Monday, 30 August 2010

Me and my ugly face

Had fever for a few days, Alhamdulillah Im feeling better now.

But a problem is still there.. 
Giant pimples! Arrggghh
I haven't met many of my friends ever since I arrived home. Either that im busy or I just don't feel like it.
Come on, I can't even stand looking at myself in the mirror at the moment!

Im very self-cautious now. Everytime I talked with people, it felt like they were just staring at my pimples! 
I even prayed hoping that I wont encounter anyone who knows me everytime I go out........Well, that already happened by the way. 

It doesn't feel nice at all = =
What do you usually do when this happens?
(or it never happen to you at all.. = =)

Yes, I tried to cover it with makeup and concealer, but it doesn't work!
 SO big and SO red! (LOL)

Its amazing how pimples can affect my self-esteem.

Im going to Sandakan in Sabah Malaysia in an hour. 
Let me post a recent picture that put a smile on my face :P
My li'l cousin, Alai Nor using a torchlight to play with the cats ^^

Friday, 27 August 2010

Thank you ^_^

My li'l friend Haya made a drawing especially for my birthday. ^_^
She's so~ sweet! Thank you very much! heart Pictures, Images and Photos heart Pictures, Images and Photos heart Pictures, Images and Photos
Haya also lives in Aberdeen where I study ^^ We actually met and talked with each other during Japan day this year (link). 
She's so young, yet her drawing skill is amazing! :D 
She just opened her blog recently! 
Please do visit and be her friend! (^_^) :

Btw, I got my parcel from Jeri :)))
Its my birthday gift from him ^^ Alice in Wonderland organizer heart Pictures, Images and Photos (complete with a mechanical pencil)

The first few pages are some bits from the storybook. heart Pictures, Images and Photos
The organizer also comes with a letter set (a bit crumbled).
I love it Jeri heart Pictures, Images and Photos Thank you very much!! heart Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

I usually hate to mention this, but hey everyone!~ I've turned a year older days ago!
Here something from my babah - my dad. He made a birthday post for me in his blog.
Yes, he has a blog ;D lol.
 Im not going to show the whole post....
 But here's the first few things he posted.
Happy Birthday  !!!
No words from babah, mami, ur two brothers and ur younger sisters...
We loooove uuuu......

Look at Ur eyes...since Ur born that's the trade mark....
Times past by very Ur grown up..
Take care of Ur self....
Sentiasa berwaspada serta kerja keras demi masa depan kamu...

*Blushes* Thank you so much Babah. T_T 
Lots of love korazon Pictures, Images and Photos.

We celebrated my birthday together with my cousin Ka Ernie (the girl my dad mentioned) and Uncle Chin in my house.

Yaka and Mal helped me cut the cake to be served.. my big family.
The food and the people
and a random surprise :P

korazon Pictures, Images and Photos Im so glad to be home korazon Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, 19 August 2010

17 hours in London Heathrow Airport

I flew from Aberdeen in the afternoon and reach London at 5pm.
Saw a magnificent view of Aberdeen from the plane.
Then I meet up with my good friend Zoel at Terminal 4.
Zoel and I have been friends since high school (^_^) let's say we clicked because of our drawing interest.
There's not much to see in Terminal 4, and we didn't bother to go out into London.
We just hungout and did every random things we could before Sungkai (fast break).
Random things such as writing postcards, drawing, colouring, teasing and of course, chatting. 
Writing a postcard especially for someone *wink*

Then it's Sungkai dinner time! (Around 8.30pm I think)

 Around 2am..
If you're asking whether it was comfortable... Ugh, what do you think?
The thing is - I slept through the whole night! 
I mean the reason why I didn't plan to go out and stay in Brunei Hall is because I prefer spending the night hanging out with my friend! 
But I ended up leaving Zoel alone taking care of my stuffs while I was asleep T_T I tried to stay awake everytime I woke up, but I fell back asleep! 
I mean Zoel came the whole way to accompany me bahh (of course I paid for his transport),  Im so sorry Zoel~ T_T

Zoel woke me up like 7.20am in the morning to make sure I check in for my 9.40am flight. I then realised he didn't sleep at all! So I asked him to sleep while I queue to check in.
When I came back, he was really sleeping.
It must have been a boring lonely night for you T_T Im glad you brought your laptop, but this was not what we planned right?! 
Although you look so ganas and mentel, I think you're one of the sweetest guy I've ever known :') 
Bah girls? Anyone interested? :P Go ahead! He's single and available! ;) *wink wink*

 I am very grateful Zoel!
Then, the 16hours flight. 
Arrived home in Brunei 10am in the morning. 
Home Sweet Home ^_^

Finally be able to meet my lovely family!...Except for my other younger sister Yana, who just enrolled in Lim Kok Wing University in Kuala Lumpur. 

Happy happy ending.

To end this post, 
Here's photo of my two youngest sibblings... yang perasan kiut berabez. (@o@) *puke*

You must be wondering why my li'l sister wore her tudong and I didnt. :P
*Blushes* I should practice it now that its Ramadhan. 

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Brunei, here I come!!

Guess what everyone. Im going home tomorrow! \(^_^)/

Finally get to see my family soon :)
Well when I say tomorrow, it doesn't mean I'm going to meet my family tomorrow :P.

15th Aug
Aberdeen (03.20pm) - London (04.55pm)
16th Aug
London (09.40am) - Dubai (07.55pm)
Dubai (09.10pm) -  BRUNEI (09.35am) on the 17th Aug)

Im going to stay in London Heathrow airport for 17 hours (thank god a friend is going to accompany me) til my flight to Brunei (by which it takes nearly 16hours btw). Yep~ it's definitely a lonnnnng journey. 
But who cares. 

So I bought some books for the journey. 
Children books! 
Bought 'Dork diaries' today. It's like the girl version of 'Diary of a Wimpy kid'~ except it's waaayyy cuter. 
I mean look at these! 
Tell me if these are not cute! 
...and omaigawd, it totally reminds me of my high school diary!!! (the greatest reason why I want this book!)
(Mijah! That boy looks like Peter [or Mantle?] from my 'Friendship' comic no?!!)

Okay okay~ Im not that childish (yea right)
Look look!
These are other books that I bought. :P 
'The Time Traveler's Wife' and 'Angelina Jolie - Notes from My Travel'  

I think I have just shocked my family and close friends. 
Truth is, I don't read books and novels. XD
But hey, that doesn't mean I don't want to read them at all! 
See if I could do it on the plane later!

loves Manga
loves magazines.  
Btw, these are the latest Japanese magazines I bought from HK. 
My favoarite is still 'egg' though. (Usually downloaded it online).
Bought 'Nicola' for the 1st time even though I knew its for young teens. I got curious you see.
Or maybe.... i just want the free gifts? :P 
Tik tok Tik tok
Got to go. Need to clean the house! 

Goodbye Aberdeen! See you in one and a half month!
Before I go, I want to show you one last photo.
The latest photo of my room in Aberdeen!~ Right after tidying it up that is. ^^
See if I could post a photo of my other room back at home next time. 

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku~ Semoga perjalananku selamat. Amin.
Lots of love everyone! 

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Lomo by Ada

Photos from my friend Ada
And I'm loving them!
 All of these were taken during our last Easter holiday in Belfast and Dublin. One of the best holidays I've ever had~..All thanks to Ada, Ipin and Shazleen. ^^

Thank you for letting me post your photos into my blog ^_^
Hopefully I get to meet you soon babe!
And to all muslims out there, selamat berpuasa! ^^
Here in uk, the fasting time is from 3.30am to 9.00pm

Lots of love!


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