Saturday, 23 October 2010

Playing with slow shutter speed

Before I start, I would like to make special greetings to my two youngest brother and sister.
Their birthdays are 3 weeks apart actually :P so Im doing for both in one go.

All the best, may Allah bless you both. Study hard ahh.
Lots of love. o(^▽^)o☆彡

✲    ✲    ✲    ✲    ✲    ✲    ✲    ✲

Like some other nights, 
I would spent some time with my flatmates in the living room with our laptops. 
Since we all use macbooks, 
I thought that it would be cool to take a picture. 
"Awesome" ╰( ≥ ∀ ≤ )╯
Shall we take another one? Okay
But then, I accidentally switched the camera into a slow shutter speed mode.
and this is the outcome. ╰( ̄Д ̄;)╮
Nano was like ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ"so cool, lets take more photos with that mode" 

and so...
We spent the night taking slow shutter speed shots.
Light source? Iphoneヽ(◉ ∀ ◉)ノ
Atleast we found it somewhat amusing. ヽ(◠ ∀ ◠)ノ

 The end 

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Do you love Cheese?

Answer my question ╰(◉ω◉)╯~♪
Cause you know what
Me and my flatmates love cheese too!

This is what we've been doing the past week.
Eating cheese while watching downloaded movie.
Ahh~ what a life.

Its all started on the day we went to the international market.
And we saw a cheese stall.
Special offer LOL.
So we ended up buying 5 different types of cheese flavours. ╰(◉ω◉)╯~
Chive ℇ onion , Cranberry , Tomato ℇ basil , Parsley ℇ garlic  and Vintage ♥ (my fav) 

Cut it open

..and serve with crackers.
Yum! ヽ()ノ 

Monday, 18 October 2010

The Painting I saw in Macau Tower

I found this post as a 'draft' I forgotten some time ago.
It was supposed to be posted in my blog last July.  

This event took place in Macau
We met up with Francisco (who is a local there) and went to have lunch in 360 cafe on the tallest tower in Macau.  
Great view yea 

On the basement, we saw this amazing painting of all the important people from around the world.
*Zoom in to the right side*  
So sakai~  ♥ ♥ 

 ✿  ✿  ✿  ✿  ✿  ✿  ✿  ✿

Browsing through my Macau photos, its such a shame that I never did post up many of those wonderful photos.... Nyeh it doesn't matter anyway.
Here's a favoarite photo of me walking down the street. 
Yep, I do love that dress :P

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Let it be more 'Pu-3' ♥

My friends used to say that 
a clueless person like me does not suit a macbook
and I truly agreed with that!  
I thought these products were only used by cool sophisticated people lol.
I never thought I would own one. 

Now that I have it, something's not right. 
"Try to make your laptop look lame and uncool, then that'll suit you." 
Wtf....... But its true somehow = =✧ (LOL)

Then, its decided.
I personalized it a lil bit by adding stickers.
Now this laptop is truly absolutely most definitely be Pu3's! 

★What do you think?★
I know the sticker is a bit off the edge, but this is to make them last longer. 
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Looked through old photos and found this. 
This makes me miss my long straight-wavy hair :(
Curly hair is just too hard to handle. And I look so messy all the time!
Dramatic, did I get you annoyed?
 Posted this photoshopped photo instead due to my so-damn-horrible looks nowadays =_= 
And filtering photo happens to be the best solution. (what?)  

Aahh I remember those days when photoshop was a big thing in school and everyone seemed to have 'filtered'  all their photos. 
Yea, I used to do this a lot too before. But not anymore. 

❤ That was fun. 

Monday, 11 October 2010

I Love Pretty Colours

 ❤ Last summer, I bought this cute colourful backpack in Sabah 
 ❤ The colour blends really well with my new etude nail colour polish set 

And so, Im in love with them together 

Look so childish ah! This photo was taken before I changed my hairstyle.
Extra note to my sister: Sorry lai, kaka minjam bajumu ahh hehehe.

    But then..    

After only a week of carrying the bag around Aberdeen..... 
I would usually stitched it back with a sewing machine, but here abroad where got?
Im not good at sewing with hands. Sob!

Friday, 8 October 2010

The Keyboard

The reason why I wanted to buy an electronic keyboard in the first place - is so that I could play my all-time-favoarite 'Inochi no namae' from Spirited Away. 


Its been years since I last practiced and read music sheet.
Getting back there is so~ not easy.
That's that.
The end.
Subject change 
Last Sunday, Peter brought me and my flatmates to the International market.
I simply love the colourful atmosphere there = =
The event was more like a food festival... 
and so we kept on eating (drying up our wallet).

Thank you Peter! It was indeed a fulfilling afternoon
....If only it didn't rain that day :P

Monday, 4 October 2010

DK and the Team Building Course

Did you miss me? 
Sorry folks, I've been sick and busy eversince the day I left Brunei. 
Caught flu and didn't fully recover for my Team Building course. Yea I just came back from there, the place was Kindrogan again.
The same place where I had my Parasitology course last year (link to old post). 
'DK and the Team Building Course' - doesn't sound like an interesting post to read huh. Guess it's gonna be one of those boring 'dear diary' post on the things I do as a Uni student,
so don't say I didn't warn you.
DK (Deekay) is me by the way. That's what my coursemates called me eversince 2nd year (its easier that way). They could never remember 'Pu3' (Puteri) ☹ I mean how can you forget a Poo with the number 3?

✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲

Allocated into group 5 (by which we then called ourselves) the Tap Water team
I let each and everyone of them introduce themselves to you.
This 3-day course is all about teamwork.. it has nothing to do with biology! 
Lol, but why is it held on the final year? Owh yea, Im a 4th year honours student now, homaigawd!  

Moving on

Some of the activities we have done:
Multiperson-walk-the-plank race 
(We called it Ski race lol).
And we score the 1st place for it (5min 28sec - note that for later)

 Drama play
Lol, I only took photos during preparation because I was busy laughing so hard the whole night after that, everyone did amazing on their performance! Every group had to try to make a good commercial on introducing an antidote to a disease infestation. I think we score the 2nd or 3rd place for this (and I have no idea why!).

The hardest task given was building a trebuchet (catapult) in 5 hours.

It's because there weren't any nails given! 
6 planks of wood, 2 long stick (160cm each), strings, saw, driller and NO NAILS
So we have to drill a big hole on the wood plank and used the stick in replace! 
Imagine the amount of effort! 

Okay okay maybe its no big deal for you, but come on,
we're no engineer students.
 So it wasn't that easy.
We made it anyway. Here's our creation! Its pretty tall huh.

Being tall without a good supporting base (not enough wood!), it collapsed everytime we tried to shoot out the tennis ball. We lost in this game.

Our last competition was to design a t-shirt (in 1.5hour) that can relate to our group.
Yep it was another great evening full of excitement and laughter. 
Our team got the highest score for the fashion show too 
Alison fit beautifully with the shirt. ❤

We did everything we could (Do you get any of it?)  
Some other bit I haven't mention:
The spider web - It was one of the successful games we did.
 And to explain why my drawing looks bad -  I only had less than 10min to draw the back of the t-shirt

How the shirt looks on Gregor o_O 
And what happened when I wore it. 
Maigawd, the shirt was actually gigantic! Am I really that tiny??! o_O
Good thing i was wearing my shirt when I tried it out LOL.

Winner announcement in the bar. 

We unexpectedly won the first place! 
Prize gift was a box of wine LOL, not that I can drink, its fine. 
Im just glad I had fun ^^
Wrote messages and gave the shirt to our group tutor, Heather .
Somehow I wish we could spend more days together.

Lots of love.


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