Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Selamat Hari Raya :D

My family
Mami and Babah
My sibblings and I

Nini Jerudong's

Lil cuties

Im very glad aku sampat raya this year :') its been 2 years aku nda braya di Brunei.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Primary 4 Pu3 - ESUK RAYA

This drawing was made during the middle month of puasa 1997 I think hehe~ As a kid, I was always hoping that raya would come sooner (and i guess every kids still does?)~ I couldnt stop dreaming about it!

Anyway, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI to everyone \(^o^)/
T_T Maafkan Pu3 atas kesalahan yang Pu3 pernah buat selama ani ah T_T






okay, i guess im never good at giving ucapan






I've done my TRAVEL BOOK!!

40pages of memories from my summer trip to Hong Kong and Japan

Be going back to Aberdeen in a few days~ :( Im soo~ gonna miss my family~..
Definitely going to miss the crazy atmosphere here~ >_<

*Lots of love*


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Primary 3 Pu3 - Puasa

A comic drawn during the fasting month when I was still 8 years old.
Bangun sahur
Crying - guess I never really liked waking up and eat at 3am
....(notice the 'zZ') - my brother was always eating with his eyes close during sahur, sleeping while eating?
The next morning, looking at my 3 lil sibblings eating breakfast made me and my brother complain. (I remember scolding them to stop eating infront of me)

We loved to watch anything about food on the television :P still do, everyone does
It did made the matter worst.
Okay, this is a true story.
Me and my big bro always came out with an idea~.. lock the door and had a feast way earlier than we were supposed to.
We ended up telling mum during Sungkai.
My parents are nice people~ they always laughed it off instead of scolding us.
*lots of love*
Come to think of it, I never fully fasted the whole month until I was 11 - thats when my uncle promised me that he would buy me a camera if I fulfil a month haha~ That technique of his did work!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Pu3 and her hairstyle

I envy those girl bloggers who are confident enough to post many pictures of themselves in the blog. I get paranoid everytime~..wondering whether people will accept me this way and scared of being hated.

Ha, surprised? Coz I do post a lot of my pictures right? :P
Well, i dont think its that bad!... *looking back* okay, maybe it is.

You know when you take picture of yourself and you feel like its really good that you wanna show it to the world?.....If only my family and friends would stop teasing me.

Anyway, I WANNA CUT MY HAIR AGAIN! But everyone is stopping me coz they think i look nice with long hair (I think so too.... BUT) Eeeiiiii didnt you people said short hair suits me better before?!

Now my friend is like "Short hairs is for pretty people only, tabam people like you dont suit bahh"
Eii im not pretty kan?
*Friend looked at me in disgust*
Whenever it is, im sure i'll cut it very short 1 day. Its only a week til Hari Raya, and less than 2 weeks til i go back to Aberdeen (Noooooo!!). Maybe i should keep my hair long for Raya, and afterwards - bye bye.

In my older post, i said something about showing a picture of me after using my curler one day. I never get to fulfill that promise. So~ here you go.

Now now, be nice to Pu3. She loves flowers ya noe :P

Some other thing i wanna talk about - regarding my sibukness and malasness. I didnt go out with my friends much everysince i came back from my trip~ Im sorry for not attending (and forgetting) a few gatherings held.

I really do hope we can hang out more before I go back to uk. ^^ I had so much fun ^^

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Orang yang malas~ *_*

Its funny that I tend to be very lazy when I got nothing to do at all~ BUT so damn rajin when I am rushing thro time.
I apologize to those who are waiting for my posts about Japan *_* Guess it'll be a while til i can stand up again.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Ice-cream City - Namja Town, Japan *_*

I've been trying to post everything about Namja Town~.. but the place is too hard for me to describe! Namco Namja Town, is a unique Japanese indoor amusement park situated in Sunshine City Shopping centre of Ikebekuro. It is not like other amusement parks that are mainly about games and rides, Namja Town also focus on FOOD and other stuffs.

For now let me tell you about Ice-cream city - found in the 2nd floor of Namja Town.

Here, you get to find EVERY type of ice-cream you can imagine!
They provide huge unbelievable variety of flavors including weird stuffs like the garlic flavoured ice-cream, sushi, cow, sea urchin, snake, soybean and octopus!!

Horrible as it is seen, wouldnt stop me from trying! +_+

So i chose to try this one.
Aha, shark fin flavor! (500yen baa)
Just by looking at the inside makes me sick @_@

.............................Here goes!
Okay... it wasnt that good really...........
I dont think Im going to try that again :P

Of course, they have normal decent flavors like chocolate and vanila :P so DON'T WORRY, many people wouldnt risk their life trying out the funny flavoured ice-creams...

Jeri and Nao tried a black ice-cream. :P How I wish this flavor is sold all around the world!

Naruto became one of the main theme that time (including food, ice-cream and ghost house!). Luckily im not a Naruto fan anymore :P if I still am, then i'll be spending lots on that day!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Back to Brunei from Hong Kong~ *_*

After spending 37 days in Hong Kong (14days) and Japan (11days Tokyo, 12days Hokkaido) , its time for me to go back to my peaceful home country Brunei. Im somewhat glad and sad knowing the trip is finally over~ it was tiring but fun!

I felt like i never had a long rest in my entire life~ ..but after only 1 day, i started to feel empty!

Anyway, after Japan~ i spent 2 more nights in HK so that i wont rush through things, and buy more last minute gifts for frenz and family

:puteh_23:I would love to thank Jerry's family for everything!!~ especially how they welcome me to stay at their place.. and the gifts! His family are like the nicest people you will ever know!
^_^ I am also happy for being able to take Purikura pics with Jerry's lil sister, Kelly ^_^
(the pic below is pretty cool right :P)

Lastly~ to my beloved Jeri (and Nao)~ if it wasnt for you (two :P), it wouldnt turned out into an AMAZING trip. Travelling is easy when you have dependable people with you :P i cant imagine how will i be without you (planned to travel Japan alone at 1st!)

Thank you for accompanying me,
I owe u so much!
Lots of love!


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