Sunday, 30 August 2009

Wwoofing In Japan~ *_*

Hello people! Pu3 has finally got internet!
Woohoo~ \(^o^)/

Im here just to give a short update of myself. I just came back to Tokyo after spending 2weeks in Hokkaido~.. Hokkaido situated on the North of Japan and it cost me 300pounds to fly there from Tokyo (return), no kidding!

Why did i go to Hokkaido?
Why so long?

Pu3 went WWOOFing for the very 1st time!

What is WWOOFing?
World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (aka Willing Workers on Organic Farms) - Its an organization that allows people to volunteer working organically~.. and in exchange, the host will give you food and a place to stay!

My friend Dodi introduced this to me after she wwoofed last year. Sure i know its gonna be tiring, but why not?
You get to experience a traditional Japanese life and get along with your host's family! You also get to stay in Japan longer without spending any money! (if its not for Hokkaido that is~.. I had no idea the flight ticket can be so expensive!)

Me and Jeri wwoofed in a place called Beberui which situated in Kamifurano.
Yes, its a beautiful place!
And my hosts are very nice people!
Im glad i chose Shinji and Kazumi as my 1st host !

I'll talk more about my wwoofing experience next time yea :D
I need to pack my stuffs, im going back to Hong kong this afternoon ;)
Mata ne!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Pu3 and her potions

1st of all,

I would like to give a birthday greeting to little sister
DK. Zayanorliyana~

Best of luck for your upcoming A level examination! Hopefully u have done your art project ahhh~ Im not sure apa kan balikan ko~ *_* bajuan harajuku yang ko suka mahal ba. We'll see, we'll see~..

Anyhu~... I start collecting cans here in Japan. Apparently you can buy FINAL FANTASY POTIONS for only 100-300yen!! (the cost of normal drinks).

I like this 1 the most (n its only 100yen!)~ its a combination from nearly all the final fantasies~ but Clouds not in it :( I couldnt find my Cloud anywhere~...

I have also bought One Piece

and Kitaro

i could bring them all home safely....

Anyway, im going to Hokkaido tomorrow for 2 weeks, we'll see whether there's internet available or not~ if not, owh well :P
Wait for me!!!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Japan Day-4 : Odaiba - Decks Tokyo Beach


Odaiba is a place in Japan with numerous attractions including museums, shopping and entertainment centres.
A perfect place to go during rainy day~..

If you're thinking why the pic on the left remind you the statue of liberty~..
~.. its because the mini replica can be found in Odaiba. (picture taken at night, at times like this, i really wish i have a good camera)
At the most front seat of Yurikamome train on the way to Odaiba
(total journey 12pounds - B$29)
Lunch here~..
1280yen (8pounds-B$19) for Soba+tempura set
Expensive but it was the best meal... ever! :P
Dippin' Dots ice cream for dessert
Spent the whole day at Decks Tokyo Beach - a 7-storey shopping centre packed with interest!
4th floor - Daiba Icho-me Shotengai (Old Japan)
This place takes you back in time!
The 1st thing i saw~ arcade!
Old stuffs that you get to play!

Looking around, everythings re-created based on the past

Then there are stores filled with stuffs you no longer see anywhere else anymore. (if ur a japanese that is...)
Jeri wanted to be drawn~ *_*
2000yen for 2 person. (only 6.4pounds, B$15 each.. so why not?)
Tada~! Same or not?
Many people were after the LUCKY BOXES (300yen) which contain mysterious prices (if you're lucky enough, u'll get an ipod or an xbox or a wii!!).
We decided to try our luck.
And this is what we got~...
There's 1 store that sells beetles~... these insects are quite popular as pets during summer in Japan.
Mostly cost around 500yen (3.2pounds - B$7.5)... but some are very expensive according to their sizes and strength.
Well thats it
Next, he headed to the 5th floor where you can find the MUSCLE PARK.
These place test your strength and mental capability~..

On the 6th and 7th floor~... you will reach

Daiba Little Hong Kong!
There's a lot of restaurants here!

From 5pm onwards, we spent our whole time at Sega's Joypolis entertainment centre which situated in the same building just opposite to the other stores.
Entry fee is 2,500yen (16pounds,B$38) if from 5pm, whole day is 3500yen.

3 floors high tech amusement park consist of virtual reality games, stimulators and indoor roller coasters. The 3D cinema and virtual reality rides are impressive noting the fact they have wind effect as well.
(I tried Wild Wing in which ur as if riding a real plane because of the wind, but then, i find the Dark Chapel more impressive since I could feel the heat from the 3D fire shot)

The virtual ski is my favoarite :P but we have to que for 2 hours to play this awesome game. The couple with most spins wins the game.
We didnt have enough!!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Japan Day-3 : Shinjuku and Shimokitazawa

Salmon and egg onigiri

In the train Shinjuku

Taking another train...

...To Shimokitazawa!

Love the atmosphere~ Very unique and colourful This place is famous for its bargain and music.....

Wait~ nooooo~ raining again?
Saw something interesting~

Unfortunately, the biscuit sold out already~ so i bought a strawberry and milk pudding instead~

Night~ karaoke in ikebukuro~ :P
Free drinks! Awesomeee~


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