Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Faridah's visit Day 3 - Castles close to Aberdeen

My time is running out, the more I delay my blog post, the more the pressure of things to talk about! 
I was in Sheffield for a few days with my friends and now I am currently in Leicester with Sabby. We are going to London tonight....
Man~ why do I have to talk about it really?

But 1st. Let me continue my post on my cousin's visit to Aberdeen.
 Is it ok for me to post pictures only? 

Faridah's Visit Day 3

Went to Stonehaven to visit Dunnotor Castle

We had ice-cream with great choices of toppings for only 2pounds.

Some of the photos taken in Stonehaven town

Super sweet, thick and oily - too much for my throat. But it was okay.

After Stonehaven, Peter brought us to see Crathes castle!

Shaggy and my playful cousin rolling down the hill.

Last, Drum castle

A small chapel near the castle

Going back home, dropped by to have a short look around my university king's college

We visited 3 castles in one day! This wouldn't be possible without you Peter! ^^ 
Thank you so much!!

Sunday, 27 June 2010


To my very best friend, I wish I am there in New Zealand to celebrate your birthday!

Zaimah and I were friends since year1 high school (age 10,11?), I can still remember the birthdays we celebrated some of the years together. The big/small parties, the surprises, the friends, the gifts.. no matter what we were always stuck together.
Im glad the sweetest person alive is mine.
We loved to talk our dreams and ambition eversince we were kids. While my ambition changed every year as we grew up, Zaimah's dream remained the same. 
Ambition: Doctor 
We had totally different personalities - Zaimah always worked hard with her studies, and as for me, I was a lazy bum. I know I wouldn't reach this stage if it is not because of her. I tried to keep up just so that we could always be together. 

Now she is in her 4th year as the Medicinal student in NZ. Zai never gives up, she always tried her best to achieve her dreams. Its hard being far apart from each other, it really is. I still daydream how nice it'd be if we study in the same university. 

Ahhh~  missing those days.

I love you Zai! :)

Friday, 25 June 2010

Me and my big mouth

Let me just copy and paste the illustration I made from last year. 
Why is it that.... my mother tongue has somehow become harsher than ever?
Why is it that... its as if I never learn my mistakes?

I am very sorry
T_T I didn't mean it! T_T

That's all for today
;D Missing you already lantut ;D 

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Faridah's visit Day 1 and 2

What we did on the 1st day my cousin arrived...
Having nachos with cheese and salsa dips and nescafe while watching DVDs

Those DVDs were rented from Blockbusters. 
5 DVDs for 5pounds (1 week). 
lol~ our very first movie rent! Note that we didn't watch all 5 in 1 day
Have you watched any of these? 

Except for the gruesome Paradise Lost, all the other movies are beautiful.. Especiallly P.S I love you~
I know its a recommended movie, but I didn't know it's that GOOD! I couldn't stop crying! T_T
It made me realised how sweet my Irish friends really are ;P

Day 2
Went to Aberdeen Codonas Beach
Great place for ice-creams! 

Hanging around the empty amusement park

Faridah and the 'Win Everytime' crane claw machine. 
Grabbed a blue dolphin plush on her 10th attempt. (Si Tau)
Look how happy she is in this picture (^o^)

The fast food in Wimpy wasn't that good. 
But the free toy was interesting ;)

More to come!
Lots of love everyone!

Friday, 18 June 2010

My cousin is in Scotland

When my cousin Faridah and I were kids, we used to talk about how cool it would be if we could travel alone together in the future. Lol, imagine the excitement if we could really see what's happening now. 

After waiting for 3 years, Faridah is finally paying her visit to Aberdeen and she'll be here in Scotland for few more days. 

Today, we're going to Edinburgh and stay there overnight ^^ 
 I'll talk about it later okay. 

Lots of love everyone! 

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The things I did on J-Day

Dearest readers,
tell me honestly.....
Why do you blog?
For fun? For attention? For money?  

I asked this question all the time. I would say its a non profitable activity for me. 
My guess would be self-satisfaction
Maybe this is a replacement for my daily diary habit I had before internet became important parts of my life. 
Who knows.

Moving on
Japan Day in Robert Gordon University few days ago.
I didn't bother to wear yukata so I left mine home. But then, I was asked to wear Yoko san's yukata instead.
A bit sakai though, cause it's a real one (my yukata was just a clip-on). 

Some of the day event photos

This is our (Nippon Connections) booth. 
(With some of the past events posters on the wall)

What you see on our booth

Other things I did (which was not supposed to be on the list) 
Drawing people.. 
I drew a few other people on that day out of boredom. 
It makes me happy just to see how people appreciated it. ^^
Picture above was taken by Peter,
the man that gave a contribution to the whole Aberdeen friends of Japan by being the official photographer of the day. All his pictures are amazing as usual :) but I only took 1 this time.

The thing about me. 
I always bring 'stuffs' (like drawing pens and sketchbook) in case there's nothing much to do. 

But this time...
Guess what other things I brought along with me? 

Nail colours!
Isn't it pweeettty? :)

Monday, 14 June 2010

To my little Lollipop

Saleh's daughter, Fanar, is the sweetest, most obedient 10-year-old girl I have ever met. ^_^ 
One day, she drew a picture of me. 
And I love it so much ^_^ Thank you! 

For the next meet up, I have to make sure I give her something in return. 

Bonus gift.
Kids at her age usually prefer a more cute anime look. After finishing the 1st drawing, I thought it look a bit too realistic for her. So I made another one, with my high school drawing techniques. It looks funny, I know :P Somehow.. my drawing skills have stop many years ago.. 

At the end, Im just happy to know Saleh's family liked it ^^

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Living RazorShell Seafood

Few nights ago~
Jeri treated me out for a hotpot dinner in Shanghai Restaurant (located on Portland Street, Aberdeen).
The restaurant specialises in fresh seafood (recommended!)... Not that I never seen living sea-creatures to be cooked for dinner, but it was the 1st time seeing living Razor clams!

Here's the photo i took with my iphone (T_T I should have brought my camera!) 
I even took a video of it! 

I tried these things before, (my family are big fans of seafood ;)).. but weren't as big! 
The thing is... I never thought it looked so much like a WORM! (and I couldn't stand these creepy wrigglers!)  

The shell popped open once it was put into the boiling soup~ I was shocked by the real ugly alien looks of that creature. I didn't remember eating such a thing! 

I was afraid to try at first. So Jeri took the bite.  
I took my guts to eat the next cooked one afterwards.
I couldn't take my mind off that horrible vision while chewing its 'tail'. 
At the end...

I couldn't finish it. 
(Hardly even a bite)

How bout you guys? Any of you love Razor clams??
 I know its a common seafood but I seriously never thought I would feel this way all the sudden!

Beloved Jerry Chan! Thank you for the treat! (^_^) 
My flatmates Sa and Nano went back home to Brunei 2 days ago T_T And Jeri is on the plane to Hong Kong now..
T_T I'm feeling so lonely T_T
My cousin Faridah is coming to visit me in a few days though!!  ^o^  So looking forward to it!!

Extra Bits

World Cup! *_* Not much of a fan (due to my football-obsessed boyfriend).. lol...
Nevertheless, seems like my holiday's going to be all about it. ^^
Sa bought a whole FIFA World Cup 2010 sticker box (containing 100 packs) and actually recorded a video on the process of sticking them onto the album! Played along with the theme song, Waka Waka :) Love it!

World Cup Fever from Vanessa Pang on Vimeo.

Before I go
Thanks for the Sweet Blog Award ~KawaiiParadise~! ^^
I don't think I can follow the rules though *_* I couldn't decide who to tag!
All of the bloggers I know have the sweetest blogs


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