Friday, 28 September 2007

Day 2 and 3

Society and sport fayres~!!! Itz so~ overcrowded~! U can see many ppl in costumes here n there~ So many different kinds of societies~! Ehe~ n guess wat, I signed up more than 10 clubs yo~!!! :P Aha, watz wrong with that~? A group of gals dressed up so sexy wearin bunny ears~ wat kind of society is that, I DON WNA NOE~ obviously they grabbed most attention there~i can barely breath~!

Derz Harry potter club n all the memberz are wearing all those weird costumes~ I find it really funny tho, watz with the funky colourful hairdo? I planned to join Nippon society & Zoology society banar banar plg haha. Oh oh~ they’re even man in skirtz (kiltz)~!! I planned to go back and take pictures for Sabby ahaha~ p they’re all gone~!! Only some Scottish woman playing the pipes~ SORRY SABBY~ Ahaha~

Takpe takpe,

how bout banana guy for a change?

Oh or a superman holding a banana? Especially for u Sabreenana~ aha.

But hey, I especially love the penguin guy tho~ I think he’s cute :P ahah, in a penguiney way~ but nothing beatz my bluebunny for sure hehe.

Sport fayres, I remember back in brunei I was planning to take the diving course p nda jua sampai sampainya haha~ so i've been thinkin whether scuba diving is available here~haha, yea right~.. :P ~ OMIGOSH~!! There’s really a scuba diving – sub-aqua society here in Aberdeen? Diz COLD COLD~ ICY COLD Aberdeen????? I went asking where the diving would be held “AROUND SCOTLAND’” ARE U SERIOUS????!! Ahaha~ I signed up tho, maybe it’ll be fun to see them dive into the dead cold water~ NO~ I WONT RISK MY LIFE FOR THIS~ hahaha~ hurh~..

Fresher's Week~!! Day 1

Awkay~ fresher’s week~!!! Siok kli ah~ So many things to do what~?! Sayang eh I missed banyak event ~ the greatest thing about last week~ new frenz~!!! Guess wat? I actually found some of the Bruneianz~!!! Unless of course non of them are undergraduate like me - sad~ I still have to go around Uni alone~ ahahah~ Na la. Sigh, also having problems bout not getting any internet~

Imagine~ fresher’s week! A whole week full scheduled of fun and entertainment!! Free movies at the cinema VUE every night for a week!! Umm~ free food hell everywhere~ Amusement park free entry for freshers, all the fresher’s fayres~!! There’s lots of other activities I am unable to join~ mostly~ BEERS &PARTIES~ :p:p:p Im not liking the fact to be in a catered hall with all other orang putih~ They go party all the way~!! Just yesterday~ some group of guys knocked on my door for 2 days inviting for a party in the basement~ Ahah, i just came back from the lochness trip that day, so tired wat~ to think dat I might have gone to the party if I wasn’t that tired enough ya noe.
Oh yah~ oh yah~ im living in a mixed flat with sharing shower and toilet~ Sick man!! I would rather stay in my room all day room~ There’s a sink in my room which makes things more convenient than I thought~ so unless I wna use the toilet, there’s no way im gonna go out of my room~!haha~ kachian jua eh~ bah bah, most of my frenz are in self catered flat~ which meanz~ I will never go into my room unless itz time to go to sleep haha~ sigh,

Bah back from the start of fresher’s week~17th Sept~ I met a happy go lucky pwen named Bruna from Brazil~! Still my only fren in Adam Smith house til now aha~ Went 2 the Uni together~ went on a tour around Uni – king’s college~ n derz where I met another BRUNEIAN and MALAYSIAN~!!! Aha~ yah itz one of the greatest thing last week – getting to noe Yachee (she’s a CHINESE BRUNEIAN btw~ wat the heck, IMAGINE HOW HAPPY & EXCITED I WAS WEN I FOUND OUT WE BOTH CAME FROM THE SAME COUNTRY) ~ and Ros, she’s a malaysian~ muslim – I went & talk to her wen I saw her pink tudung aha~ Anyhow, thatz how our friendship startz~ n we get along REALLY WELL now~ which is a good thing :D eventho they’re postgraduates and they live far in self catered keith house, atleast I have somewhere to be with, to hang out with now~ n it feels so~comfortable to be with them~ Oh n both of them are in the same flat with Yoko from Japan and Lihwa from China~
The 1st day of fresher’s week is REALLY COLD AND WINDY~ we went thro Seaton Park from Uni to Hillhead~ the place is so colourful and beautiful~ there’s some eventz set up around the king’s college~ ahah, bananas are everywhere~!!! But so many things to do so li’l time~

Friday, 14 September 2007

2 d City On my own~...

12 September 2007
Im getting stronger day by day, cant wait fresher’s week to come~!! Mmm~ 1 more week I guess~ Im starting to wonder why did I come to Aberdeen so early? So many work cant be done until next week~!! I cant open my bank account coz im not fully registered as a student yet~ Cant register to a doctor yet, cant get involve in any activity yet~ so alone coz I haven’t met any Asianz yet~ donno why I cant get along really well with my org putih frenz, eventho they’re friendly and nice to talk to, itz just so different~! ~ SIGH~!!

Ku naik turun bas around Aberdeen yesterday~ walk around the city~.. alone. Some junkie came to me and ask for money~ man that was creepy~..i walked away from him as fast as I can~ saving self, no one to turn to, and only depend on myself~.. Haha, it gives me this special feelings which make me wanna be brave and stronger.

Aha~ actually d reason y I went around is to find the HSBC&Lloyds bankz, also in search for the Aberdeen medical cntre to register to a doctor. Fortunately, my friend Mary from Kazakhstan kebetulan kan ke city jua having an appointment with a dr~ so, I decided to go with her~ sides itz my 1st time riding on bus. 98p to Uni, 1.2pounds for goin to the city, and 2.70pounds for whole day any bus trip ticket~ to think of the places I was planning to go~ I guess it’ll be better to buy the 2.70 adults 1st day. And I was totally grateful with it~ riding a double decker bus~ man, imagine my sakainess~!! We hopped out once we arrive in Li’l John’s Street~ the weather’s getting colder~ good thing I bought my red jacket~ Mary asked me to make sure I wear them~ She’s a really considerate person, she showed me around uni, also told me to check my stuffz and make sure itz safe, lock the door and always ask me if I need any more help.

My other flat mates are pretty nice too~ Lucy from Birmingham & Caramel from Ireland~ both are postgraduates~

Nywy, Mary helped me so much that I don’t want to mnyusahkan ia this time~ told her I’ll be taking on another road and let her do her thing, then she said, “Be careful okay, don’t get lost, make sure to ask anyone if ur lost?!”~ “okay~ thankz ya~!” – I giggled, den d org putih guyz beside me started to imitate my gigglez~ I tried to ignore, but then they giggled louder~ all I could do is walked by faster, head straight, no turning back~ d feeling is just different in diz different world~ I mean I don’t care if I was imitated by some strangers in Brunei~ but here, man, I thought it was scary~!

Walking from Union street to Queens road~ takes about half an hour~ I could take the bus, but dat time I wasn’t brave enough to do that, I would rather walk. Making a long walk, looking around, asking people, crossing roads~ I started to feel comfortable~ the people here are very nice~! They’re willing to help~ have a chat~ they even gave me a way when I was about to cross the street. Itz funny to noe Aberdeen’s accent is not as Scottish as I thought, better than british I think :P

I was spending all day long around Aberdeen~ & getting familiar with the places. I get used to the fact that im d only malay around anywhere for then~ most of the time smuanya org putih saja~ yah sometimes the teens get all bangang watching me goin there and here alone with a smiley face~ truth is I was feeling cheery all the way, Aberdeen’s a great place~!

There’s time when I get sad and homesick~ & thatz every time I reached on bed in my room~ ..p~ Rasanya sangat bersyukur~ especially for having the most wonderful parentz~ who were willing to sent me here to study~ I’LL DO MY BEST~!! I get really emotional if I talked about my love for my family and friends~ so let me skip that part dlu ah~ :P nnti th.

Back to my journey~ after all that~ I just remembered yg aku blm breakfast&lunch~ I went into a bakery shop~ and bought a daily crème trifle for 1pound~ malas kn mnunggu bas, I walked all the way up to hill head halls sambil makan~ it was scrumptious! Ppl were starring at me, I ignored myself from getting paranoid tho~ whatz wrong with a malay gal eating a creamy raspberry pie?

Man, I was really glad to arrive in my room by the late afternoon~ Well, atleast I didn’t waste my day~ Yup, thatz it for todayz journey~

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

New Journey~ New World~..

So~ mmm… Where do I start? Itz been 3 days ever since I first arrive in Aberdeen~ D place is great~!!! So beautiful~!! :D:D:D:D And most of the people here are very nice and friendly. Awkay awkay~ back from the day of my departure~.

6th September
The day has finally come~! Travelling for an oversea study alone far far away in the North of Scotland. “Why so far away??” Haha~ we’ll see. I donno what am I gonna face, who am I gonna meet, where am I going~ but im cant wait~!! At 1st naik the plane alone~sitting in between org putihs lagi~my gosh! Galak rasanya wa~.. Sebelah ku ani lagi couple~mushy mushy muah muah~ urgh!! Made me feel even worst. I cant stop my self from letting out a soft cry~ feeling so lonely and helpless~.. so LOST! While everyone around me read their newspaper and magazinez~ i kept on starring at the photos of my family and frenz, scanning every detailz~ "I HAVE TO BE STRONG~!!"

From the departure at 7.30pm, i arrived at Dubai at 3.30am~ (wuz 11.30pm there)~ transit~ nasib baik Naem ada~ So aku ikut ia la~ with his gang~ (they're under RBA fyi).. Den go back to the plane~ DATZ WEN THE FUN START :D:D~ My uncle was incharge of flying the plane from Dubai to London diz time~! Yah, it was all planned out~ so that he could help me in Aberdeen for 1 day. It was so COOL wat?!! Aku duduk di tempat pilot bleh liat uncle taking off the plane~ hehe~ lucky me.

getting sleepy, i was allowed to sleep in the bussiness class~yay!!Sakai ani wa~ahaha~ N der i coincedencely met my senior MS frenz zimah~WAA!I had the greatest time then~ Watching Surf up and Some comedic movie~ having fun talking with zimah, makan makan~.. Den arrive at London~around 6.30am :( say goodbye to Zimah sigh. Ikut Naem lagi~ glad berabis eh drang ada~ my uncle aher kluar dat time~

After all that, ABERDEEN~!!! Me and my uncle - domestic flight at 1.30pm~ and arrive there after an hour~ Fuh~ FINALLY~!!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Bai-bai Bedagong~ -:'(

Argh~ our family pet ikan Bedagong mati this morning :'( Gosh it hurtz a lot to see em floatin' dead~ Aunty Juny lagi sakit ati~ she was sobbing. Manja kali ah~! Suka main main guli~ suka kacau king sucker~ Our biggest fish~... 'the end'

This is the thing about having petz~ loving them~ and losing them. Sigh~ I still miss Quty a lot~ my pet rabbit~ from 1996 to 2002~ Haha~ my bestfrenz msa kanak-kanak lo~ bwa mandi, bwa makan,bawa main, bawa bercrita, bawa tidur~ I was also there the moment Quty sakit, i knew i wz goin to lose em~ so i tried to be strong~ promised em i wouldnt cry by then. Yah, im being to much am i, what can i do~? I loved em so much~!

My mum nda suruh bwa balik binatang lain lagi~ P masih jua ku buat, nda merati dilarang yo. Tikus, kucing, rabbit, hamster~ yah, thatz it. Last year, i found a new friend hamster...... siapa namanya ah??? Oh ya, Coco hehe~ smpai bawa k pteb jua~cute brabez ani wa~ One day ku bwa mandi, den ku jamur diluar~ terlupa tia kn kdia~ 15 minute kali berpanas~ KASHIAN~!!!! Sori sori sori~ Den damam ia seharian~ den~..the end. :'( :'( :'( Sori Coco~ cuai wa aku ani~......

Now~.. tinggal sekor gnya lgi dirumah~
C lating bugul - Manja~.. And this burung is not manja at all~!! Kan mengigit saja kerajanya~ *_*
Well~ tapi sayang jua la~ Manja ani BISING~ nda pernah sunyi rumah olehnya~

OH wait, ada sekor lagi ikan - king sucker~ p ia ani boreng wa~ apa saja dbuatnya nda ku tau eh~ mlakat arah dinding sucking all those dirty stuffz~.. i don wanna noe~! Yang siok saja is when Badagong membubut ia~ and king sucker trying so hard to get away from it~Cute wa~!

Aduh~ I've been talking bout petz dri tdi~ Haha~ bida jua ah :P

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Especially 4 you~

Sigh, miss Zai all of the sudden~ oh, made diz video for her last birthday~ yah i noe, the video z quite fast~ i did it on purpose pulang~ Mmm~ why did i? Gagas kot?

My 2nd video i think~ ku tmbahkan subtubtitle g tu~ saja mo cuba~ teruk terpulang haha :P Adui~............... I still love my 1st video 'Life with Friendz' , wlaupun not that good p nyaman jua ati evrytime mliat~ haha~..

'Especially 4 you'~ im not done with it actually~ but well~.. terkana malas kan haha~ Im planning to make another video~ im hoping this time i include ALL the videoz i have~ fuh, wish me luck~ P~.. wait, we'll see 1st la T_T im going to start my new life in Aberdeen next week~alone..~! Ingau jua ati ey~..


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