Monday, 27 April 2009

Another thing about Pu-3~ *_*

Pu3'z fact No.143:

There was never once where Pu3 spent her time studying in the Library without sleeping.

What a girl.

Awu, malas tah ku ingau eh :puteh_16:

:puteh_4:I've done most of my to-do list yesterday, What joy! Very tiring tho *_* i end up sleeping at 9pm. *Argh, there goes my precious time for fun*:puteh_29:

Finished my latest piece - Japanese Natsu Matsuri event is coming ! \(^o^)/ This is gonna be my last poster, i will no longer be Nippon Connections Publisher Officer starting next term, Ben-ben is taking over my place :p But i will still maintain in the NC community group la.
Examz getting closer, i wont post as often anymore tu ah :puteh_11: .......... uhhhhh~.... letz just see la... hehehe

Friday, 24 April 2009

Here comes Nobita~ *_*

Wah finally~ after nearly 1 month, we get to see each other again! Nobita just came back from HK last Tuesday.

Just bcoz i never mentioned abt him in my blog while he was gone, u think i dont miss him? Guess again *_*

Look what he brought me from HK(excluding Totoro's food and shampoo)! *_* Makes me feel really BAD because i didnt get him anything (wait, there's 1) in the holiday :( (coz my money was stolen in London)

Nyeh, sweet huh~ Thank you so much T_T im so loving u (n ur parents :P)

Love the Totoro bento set!
*To those ppl with weird thoughts going on, this bento is FOR ME, NOT MY GUINEA PIG -_-' u weird ppl..*
Anyway, i asked Nobita to buy this for me. :P I have a thing for bento set yo \(>_<)/ (OH MY, I STILL OWE HIM 10POUNDS!).

Since my wallet was stolen, he bought me a new one, a DOMO!! XD Woohoo, another cute monster accesory added into my collection! ^o^ (I have a domo coin purse used everyday)

I find it amazing the fact Nobita knows my taste very well :P I guess we just happened to have d same taste budz no?

And i mentioned about d shampoo Nobita bought for Totoro right. Haaaaa~ apanah, we gave Totoro a bath on that very same day XD He had gotten really smelly lately baa~..and let me just tell you this.................
it was really exhausting.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Fine~ Im afraid of DOGS ok?!

:puteh_20:I always unconsciously jumped onto some1 and hugged them tightly when a dog came close to me. ITZ EMBARASSING yet I couldn’t help myself!! I even held some stranger in the park that 1 time *_* I’ve tried to control myself and be brave, but it still happens everytime. At the end, everyone is avoiding me :puteh_25:sigh.

Anyway, that was yesterday. We had a Conservation Biology practical trip 3miles from our city. What a way to start my Uni… So yea, itz quite an exhausting day – had classes from 10 to 6pm, then revision in the library til 9.30pm. (With some breaks in between)

Leave it.

Owh~.. guess whose birthday is it today?:puteh_12:

I never make a birthday greeting in my blog, this is my 1st time, so Illa, BE PROUD! Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul Lating Bugul~

Owh, and an advance birthday to Awang Lantut sorang lagi.Haha, sorry, yours simpler, I just happen to have more time for Illa :puteh_13:

Why I don like to make greetings in my blog :–
If I always make greetings to ppl , then i guess some ppl will expect their bday to be greeted. So when I happen to be busy (or simply..lazy) n miss their bday – those ppl will feel the *OUCH* when they couldnt see any bday greeting for them. Ok fine, you may say 'no, doesn’t matter', but im sure somewhere inside u will feel a bit sad. I donno la, it happened to me.

If I could choose to skip a day every year, guess what, it would be my birthday. Why u ask? Ummm.. .long story. But anyway, Im serious in a way, I get stomach ache n headache just to think about my upcoming birthday in a week. Its weird I noe. Not that im afraid of getting older, its just that.. I tend to recall my whole life when it comes to my birthday. Whether people appreciate me or would they rather leave me dead. Its scary. My self esteem is lowest a few days before my birthday.

Yea don’t be afraid..
Itz me, Im Pu3....

Monday, 20 April 2009

Owh Pu-3~....... *_*

This girl ah, so ANNOYING~ :puteh_14:Ging gong gang gong.

I mean seriously, dont you get annoyed looking at people making their fake poses? eek How they try to make themselves look cute, sexy and all... Using food and accessories as an extra point...

Nyeh, im like that too.

Itz fun no? :puteh_13:


Oh dear me~... *_*

Last stop : Glasgow *_*

I know you want it :P
Go click to enlarge and save it bebeh!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hiatus~ *_*

Im sorry but I really need to STUDY!

Monday, 13 April 2009

After 11 dayz~ *_*


Donno eh, im nothing without my drawings. My posts have been a lil bit boring and lame lately. Im never good at writing anyway, that doesn't stop me from blogging :P

Im back from my 12hours London-Aberdeen bus ride yesterday. Home finally!... my back hurts -_-'

I spent my last night at Mijah's in London. Had a lovely late-at-night conversation like we always did.

They have this awfully cute black cat in their house! Wanted to cuddle that cat so much... If only Anja (thatz d cat, D CAT) is not that ganas. +_+

Wait, who is Mijah?
Jeng jeng jeng~

Friday, 10 April 2009

Itz nice to be Puts again~ *_*

Spent 3days, 3nights in Exeter. This time, there were a group of us.

Hearing my name 'Puts' made me feel like form 6 again haha. Indeed it felt very warm and comfortable.
...At the same time, it also made me teringat the fun we had in the past - *sakit* wah how things have changed.

But hey, i didnt say im not having fun masa ani! I had the greatest time with them. It very nice to meet dorang Hisyam, adib and Jai again~ siok berkenalan ngan drg Zimah and Khai jua \(^^)/ (Omg, gf c adib is so~cute)

D Bruneian ambukz in Exeter :) my FAVOARITE. (cool kali ah)
Ok la, things we did...(yada yada yada~)
Went around the city~ and to the beach.

Their Uni campus area is so~ BASAR! Reminds me of UBD but this 1 berbukit, lalah yo.
I thought about my Uni, how different it is from theirs. Its very GREY (with streets n buildings) back in Aberdeen, whereas Exeter Uni looks so naturally green and lively. Nyeh, every Uni is unique in their own way. ^^
Spent d days jalan2~ spent the nights watching movies. It was worth it (*o*) Lama udah i didnt feel so homely.

Sekali lagi, aku berterima kasih banyak-banyak kepada tuan puan punya rumah di Exeter for all the hospitality, makanan nyaman and siok-mliat-rumah-kamu-lawa *dingdong*.

Zimah, bajumu pun lawa ;)

Abez tia

Next stop:


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

My Wallet Was Stolen~!! *_*

Yesterday - I was robbed 30minutes before my bus to Exeter in London. And it happened within 3-5minutes from the time when i last take out my wallet to the time i realised my widely unzipped bagpack. I managed to run to the Police station and blocked both my cards as soon as possible.

Allah, mentel kali ku ah. Although i did lost my money, Im very glad my other stuffz (camera, mobile, laptop n psp) nda kana curi.

Yatah ketulahan nah~ My mum always warned me not to be careless with my wallet~... Minta maaf for kecuaianku. I will try to be absolutely careful next time. T_T


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Essex Bebeh~!! *_*

Wow, come to think of it~.. itz been A YEAR eversince I met Mahirah! Of coz im very happy to see her again, gila rindu kali ahh.

She gained weight hahaha~ but bcoz of that, ia bikin lawa!..... -_- Why am i so flat chested~?

My days with her? Cant you tell?

Around her Uni, we get to feed the duckz, swanz and geese!
D swans came quite unexpectedly :P

Aha~ this one was a good shot. We had peanut butter and Jam with us as well btw XD
:P Look at d expression on our face - Priceless yo! I always thought swans are beautiful and cute, i didnt know they can be big and scary! (Takut kana patuk bahh) Liat tu, sama tinggi mcm Mahirah.
After that, window shopping -_-'~... why do girls love to do these things anyway? Seriously...

The trip to Essex was Awesome!! Thank you so much Mahirah!

Next stop:



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