Sunday, 28 February 2010

Smelly Fishes and Good Food

Feels like its been a while. ;)

Busy as usual except its my turn to make a presentation this week.

Was so confident and all after all the practicing that I didnt even intend to bring my notes along.
But once i was up on stage i turned speechless =_= and i think i mumbled most of the time.

my lecturer gave me a compliment... because im an asian? (Im the one and only in my course btw....wait, Hao's from Beijing!).
I think it would be good thing ;) this way, I might get special lenient treatment from my lecturers.
Lets just hope so.

Got a pretty interesting practical last Thursday.

For the very 1st time in my life, I get to see and touch a real DEEP SEA fish!

Dead, of course (preserved with alcohol).
Was hoping to see a real life one actually :( but im not sure if its possible because of the great pressure they're adapted to. Owh and there was no Lantern fish! You know, the fish that carries a lantern around in the dark to attract its prey.. Im a fan of it.

More deep sea fish... Our task was to note down the specific morphology and deep sea adaptation of each species.
Guy in the middle is Mark, one of my group member that day. :) Such a nice guy..

After finishing the practical report, i've been spending these 2 days reading manga and watching Japanses drama.
Ahh, im fully recharged now! ^_^ Need to start another report tomorrow!

One last thing

Nippon Connections had Setsubun (Bean-throwing) festival yesterday and Peter lent me his camera! Yay.

And this year's devil goes to.. the English Irishman, Daire!
(Last year was Jeri and 2 years ago was Joe&Matt)

This year Yatai didn't host our Sushiroll workshop, everything was organized by the society themselves!
Success! Well done everyone \(^_^)/

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Was in Venice, Now the video :D

Bird attack!
Those crazy pigeons nearly scratched my head off! Okeh fine~... it was a stupid dare i made placing my hand full of bird seeds on my head. Nyeh, it was fun anyway :P

So anyway,
Had a call from Faridah (my tiny lil cousin who's only months younger than me) 3 days ago .
I started missing her afterward and watched the video i made last winter holiday together :)
All the videos took in Venice Italy and Liverpool were compiled into one very short video. You wont see much of the environment around in it, its more about us.

Video is only less than 2 minutes, won't kill to watch! Tell me what you think :D

Its a silly one really. Makes me smile everytime :)

Yes how silly can we get?
Basically me and Faridah were very close ever since we were still wearing diapers.
Wanna see? ;D

This probably was taken 20years ago! My god i feel so old =_=

Okay la, back to the future

Lovely picture yes? Was taken by my friend Riffin ^_^ I've already blogged about the Venice trip before. Please go here if your are interested to see more.

I think Venice is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.
Another is actually the borneo rainforest :)
Come on, experince the beauty of mother nature!

How bout you?
What was the most breathtaking place you've ever been to?

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Purikura in Japan

Aaww~ i miss Purikura! ^^ How come uk don't have ar?
These were taken last summer when Jeri and I was visiting Nao in ikebukuro. 1st pic is my favoarite. Pink panda \(^_^)/ so cute!

Wah me who is so dark with pimples look so white and fair! My eyes look bigger too!
No wonder girls love these machines :P Can trick everyone

Oh-oh, free dressup also! Notice me wearing Japanese school uniform!
So sakai!

Boom boom! Sunglasses!


Eh? Have 1 extra tiny lil creature this time!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Love Bento

Valentines yesterday.
I made a special valentine-theme bento for Jeri this year.
Thought it would be nice since he loves food so much haha.

It been a very long time since I decorated a bento lunch.
So what do you think? ^^

Please note that im only doing this to be fair and for fun. I don't really celebrate

Just so you know.

I was amazed when I found heart-shaped silicon cups being sold in Mark&Spencer! The price was very reasonable :) With this, i can add in a various kinds of food together regardless the combination.
Ah such lovely compartments. ^^Sure it took time and effort, but it was good fun. :)
Best part, Jeri was impressed! Woot!

Yay, this is the best bento i've ever made so far!
Love the heart-shaped jelly beans.
Bought it from Mark&Spences as well.
This is what I get from Jeri :)
A rose! Wah wah, my very 1st rose!
Cystal on top lagi tu XD So sakai!

Love it!

For those who celebrated it, hope you all have enjoyed your special weekend,
and.. a very Happy Chinese New Year! :)

Friday, 12 February 2010

My Little Obsession

Maigawd! Never thought Photoscape would be so amazing!

Few of my friends have used this application for a very long time, they even introduced it me! Back then i was not a Photoshop person, so didn't care la. Now I feel like banging my head on the wall! I have worked so hard in photoshop, but photoscape does everything for you! BBAAHH! MMANAA SAJJAA TAAHHH!

It's funny to see myself so ketinggalan all the time. =_=' Guess i just hate the 'trend'. Just because everyone does it, doesn't mean I have too. I have always tried to be different, uniquely Pu3. Yea, crazy like hell. Argh i hated myself, why did i have to be SO WEIRD?

Put that aside.
Im just so happy that all the stuffs i have ordered online had arrived safely ^^

Books i ordered! ^^ Absolutely inspiring
(Although, I do think the 'How to make a Journal of you Life' is a bit too basic)
Notice or not, they are all journaling products. Surely most of you who knew me for a long time knows i love to keep a cartoon diary. Unfortunately back then, there was nothing much you could get in Brunei. I could only dream....
Now, my dreams are coming true! ^^ With the money of my own, and the variety of art products they sell online, I'VE GONE CRAZY!

I'll talk about my journals some other time.
Now, im going to tell you why the artist pens and water brush makes me very happy. :)

Photo below: I havent bought the sketcher's pocket box that time. So its pretty messy

So this is how my watercolouring looks like without using the Pentel Aquash water brush. Even though I have a set of brush with different sizes, i still find it very hard to control!

Life get so much easier with the waterbrush! All you have to do is to fill in water into the pen and start colouring! Of course you need a separate set of colours la :P The amount of water going down to the bristles can be controlled simply by squeezing the barrel. Pitt artist pens are waterproof, so waterbrush wont destroy your drawing :P (it depends on the paper as well)

Above is coloured with my new watercolour pocket box set, with limited choice of colours, im still impressed! The box is so cute and handy i can bring them everywhere anytime!

My class is about to start in an hour, im off to shower!

By the way, Nippon Connections held another movie last night :) Valentines special!
Even though i watched Cyborg She already, i still cried!
This is poster i made

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I Want White-faced Scops Owl!

I couldn't take my mind off these creatures~ the African White-faced Scops Owl are just so~ COOL!! Not only they are cute, they also have the anti-predator ability to transform! ^^ Ahh~ i wish i can have my very own owl, it would be so interesting yah Peter? :P Imagine..........
Fine, it may look lame. But we had a great laugh after watching the youtube video with everyone. ^^

Yes yes, VIDEO, watch this youtube video!! Get my point, its hilarious!!
Its in Japanese, but it doesnt matter really.

The owl is named Popo
When the Popo encountered a weaker owl species (in this case, a Barn owl), he spread his feathers looking larger to scare the other creature.
But when Popo faced a stronger owl species (Eurasian Eagle-Owl), he shrank and narrowed his eyes trying to hide itself from the Eurasian Eagle-Owl by making sure he looks like a tree branch hahaha.
If you notice, he kept on twisting its body trying to face its back toward the enemy, this is because the feather's on Popo's stomach are non-camouflaging white colour.

The reason for this ability is that White-faced Scops Owls are very good at controlling their feathers. The actual body is quite small but has very thick feathers. Therefore, their size can be changed easily simply by puffing or flattening their feathers.
(A thank you to Monimonika for translating. Source)

I have to make a presentation on animal behaviour next two weeks and I really wanna talk about this creature's defense mechanism. Unfortunately I couldn't find the specific scientific paper for it. :(
Yatah kan, for not being able to present my course mates this, I might as well just blog about it.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Pu3 and Domo-kun!

Do you know?
Domo is
so~ CUTE!! \(^o^)/

Whahaha~ Today im going to show off my Domo-kun collection ^^~ its not much compare to the Totoro (Gibli's) I have though.. ahhh i'll talk about Totoro next time.

For now~

Some were bought in Japan, some were bought though ebay, others were given by Jeri. ^_^

Speaking of my boyfriend, it was his birthday few days ago! Jeri's younger than me, but he is smarter than any guys i know at my age. Such a great loving person to be with. ^^

Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Beginning of Second Semester

Sigh~ .....

Another busy semester have started, so tiring! Im so damn happy to know its finally weekend!

Still have one more post to do on London (Day 5&6). But not in a mood bahhh~ Cannot be forced kan.

So here i am :D posting my latest creation - the colourful headphone babe!
I have just bought a new cute set of watercolour, artist pen and water brush. So sakai! I never thought I could use watercolours without damaging the drawings and papers until I bought the Pentel Aquash water brush! I guess i would have known its existence a long time ago if i was an art student +_+ Aiii~ such wonderful creation.. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!!Notice the colours are not as nice when I scanned the drawing. Booo
Just a random girl i drew with my new artist pen - Couldn't go back, so ignore the nda-tantu-ness.

I bought a new journal as well~ hehe... Brought it along with me to class on the 1st day of uni.

This is how my notes look like.
And of course, it's only for the 1st day ;)

Bah atu saja
..So sleepy.. but it's only 6.40pm!


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