Sunday, 13 July 2008

Letterz from the past~ *_*

*Due to my slow internet connection, i had a hard time trying to upload picz~ :P i apologize lama nda update*
Last 2 weeks - spent d whole day rah Zai's with illa since she was going back to NZ~ i posted this msareto udah, now itz pictures time. Sekali rajin, rajin~ sekali malas, malas. Sayang bah i edited d picz last time, itz never to late.
I wonder bah~ y do i have to post pictures kan? Why do other ppl to do so? To show and let everyone know what r d thingz u have done? But~ mo orang kan tau kan? I mean me bah, why did i blog at the beginning? Hmmmmmmm~.... okeh okeh~ leave it, lain pulang aku ah aiyaya. Back to where i supposed to talk about~
Letterz from the past.
Finally the day have come. Itz all started in 2002, abez pmb, ikut-ikutan dari comic 'Chibimaruko', me and Zai made letterz for each other and ourselves to be read in the future. And when we said future, we meant around our 20's~ who knew that we would seperate countries apart?
Now, 2008 is here, Im so happy Zai managed to go home! D letterz were made every year since 2002, so there's lotz to read! From me myself, from Zai, Illa, Hayat and Mahirah! - Forgot 2 tell the other girls had joined in some of the yearz back then. Ytah we were hoping to opened the letterz with everyone but hayat n mahirah nda dapat. But since diz may be d only time Zai ada, terpaksala...
Nyway~Let the letters opening ceremony beginz!
~Starting from the oldest one 2002, in a soda bottle ehe (we planned to buried it in smb msareto :P nasib baik nda jadi) Berdegup jantung ani wa~ *_*
Reading the letters out loud, cali la~ our 1st letters were quite short and colourful~ we were in form3, still boycrazy talking about each and every guy we admire, oh man~ this is what we get from the past??? Im not going to read mine :P sabut sabut pun bangang saja orang aha. Nyway, this is from Zai 2002 to Pu3 2008~
"Pu3~ i love u! Apa khabar mu? Rinduku eh~ kau ani bestfrenku dari form1. Jangan lupakan aku. Cubako~ ku tumbuk ko! Ku gigit ko! Apa kau buat masa ani? Sapa boymu? (1) Zuhri? (Iya...bisai...-_-') (2) Zell? (Padan padan :D smoga bahagia) (3) Jack? (Oh my god...@_@) (4) Petrick? (I'll kill you *_* i'll die)
Thanx 4 being my bestfren!"
Oh wow~ dat was surprisingly funny~ Ramai jua calon boyfren ku =_=' yah, listed were all my admires back then. Semua lagi kana bari nickname tu, rinduku eh =o= I've been without a single special boyfren for 19 years but i have damn a hell lots of guys i got crush on over d yearz whahahaha~ wait, is that something ntuk dimalukan kah or something to be proud of? :P:P:P - aku bangga ehhhh donno y.
Uh oh~ and - Zai sounded so ganassssss~!!
Then~ we opened all the other letters one by one~ baca sama2~ ketawa sama2~ malu sama2~ banyak question yang buat lain rasa ati... like.. "Ndakan nda berbf masa ani kan?!' or~.. "Kawin tah sudah??" from Illa ehehehe~..

Back then~... we didnt know what we will be at the age of 20~.. i didnt think of getting into University that time, I didnt think that the way i would be will still gonna be d same.
After reading all the letters, sunyi rasanya~
Ceremony ended~
After we went to pasar malam for midnight snack~ we went straight to bed. Illa's 1st sleepover ehe~ XD
Next morning was refreshing~ since itz d last day with Zai, we took so many picz with Zai's camera. Ya la~ bukannya selalu kan?Sampat ke CA Muhammad for breakfast~..

Oh and dat petang~ sampat Hadee datang jua! And he just came back from Aussie a day before.

Uh, not much to say~ just showing off some of the pics ;) lawa ba d quality and colours. and itz Zai's camera anyway. oh oh, and so many pictures of me mE ME! Aha, im not that vain actually, klu mua lawa buleh la :P musim nda berjerawat ka XD den barutah berabez...wait, nda jua la...

Me~... being with my closest friends~ im so glad that we didnt change much eventhough we're oceanz apart. i hope this friendship remains forever~..

Altho we'll never know what'll happen next~...

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Frenz who were there for each other~ *_*

Bought new specz yesterday in Miri~ itz my 1st time with thick frames. L3.5, R2.5. I actually kinda like it :)
Hahaha~ over all these yearz, ani barutah berani post myself with glasses. I started wearing one since primary 6 actually. Then contact lenses since form2. Not many ppl know i wear glasses, bida bahhhh, macam orang tua~.. seriously T_T
Nyway, just had a date with Longlong (still consider a date kah? Aha ;D) this morning wit specz (1st time ever!) - just for a change. See, i look different kan? Longlong likes it somehow hurh, a new me? Oh come'n~
Both of us havent got our good appetite eversince we came back home~.. well, i hope u ppl understand~.. Got skinnier than before~..So i thought abt having lunch together, and have a nice chat.
But then~.. the food didnt look appetizing at all~.. ->

We talked about the things we've been thro~ to think it over, it was beautiful somehow. We are glad we met each other, learned, taught one another and going through so many things together. But the time have come to realise that we have to move on. No regrets.

Coz we are still the same :)

A quick snap~ Longlong's genuine smile haha :PLonglong never like to be in pictures haha, you could actually see from his fake smiles :P aku yg suka ambil gambar ani, asal keluarkan camera, marung tu muanya aha. If only he gets a li'l vain. Oh well~

We are who we are~..


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