Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Natsu Matsuri 2011

For Natsu Matsuri this year...

I was selling each photo sticker for £1.50 hehehe.
Not much --> £13.50 profit --> but it was good enough, 
atleast I make use of my new pogo printer for something 
^^ All the money from selling the photo stickers will be put into donation.

Natsu matsuri photos 
(1st photo by Peter)
Also brought along my Candy grabber.. and I'm glad I did :) 
Uh oh~ one of the highlights of the day
I finally get to meet Haya
 She was so small the last time I met her in July last year, 
now she has grown so much taller (and prettier)!! XD I was shocked. 
She still have the cute active personality though (pls stay that way!)
 Ahhhh I want to grow taller too 
*making sad jealous face in photo* 
Okay. Im short. 
I should just accept that =,= 
I'm happy to finally get to talk with Asuka and Jun too.  
Thank you for coming to our event!
I love their photo the most ^^
 They're so lively

Okay that's it.
Natsu Matsuri was tiring,
 but as always, 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

From my Instagram

Haven't got much time to blog =,= Its been rough and tiring...
Yet I always have time for my micro-photo-blog, instagram
Twitpic has stopped publishing the photos on my facebook =,=' so I guess I'll be using instagram from now on 
This help me keep track of everything ;) 
So for now, Im just going to use the photos from instagram to update you on the recent stuffs going on in my life. 

For more of my instagram photos, feel free to visit my tumblr here, you can also check it out in webstagram. If you also use the app, then add me up and be my friend ;) @mylittleoctopus hehe

And.. Uh oh! 
I just noticed ShiFaa (link) made a drawing of me in her latest blog post! Omg! 
Thank you so much ^^

Aqilah Aziz (link) on the other hand, created an award!
The follower award XD Hehehe, thank you dear.
Good job, so creative la both of you girls ^^


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