Saturday, 29 November 2008

When I thought it was over~... *_*

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Pure white~ *_*

It was snowing for 3dayz~ and i was all excited about it, the pure white sight was simply beautiful~ and we had the whole weekend to enjoy!

Yea~ itz cold~.. but i felt d warmth inside somehow.. it was.. 1 of those time aku rasa.. how wonderful life can be ;) Family, frenz, love and the place im living in~....... I have all the thoughts like "Why am lucky enough to be here~?" or "Why did i encounter such event and situation in life~?"~.. ntah eh, crap, is it the cold icy weather that made me think these kind of things?.........wait, i always think a lot anyway XD

Oh well~ *_*

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Confession: I love my Zoology~ *_*

Call me mean and weird~ i guess thatz who i really am~.. I watched movies about mad scientist cutting out organs and stuff~.. and i thought...*_* that would be me. I love watching cute romantic and family comedy... but at the same time, i love gruesome horror like SAW~.. itz just a weird combination ryt. Most of my frenz could never see that in me - having d love for these kind of things, itz scary. What am i actually?!

Errr~letz leave that...
I wonder~..bleh aku tukar course ku from Marine Biology to Zoology kah?? I mean seriously, d course is so damn interesting!!! Since my course is under Zoology, i have to take their modules as well, and vertebrate zoology's practical excites me everytime XD

Other things i love - our department is also Aberdeen's zoology museum~ and d place does stinks tho haha~ but im so used to it la~ everyday life kali ah. I heard that the place is HAUNTED~ wooo~ XD what can i say~ itz a place full of dead animals.
Bah - last practical's picz~ on bats, animal bones and wings. Yah~ aku bawa camera everywhere everyday yo~ termasuk catergory 'sayang' udah ya hehe~
Anyway, d picture just below is a bat tu ahh~ one of my frenz thought it was a yummy chocolate (N i have no idea how she see it that way) *_* so please dont mistaken it for somethingz so far away outer space ah~

We're having a group project on K-T boundary (extinction of dinosaurs n beginning of mammals)~ and itz due soon~ Itz really annoying that some ppl never turned up for the group meetings n didnt do their responsibility in the group.. *_* I really thank Oliver for helping me on my essay today ^o^ he's such a nice guy and i appreciate it so much. :)
Ganbatte Pu3~!!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

To be~ or not to be~...... *_*

Had Japanese film festival last week~ The poster i made for this event took me the longest time so far~ *_* but well, itz worth it, everyonez liking it. What a relieve :)

3 days of movie watching~ it was d same exact movies like last year, yet i still come for all three and i actually enjoy it~......=_= somehow...........

Fine~ didnt concentrate much~ Baka Nobita was there stealing all my polo candy everytime. Owh emma came as well, i surely appreciate that since i noe she watched d movies already as well~.. :) But hey~ we provide free food and drinks yo~..

Big thank you to Michelle for baking all the lovely cakes and cookies ^_^ she even provided haloween goodie bagz in the last day of the event~ surely make kanak-kanak like Nobita happy XD See~ see~..
Nobita so happy wit his new toy XD hehehe~ tu mcm baby ngan putingnya no?
Checking my hp without my permission lagi~... -_-'... Donno why he love to be hit hard by me~ just plain BAKA...
But i still fancy u anyway~ *_*
End of event

Japanese Preconception~!!... Today!! tired *_*

Owh wait~
T_T more posters to make~....... T_T
Oh well, cant wait for end of year party tho~ XD I MISS KARAOKE~!!!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Another day in Aberdeen~..with you... *_*

Seriously Hadee~.... gijap baa~......
u remind me of the licker dalam resident evil *_*Sunday~ d day i was supposed to finish my Vertebrate Zoology project essay~.. I locked myself in my room so that nada orang buleh kacau aku~....yea right..... asal ada laptop, habisla......
umm~ apa ah~...
Me and Nobita went to the children japanese class in Union Street yesterday~... It was held every Saturday afternoon, but it was our 1st time yesterday... So many cute kids XD reminds me of CDC!!! I totally wanna be an active helper here eh~!! Most of the kids are half japanese, coming to make sure they wont lose their japanese..
Lets play bean bagz~!

Kawaii~ XD

yesterday's activity - Calligraphy

Yup, ada kanak-kanak sasat jua ikut XD nobita~nobita~...

Later that evening, we had dinner at Peter's.. we later watched an anime together aha~..

Garlic bread with soupz~ itz really nice ^_^

Thank you Peter!!!~ for all the food, warm and gibli studio movie~ :D owh owh~ and thank you for the wonderful blackcurrent jam!! XD i've been eating it with peanut butter and bread, itz so~ GOOD!! Pete's garden rules!

Saturday, 15 November 2008


1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now
2. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture
3. Post that picture with no editing
4.Post these instruction with your picture
5. Tag 5 people to do this

Ta Daaaaaa~

My looks without editing (in terms of brightness n contrast), and without make up!~ at which i honestly hate d idea of posting this kind of photo up for ppl to see *_* But im playing with the game anyway. Moreover, i just woke up from bed~...............surprisingly, i dont look that horrible today

People~... im tagging you~!!:

- hadee

- Zaimah

- Mahirah

- Yaka

- Malina

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Yes~ i fancy you as well~... *_*

I like~....
My salmon sushi phone strap, not my sony ericsson mobile phone...
I like~...
my colourful flower hair clip~.. it looks so cute no matter what <3
I love~..
My laptop~... i bring it everywhere with me dimana saja berada.... Especially the fact that i could skype~.... :) Skype with Zai yesterday.. she showed me her new baby niece Aisyah XD so cute~..

I love~..
Hanging out at the Hub~.. Sorang ka~ berdangan ka~.. every single day...
I like~..
To be with someone~...

Being with my baka baka Nobita~...
Being with my NC fwenz~....

Being with more of my NC frenz~.. ppl im most comfortable with~..

Not to forget~..
Being with the Bruneians~... :) unlike me, they're so cool~..

These are the things that i like in the moment... Life is still as sweet as strawberry tea~ ;) (So~pu3~..) .. but then again, im not quite sure about how things are..

Im still at lose~ i do feel great about life, but somehow it doesnt feel right yet. A lot have been going on here~ and i donno what to do~... To think that im 21 now, why am i being so indecisive and still so bangang?

For now~ i could see a very long path infront of me~.. unlike before, i really wanna go through that path passing across all kinds of obstacles alone... I wanna explore the world, and learn more about myself...

What will it be~...
Just wait and see~....

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Haloween dis year~ *_*


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