo
 I seriously prefer this one =_=
I have to increased the contrast for the 1st photo to blend in the bright colourful background.

Something different about me? Owh, must be the mascara!
(Uhhh..what? =_=)
My 1st blog appearance with mascara on! :P (LOL)
How do you girls wear those thick mascara nicely kan?? Teach me! *_* Its so hard~
I have it with me for so long and I never seem to wear it~.. It took me a while til im done with it.
I even bought fake eyelashes when I was in Japan last year....Never been used at all! 

So anyway~
For this contest, I became the great camwhore monster~...
Its amazing how vain a girl could get.
Hey, lets face it. 
Everyone have those moments~
 That's just how it is.

You wanna see pu3 in her most sexiest form?
Super hot yea? XD

Taken 2 days ago during Natsu Matsuri event.
Ilang ayu eh :P

By the way,
Here's another video. Its the extended version of the pixel wall video which now includes everyone's photo-shots during our house warming party. ^_^ Enjoy.
House Warming Montage from Vanessa Pang on Vimeo.

My exam is in 2 weeks. =_=' I hate all these stress. 

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pu3's Bag and the Stuffs inside

No, that was just a joke. (Aww do you remember this Ilona?)
If you really think I did put rock and stones into my bag, then I must be one hell crazy lady. +_+

So this is actually a game tagged by Nay-MrsNurl
 What's in my bag?

Well~ the thing is, 
I get very often asked this exact question - by whoever carried or observed my backpack (cause its big and very heavy).
Yes, a bag pack, not the handbag most ladies of my age would wear. 
Not that I love carrying a big backpack, I just have to, for the sake of my own convenience!
Listen, only in Aberdeen! 

So anyway.

This is the things that are usually found in my bag
Should include my camera as well~ :P

So yea~
Notice my big dirty bag. Its always irritates some of my friends, because~..
 well, it's always 'out' bah. As in~...

I love brightly coloured (especially pink and purple) overalls and mix-matching them~ but my backpack spoils everything lol. I even bring that bag with me during shopping! (cause its so~convenient! Everything goes into my bag).
 I never like the looks of my backpack, so ugly! But funny enough, I've been using it for a year now!
Okeh fineeee~.. I'll shut up and find a BRIGHT PINK backpack that fits me better next time.
End of story.

Owh owh~  to end this post,
 I would like to say Happy Birthday to one of my blogger friends - Mizarwen!
 Hopefully, its really your birthday today.
I know some people (including my mum) fake their birth date in fb haha.

Mizarwenn~ smoga happy-happy selalu with yang tersayang ^^ And sorry my drawings of Mizarwen nda as lawa as orangnya sebenar! The eyes biyut! T_T This was again, drawn with a pen straight away.

Please enjoy your special day!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Daydream Bubble and Pixel Photoshoot!

Guess what everyone ^o^ We made 2 more fun walls! This time, in our living room. 
Our latest creation made last 2 night - The Daydream bubble! 

Owh owh! This is the video on the making of the Daydream Bubble wall.
Please watch \(^o^)/ Its only 1.5minutes long. 
Taken with my Lumix LX3 camera.

..And then, 
Our Colourful Pixel Wall! - Made by Sa and Nano. 
(I was busy with my report)

 Pixel Wall photoshoot taken with Sa's awesome Nikon D60
Lol~ since its my blog, I only posted the photos with me in it :P 
I apologize for not including those girls with their super sexy pose XD

This is the video for the Pixel Wall creation.
Again, everything inspired by Katie Sokoler. But then again, things wouldn't work out without these two amazing flatmates of mine ;D 
 Ahaha~ little rascals, such fun we had. 


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