Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I'm sorry to say this, but...

 ...I won't be blogging for long while...
I may also be too busy to visit my favoarite blogs for now too ╭(◉Д◉;)╮

See, this month should be one of the most important time in my life. 
Honours project deadline, review essay deadline, website deadline and oral presentation.
Sorry for not being able to continue the 2nd part of Milan post, I mean I thought I would still be capable enough to blog back then.
I promise to finish it up once I'm done with my work ok.
I'm feeling very uneasy ╭(◉▂◉)╮ nervous and stressed I guess.
Owh well..
Wish me luck.
To all the people out there who will be having their January exam soon, all the best!

Lots of love.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Milan Part 1

My 1st post for 2011!!  ╰( ≥ ∀ ≤ )╯ Happy new year everyone!
As promised, here's my 1st post about my trip to Milan.

I didn't prepare much for Milan cause I somehow left everything to Jeri. Gladly enough, I had atleast downloaded one useful application in my iphone before I go. And that's 'Basic Italian for Dummies'. 

Laugh as much as you can, I seriously don't know anything about Italian!

Although the app wasn't really that good but it had proven useful because some people I encountered in Milan does NOT understand English at all!!

Let me begin our story. 

Due to the snow in uk, our flight was delayed for nearly 4 hours! So when we reached Milan it was already late at night. 

Took a taxi to Hostel Greco Milan where we stayed for 2 nights. It was 10.30pm by the time we finally settled, the only restaurant open that time was a Pizzeria. So Margherita pizza was my first food in Milan!

Next morning,
this is what we had for breakfast.

Afterward our 1st day adventure in Milan began. 
We got lost at 1st and ended up in China town (lol), luckily a chinese woman helped us with our journey. We purchased 24 hour tickets and went on a tram to the City Centre, Doumo.  

Reaching Doumo, the woman warned us about thieves. Even though we were aware of that, our money were still STOLEN
Some African guys TRICKED us by being too nice and tied a stupid friendship bracelet around our wrist (even though i told him NO), then he FORCED us to pay 10euro each! I knew it from the start it was a trick but we couldn't run away that time, we were surrounded by big mean scary African dudes! 
So Jeri paid for me too with a total of 20euro, but then the other guy forced ME to pay out 20euro as well! Like wtf??! 
I didn't pay (and lied that I didn't have any money), but we managed to escape anyway. 

Running away from the thieves, we went inside the Milan Cathedral

The inside was pretty huge and amazing. It is said that this cathedral is the largest gothic cathedral in the world taking five centuries to complete! 

We put our strength together to go back outside. We walked around the glass-domed arcade of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

After some walk, we saw a Christmas market! 

There were various types of things you can see being sold there, especially food. We noticed a stall full of people buying Arancini and we had no idea what it is!!  There were many choice and one of them labelled 'Salmone', like doesn't that mean Salmon filled?! 

So we gave it a try. 
And omg, it was beyond delicious! Inside was a hot rice filled with melting mozzarella cheese. 
After enjoying some bit, to my horror, we found out there were ham toward the bottom of the arancini (and I can't eat ham!). I didn't get a taste of it though, Jeri realised it before I tried it.

I was then in a bad mood because I couldn't get to eat it anymore. So we looked around for more food to eat. 

After some walking distance, we found ourselves in another new shopping area.
Maybe a good restaurant could be found around this place. 
Wondering what kind of lunch did I have that day? 
Wait till my next post!


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