Saturday, 25 September 2010

I'm not ready to go back!

I'm flying back to Aberdeen tonight T_T
Owh how I'm going to miss home~...

Sorry for not updating my blog much nowadays. It's just that I don't wanna miss any opportunity I have with my family and friends. If I get to blog about it, there's definitely loads.. but nyehhh.
Do you know that I've changed my look again?
Not liking it much, I look very naughty!
I guess this will be the last time I colour and curled my hair :P 

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Raya - with Love

My favoarite photo 
My li'l cousins - Hadi and Myriz; and Aunt Dayang's cat - Lala 

The colourful cakes we served
The unexpected guest during open house. 
Not wanting people to disturb the li'l bird, I put up a sign (lol).

 Our dining room that looks like an art gallery now. 
Drawn by li'l sibblings, and cousins. (None of these are mine :P)
♡ Taking another family picture with my one and only beloved grandparent, Nini Jerudong

♡ Being able to finally meet my friends. 

My buah-hati-jantung-payung Hadee (lol ) who came back from Aussie (only for a week).

 ♥ My best Brunei blogger friends, Aznuur and Mizarwen

Im really happy that I have finally met you girls! ^^
 Thank you so much for coming to my open house.
❤ ❤ ❤

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Aidilfitri 2010

To all the muslims out there, 
I would like to wish you all.. 
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir dan Batin. 

* * * * * * * * *

The annual family photo

Great family gathering

...and amazingly-delicious festive food

Thursday, 9 September 2010

My Illustrated Journal and the brand-new Love!

There were no television nor internet in Selingan Turtle Island. 
So I had time drawing a comic journal about our adventure there! 
I even water-coloured the first 2 pages!
Bought a cute turtle keychain too ^^
I miss all these - used to make a hell lot illustrated diaries everyday.
Now I spent my free time on internet surfing
How internet changed one's life... 
Well, atleast I still got it.

(Photo below: Me and my younger brother when we first arrived in Turtle Island)
I know some of my friends and family are waiting for my full turtle post (^,^'), 
but Im sorry to say you have to wait, i may either post it up here or in facebook next time, insyaallah.
Sides, Raya is coming very soon!

By the way~ my new laptop have arrived! ♥ 
It's a 13" Macbook Pro (^o^)
Trying out the new webcam. 
(Sakai - cause this doesn't work with my old dell) 
I can imagine what my close friends are thinking now 
 "vain vain vain vain vain"
Yea, when we talked about my blog, they were like..
 "Pu3, why do you have to be so vain?"
Arrrrrggghhh seriously, am I that bad?
I mean what's wrong with uploading my own pictures into my blog? It's not like I posted many photos of me at every angle in one post = =... Okay maybe I did, but not all the time! 
Plus, camwhoring is normal and healthy, don't you agree? 

Sunday, 5 September 2010

A Basket of Miracles

Hello everyone (^_^)
I just came back from my turtle research in Turtle Islands, Sabah. 

I got a surprise for you all.
Its a red basket...
...filled with newly hatched baby turtles! =^_^=
I was asked by one of the staffs on Turtle Island whether I was interested to help them release the hatchlings into the open ocean. 
It was indeed a great pleasure!

These baby turtles (Green + four Hawksbill turtles) were hatched in the Selingan turtle hatchery that morning.  
Have a safe 'lost years' my babies~!
What kind of research am I currently doing?
You'll find out soon :P Hopefully it would make a good honours project.
None of these would be possible without the help of everyone there in Turtle Islands! Everyone was being sweet and helpful! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience these miracles!

Back to the hatchlings,
~.. There's this one turtle I'm concern about....
While other hatchlings went toward the sea, this little one headed off to the opposite direction. I kept on turning it around but it still crawled back to the wrong destination.

 At first, I thought this baby turtle had something wrong with its magnetism (that helps adult turtle to orientate).
 I read some journals that - once the baby hatchlings reached up to the surface,
 they use environmental cues such as the visual lighting from the moon and the ocean; and the beach slope, to navigate them to the water. (source) does that mean that this baby turtle is somewhat blind? 

Friday, 3 September 2010

Kimchi Rice Cake The Kiss

Im away.. 
So I'm letting my bunny to accompany you for a while. 
I actually call her by her full name most of the time
'Kimchi Rice Cake, The Kiss~

Crazy not?


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