Thursday, 26 February 2009

Becoz i think of you my li'l friend~ *_*

So late? *_* Our photoz in Venice~..

Oppz~ I should have posted this a very long time ago :P Lupaku ba. But since ada orang request~.. nah, makan tia!

We went to Venice last December~ haha, nda ingat lagi, so im posting pictures saja ahh. Most of the wonderful picturez are taken by Ariffin. Thank you so much yo \(^o^)/

Venice - 'The City of Water' ~ simply beautiful and unique

Love all the photos of ME :P

Apart from their amazing scenery~ there's 5 other things I love about Venice~

Masks~ \(@_@)/

Gondola~ \(^_^)/

Amusement Park~ \(^o^)/

Birds~ \(*_*)/

Food!~ \(*o*)/ omg, i miss their pizza.

Owh derz 1 last thing i love~.. apanah :p usul c Ripin when we were leaving Venice. Belabeh bah anak atu.


Sorry, im out of wordz masa ani. :P Takpela~...

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


In loving memory of my grandfather... I will always love you....

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My guinea pig hates me~ *_*

Sigh~ :puteh_25: im not happy about my guinea pig Totoro~.. he's not liking me at all~ so saddd~ :puteh_24:

Its been a week since Totoro came home and lived in my room~ yet he's still afraid of me~ runs away from me everytime~ it really hurts~ i hope he will change one day~

Totoro~ yup, he's cute and furry~ tapi sentiasa takut-takut T_T

His fav place - somewhere unreachable~.... itz annoying~

He ran under Nobita's bed last time~:puteh_3: the bed is so rendah, i thought i might gt stuck there forever~..but nyeh, i didnt. But i twisted my arm a lil, thanx to u my lovable Totoro~..

Awu~ aku kusut berabiz ni~ Please la~ i wanna love you~..

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Brotherz & sisterz~

Picturez of last summer holiday with my family back at home~
How i miss them so~.. T_T

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Away from the pain~ *_*

Thanx to Nano, Nobita and frenz~ im feeling a whole lot better now~.. I just went thro a stressful situation these few days back~.. Big thingz, lil thingz~ doesnt bother me anymore~.. infact i feel good~ :)

Yatah i have the mood to draw again \(^^)/ Here, my drawing of random some1 i found in devianart.

Im so happy that weekend is finally here! (ToT) Itz been a very busy week, classes from morning til 6pm.. tiring yo~.. And then, another onigiri sale! Of coz, i didnt give a full time help this time~

Yet.. i still managed to be in most of Peter's photo (^0^) thanx for the quick upload!

*Capi bah aku ah~ just becoz i didnt bring my name tag...
stupid things i do for fun... :P*

Monday, 16 February 2009

Dat 1 person in his lecture~ *_*

Itz been a very busy week~.. My schedule are getting really tight! Sigh~ i don't like 3 hours practicals *_* they gave me the headache everytime.

Yet, i still think studying about animalz amazing :puteh_6:

Funny enough, last week i was able to join Nobita's economy lecture. rolleyesrolleyesrolleyes Of coz, I had no idea what the lecturer was talking about...

Nothing much to talk about in this post~.. surprisedsurprisedsurprised I just end it up here then? Boreng jua ah~..

Oh let me post this one last thing up~Nano'z Fujibaby'z instant photo~!
~of me
I look horribly annoying *_* but thatz just me anyway
I am who i am :puteh_19: lalala~..


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