Monday, 26 April 2010

Our Kitchen's Squid Wall

Everyone! Check out our kitchen's wall! 
 Isn't it nice? \(^o^)/ We made it ourselves!  

We even made a 28second step-by-step stop motion video for this little project of ours.

This idea is inspired by Katie Sokoler. Check out her creative blog! :D 

Me and Nano have been very eager to try ever since the beginning of weekend, but Sa forced us to finish our assignments first lol.
 As soon as I finished my essay this evening, I straight away cut out the papers yo!  

Okay, back to the start.
We need papers! Colourful papers!

Then, cut the papers into rectangular shape.

Next, put on masking tape!

Then we can finally start decorating the wall.

We were actually enjoying this ;)
  We took photo on each and every step we made as well

Once done,
 Using Sa's mac, she made the progress into a stop motion video within minutes and uploaded it into her Vimeo account. 
Owh by the way, this is our living room! Yay! ;D 

While they were busy, I used up the papers that were left.

Notice that everything seems to be blurry - the photos were taken without a flash this evening bah~  

I thank you for all the messages you gave me :')
Looks like I need a new laptop tho... :P
ahh~ I'll tell you about it if there's another time.

Lots of love everyone! 

Friday, 23 April 2010

Those Things that Matters~....

I apologize for not replying all the messages :( Im not even in the mood to blog anymore (for now). Things just kept on bothering me nowadays. Those things that relate to my university coursework and the upcoming exam... and personal stuff (which isn't such a big deal actually).

and ~..
I lost my external hard drive! T_T
I feel kinda really lost at the moment, cause I have this great fear of losing my photos the most. Not just photos, but everything else! 

Sa said I must have some sort of disease by which I couldn't let go of things I own, or anything around me.. Which is why i started to question myself whether if it is a good idea to be in a relationship with someone oversea.

So anyway, 
No hard drive - No photos.... as in - those old til recent ones. (Good thing Ireland trip photos are still in my camera's memory stick).  
Gladly enough, some of the oldest ones (2006) are still in my computer (like i said, fear of loss!).. which i why i need to buy another hard drive before anything happen!

Still~ I wish i could still find the one i lost *_* Im sure it shouldn't be anywhere far. 
I couldn't find it just when I moved into a new home baaa.

Owh, here's the picture of my new place! Its in Great Northern Road which is like 30minute walk to my university department.

And this is my new room. (Boreng white wall lol) 
Yea everything is still a mess in this photo.
I'll show you around my flat once I get my mood back okay ;D

Lots of Love Everyone!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

He ate my Polo~

I should say my favoarite candy I hardly miss everyday would be polo.
And wow oh wow..
 i didn't know my guinea pig loves them too! \(*o*)/
Owh Totoro....please live longer

In the mean time, 
I am still packing my stuffs~..
 Im moving out to a  new place this Sunday :) Can't wait!
 I'll post the pictures of my new room one day yah. 

Its been 4 days since my Belfast trip.. and Uni will reopen this Monday! Argh I wish the time stopped when I was in Ireland~.. Its been a long while ever since I enjoyed this much.
I have nearly forgotten the great feelings I had for all my friends. Now I remember why I sacrificed a lot for them. 

 I am seriously in love with everyone...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cycling with the Loch Ness Monster - Inverness Day 2 & 3

Hi everyone ^^ Miss me?

I just came back from Ireland yesterday!! :P Missing my friends there already T_T

I really wanna blog about Belfast but for now I have some unfinished business lol~.. As promised, here's the Inverness post! Please note that some of the photos in this post (with 'Sa's' on bottom right) were taken by Sa with either her Nikon D60 (+ 70-300 Nikkon lens VR) and Canon Ixus 879 IS.

2nd day - our cycling day! 
You have no idea how happy we were to see Mr.Sun high up in the sky! Our destination?

Loch Ness Lake!
Some of you were asking where Inverness is~ well, this place is famous for their lake monster, Nessie, that lives in the deep freshwater Loch Ness near the city of Inverness in Northern Scotland. This is my 4rd time in Inverness I think.

So yea, we were going to cycle around the lake where the monster lives :D Yay

We arranged a meet up with Cameron of Happy Tours to get the bikes we hired.
20pounds for 24hours

1st stop - the Park

The playground

Went on top of the hill and kept on cycling...
My favoarite shot

After 3 hours, we got really hungry (and thirsty! -Nano and I didn't bring water with us, lol).
Fortunately we found a small restaurant in the country side.

Oakwood Traditional Scottish Restaurant

The restaurant is rather UNIQUE!

And we had the best lunch ever.

After a great meal

 ...we continued our journey. 
 But things were different by then...
Lol seriously....
We have to use the road. And it was so scary!

Not to mention... how hard and tiring it is...

 Aside from Sa and Nano who went to gym frequently, I haven't work out for such a long time! 
And thus... I was the person left behind all the time.

But finally at 4pm

Owh, so there was this castle on the opposite side of the lake..

After a lot of cycling, we decided to turn around. Afraid there would be no lights at night la.. lol. 

We came back to Oakwood restaurant again for some sugar. 

Going back to the city~ we relaxed a bit

~ till the sun nearly sets.. (sunsets at 7.30pm)

At the end of the day~.. 

Lol~ the end

Wait wait, 3rd day lagi! 
Hrrrr~ to lazyyy~..

Ok la, 
We went around the City, bought stuffs and lived happily ever after.
 What the hell is Kuku Lala? Its just how pu3 says Ukulele
Owh yes,the most amazing person, ever.

Lots of love everyone!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

LX3 Multi-Exposure

Omg~ I just discovered something really awesome about my LX3 camera!! \(>o<)/

Multi Exposure! Photos below are all directly taken from my camera. 
No photo editing, i swear!

Super awesome right?! XD Aaahh~ can die in sakai-ness now.

Owh by the way, I am currently in Belfast, Ireland! 
Queen's University Belfast

LOL~ Im sure most of you are waiting for my 2nd & 3rd day of Inverness Backpacking trip post. 
I'll do that for my next post, I PROMISE! 

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Inverness Backpacking Trip - Day 1

I never thought it would snow on the day I went for my Inverness trip. 
I went onto the train anyway. 
Off from Aberdeen at 10.14am.
Lol, usulku ahh.

These are the stuffs I brought along with me. I forgot to include my makeup box :P 

Photos taken in the train. 
Nano (left) and Sa (right)
Because of the snow, the train journey delayed for 2 hours. Overall, we spent 4 hours in train. 
To fill the boredom, we started playing around with colours.

Instead of 12.25pm, we arrived Inverness at 2.30pm. 
Thank goodness there was no snow, it only rained a bit. 

We then reached our hostel

 We found about this Inverness Student Hostel in the internet. 13.50pounds for one night.

We stayed in a 6 beds dorm.
It was quite okay except for one thing.
Nyeh, didn't take shower that one whole day.

After putting our stuffs in our room, we went our for dinner here.
This is what we ordered. 

Afterward, we had a short walk around. Nothing much. 
End of day 1


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