Friday, 27 November 2009

Shoo! Shoo! Go Away!

Im still not used to my 3rd year university life *_* My courses are getting complicated, and the amount of assignments keep on coming in to the point I just feel like i wanted to explode.

Guess my life have been too relaxing these past 2 years~ i am not coping well with the tight schedule nowadays. All these stress and sleepless nights working on my assignments have shown a terrible effect on my face! Please let it be summer again quick!

In this post, i am going to show the lab and field work I have done recently. ^_^ All the photos here are taken with 'CameraBag' in my iphone. Thank you Nano for introducing this wonderful application to me. Im loving it so much ;)

I just had 5 hours of practical today T_T so tiring~..... Going to have another long day tomorrow.. *sob*sob* And I have 3 more reports to hand in next week..... *sob*sob*

This is what I did today.

This is what i did few days ago.
We were recording the number of people born between 1860 to 1869 in the graveyard. It would have been very easy if it wasn't raining that day. T_TMy sweet-sweet friend, Ilona. ^_^

Rabbit Practical last week.
25minutes bus ride from Uni. It was a place with an amount of sand dunes next to the beach. The wind was so damn cold and crazy... How I miss Brunei...

At 1st I thought that the practical was about spotting rabbits~.. but it was just something to do with indirect counting with their proof of existance :/ (pellets, burrows and scraps). Sigh.

My friends were talking about how impossible it is to catch wild rabbits. BUT I DID! Not that I caught it tho. Anyone remember the cute baby rabbit me and Sa rescued during the 1st year? \(^_^)/ Go to this post if you wanna know more about it. I wonder what happen to that bunny now?



Monday, 23 November 2009

The Day Aberdeen Slept!

I was there!! *_*

It was some kind of weird random event set up by Flashmob \(^_^)/
'..This will entail those taking part to randomly fall to the ground (fall asleep) at the sound of the air horn in the main foyer of UnionSquare (in front of Costa coffee, see pic). This ‘sleep’ will continue until the second air horn sounds (5 minutes later). Then participants will ‘wake up’ and carry on as if nothing happened. Please DO NOT clap or cheer at the end. Be inconspicuous.'
Left photo was taken from Abdn Flashmob Facebook Event Page (photo by Angie Matthew)

It was held yesterday~ :P I happened to join along my friends without knowing what was really going on!

So here's my story:

The Next Day

It was the strangest 5 minutes of my life..

Here's the youtube video. ^_^

Owh owh! XD I found myself with the girls in the video! (2.23-2.24) Sweet!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Go Vote! \(^o^)/

I was not free to blog a birthday greeting on the very exact day ^_^ but atleast i called her~ got to hear my dad too... sigh, i wish i was there.

Happy belated birthday to my mum. Semoga panjang umur mami T_T
I love you very much!

If you ever notice, I have change my blog badge (on the right hand side). So people~.. apa lagi, go get it! ^^
Owh wait.
Actually, I have made 8 badges to choose from altogether. :P Same, but different haha.... Ok, i dont think you see any difference between 5 and 6, except for the flower. XD Ah, i just wanna make it even ba~
At 1st, i wanna combine my real photo with my cartoon-self as a badge. It turned out rather annoying don't you think? Too much colour, lame or is it just plain vain? *_*

But then again~ its a pity to throw it all out without showing to you guys... and as you know it, everyone have their own preference. Thus, i made a poll for the very 1st time! \(^o^)/ I mean it would be really nice if you would let me know which one you like best! The poll is on the right hand side, so go ahead~ give a click for me ^^ Thank you very much. The most votes will be my permanent badge for the whole year.

*Omg, I have change*

Owh~ something else.
I have never announced the fact that... i bought an iphone 3gs 3 weeks ago! Im sorry family :P I always forgot to tell everytime baa~.. Must be a shock because I always said I hated iphones - simply because everyone has it! Now~ ahaha *malu, korek lubang and tapuk*

See - my old mobile broke down, my so-ketinggalan ipod shuffle pun broken and~ my dell laptop - 3 years oredi yo, nda tau berapa lama lagi nyawanya. Internet is everything to me. I guess buying an iphone might be a good option after all.

And yea it was,
I never thought how convinient it can be!
And talk about the amount of games and applications you get to choose from!!!

So here i am, currently addicted to:Virtual villagers is a real time survival game. You have to train the villagers how to fish, make fire, build, research and even mate. 1 hour is equivalent to 1 year, so you have to keep eye on them from time to time. The 1st few days was so crazy for me, karak berabez yo. But now, population and food stable already, so i dont care much about them anymore.
Another game is:
I Love Katamari!
I've always been a fan of Katamari :D Its my favoarite game in PS2 really. So i was really dead excited when I found this game available in iphone!
The iphone version is pretty hard tho.

^_^ Hehe ^_^

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Pu3 and her Cartoon-self

Memories of happiness~ ahhhhhh~.. such a sweet feeling to smile upon. Yea~ im still full of life~ although I get a handful of assignments nowadays, atleast I still get to dream whenever I want. (^_^)

I had a wonderful chat on the phone with both of my best friends this week~ *smile widely*. Crazy, not that Im not happy for having a special someone now :P But eversince long back in Brunei, I have always been in love.

'They say best friends are hard to find, that's because the best are already mine'

Although we are world apart, the bond and the memories are always there. :')

Okay. Lets change the channel:

Like my drawing? \(^_^)/ Its been a long time I havent colour the whole thing using photoshop. Im not that good arr~ That's me by the way, I tried to copy my face on the right. I guess the hair is a bit too thick huh. And uhhh~ yea yea my nose is so much bigger in real life yada yada yada~ :P
Come on la, my nose is not that big
Jerry="No, it is really THAT big"
*POWW* Go dieAbove are the steps of colouring process. To tell the truth, I love the sketch without colour.
Everyone agree with me? ^^

Other that my drawings, of course my picture kana photoshop as well. Ada different right. Atleast :P I didnt change my face la~.. People (who havent seen me for a long time) said my picture in blog now is so much different, and assumed everything is photoshopped~ I have edited the colour and quality, but didnt kacau the face la. My friends who see me now didnt see much different la.

Owh and why I love to change the colour contrast? To blend in my blog la XD You see my blog so bright, colourful and cartoony right hehe.

How I do it?
I show you here what i use in photoshop. ->
So damn easy way to make yourself look better.

You girls should try this out, im sure you will start loving it. :) 'Brightness and contrast' and 'exposure' can kacau the quality. But 'Selective Color' is a good one.
Go try! try!

Why I post about this?
My Amazon package have arrived! Its the 'Style School Illustration and Instruction' book I ordered.
*A peek inside*
Im quite dissapointed, only 1/4 of this book contains tutorial, 75% others are all illustrations (and some of them are not that good really) :( Aiyo

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


~ i guess that was one of the most popular games back when I was a kid~Especially when you could draw the game all over your little sister. :)

So there i was stressed on my research report two nights ago when I saw this one memorable picture of me and my siblings back in 1995.
A sudden joyful bliss attack~ I smiled all night thinking about the fun we had in the past. (^_^)

Its great to have a big family - you will never be lonely~ and you will never get bored. We, brothers and sisters always had each other to play with.

So here's the picture.
Face painting madness~ We always made our own Halloween party (Brunei doesn't celebrate Halloween for your info) and painted ourselves with normal watercolours! (Awu rusak mua eh) Now you know why I love to face paint? :P

Of course, the younger ones were always the victims in the play. But this only happened when we were children really~ hehehe.

Anyway~ don't you think 2-year-old facepainted Malina with tic-tac-toe on her body is like the CUTEST THING you've ever seen?????

Sigh~ if only I could go back in time and picik pipinya kuat-kuat~.. ^_^

Monday, 9 November 2009

Scared of Pu3

Its been a week since Halloween~ i cant believe its still there.. that scariest face you never thought you would ever see in the mirror....

Me, I'm scared of myself.

I've always tried to look cute, but not this time. "Why not try something~.. ..different?.." I never thought that 'something' had given a great impact on everyone :P I have scared my friends away!!

Good? Bad?

It was a night to remember :)

My favoarite Halloween photo!! Amazing not?!
Owh btw, all these first few photos are taken by Sa and Nano. They dressed up soo~ the very cute this year!! XD

More photos~..
At Syaz's place
Owh how I love this photo!
Be scared... Be very scared.....

Nippon Connections Halloween Festival!
Photo taken by Peter

Lightz off watching Gegege no Kitaro
After movie, COSPLAY competition!
Woohoo~ No.2 baby!

*Lots of Love*


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