Sunday, 10 May 2009

What do you think of me?~ *_*

Hi people ^^

This is gonna be 1 special post. Do u know why?
Coz im going to post one of my PAST COMIC DIARIES! \(^O^)/ Yea I brought along my diary file with me to Aberdeen. I hope i'll post more of my illustrated/cartoonized diary in the future.

This 1 is randomly chosen, it was made on the 16th February 2003. And its more like a self-reflection of Pu3 by that time.
Since I have some international readers, i'll translate the comic :) - With poorly written English of coz (It'll be more like a direct translation - even my Malay sucks so much -_-'). And im sure people are like "Omg, from the way she writes her blog, I cant believe she's a University Bio student" - yea, i find myself hardly to believe as well. *_*
'My name is Pu-3 (age 15)
Everyone see me as an average girl who loves to fool around
- Such a stupid ugly girl.' :P

"Hey, do you know Pu-3?"
"Yup, why?"
"What do you think of her?"

"That girl.... she's just an ordinary person~.."
"Yup, aside from her ability to draw, she's nothing special compare to other girls"

"She's not pretty.
She's very short-tempered - gets mad so damn easily.
Plus, she only knows how to play around making a fool of herself.
How can she be considered as a girl?'

"What ghost.... =="


Ok, I didnt like myself that much *_* Cause i was this stupid ugly girl :P ehe (was?).


Anonymous said...

Aww that's sad.. did that actually happen? ;__; You're not stupid and you're not ugly!~ What idiots of them to say that!

Btw you study biology? I kind of want to study it too~ >.<

**~Pu-3~** said...

About me hanging on that tree, that never happened haha. But the boys did call me stupid and ugly back in high school *_* And they didnt say behind my back, they said it ON MY FACE. (i'll post up 1 day d reason y, u'll be shock how reality is ;P)

Surprisingly i managed to ignore all those n stayed tough over the years ;D

Wow, Mimi wanna study Bio? For Uni? I still donno ur true background yet haha. I was surprised ur only turning 19 (coz my friend [another fan of urs] who introduced me ur blog said that ur actually so much older than u look,silly silly guy ^^')

Anonymous said...

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