Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Myself (1996)

(Diary Introduction 19th July 1996)

Hello my name is dk.Zaya Puteri.
I am nine years old.
I live in taman puri.
My faveorite food is daging and nasi ayam.
I have 5 family.
I in primary 3A class in Sunshine school.
Went 2 years later I in primary 5.
My best cosion is Faridah.
It’s my mother sister of mother Faridah.
I am fell matematiks. I don’t know I fell matematiks.
And I love my family.
Someday I am so boring in agama.
I have a lots of tired.
So I fell a sleep in class agama.
Then my teacher siram me.
So I weak up and my teacher said don’t always sleep.
If u ask me, surprisingly i have started writting a diary since I was in Primary 1~ It has alwayz been my favoarite pastym to reread everything i written years and years~ Yes, im quite proud of myself aha, amazing how different can a person's thoughts changes over the years. Sadly i stopped continuing eversince upper six + attached with Longlong~ too happy to write about it? I donno eh~ Guess i have forgotten for who I really was~ I have dreams~.. finishing my book filled with life~ Now, once again~.. my journey continues~....

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