Wednesday, 6 August 2008

From what i see~ *_*

I tend to think alot these dayz~ i've done so many mistakes - those mistakes i myself didn't even realise at first. I've got lotz to learn~....
Im turning 21 soon~ sigh, y so fast? Guess im not ready to be there yet. I wonder~.. have i really grown up? ahaha~ dari segi pikiran la. Hmmm~ i see things differently. People say im clueless~ hahaha, banar plg, well, im not really that clueless!! :P i just look bangang all the time thatz all haha.
Anyway~.. i find it sad~.. knowing the fact that not everyone can live their life the way they wanted. Yah~ so unpredictable~.. we just have to be strong and try to move forward.
About me, i wanna learn more about myself. Itz scary there's still some part of me i dont understand. I can get over the limit sometimes, itz so annoying, especially when i get too overexcited. I cant help myself, altho, i still have to try.
But then again, im glad i have been the way i am. I dont regret for all things i have done. Cause for who i am now is from who i was by then. Still~.. the future scares me...


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