Saturday, 31 July 2010

Berries and Coffee

no China post today.
No mood for that.

I donno... when there's too much to talk about, I feel like I rather just leave it untold in the end. Well hopefully that wont happen.

I miss photoshopping,
<- brightly coloured and fake (no spots). lol.

Not that I have betrayed photoshop and ran away with photoscape,
its just that~ my laptop cannot handle it much anymore.. :(

This one photo took me like a very long time due to some stupid crashes.
Gawd, it even took 15minutes just to open it!

Ah, just forget it. 
Im happy now anyway.
Do you know why I'm happy?

Cause Peter found me an amazing 2nd hand keyboard just for 35pounds! XD

Its been very long since I last actually practised a keyboard!

For those who knew me since high school (SM Berakas), Im sure they somewhat remember how obsessed I was with piano lol. 
I remember I used to play the school piano in the conference room every morning. 
Nda tau malu..... =_=' I know. Couldn't help it............. 
Many piano/keyboard events - I wish I could erase that part of my past.

Okay.. Lets put my embarrassing past behind :P
and talk about what we did yesterday

Peter invited me and others to pick berries (for jams) in his garden!

I have no idea Peter has various types of berries in his backyard!
So sakai!
After only few minutes...
See how much they've picked!
 I wasn't helping much hehehe (busy taking photos boooo)

To end this post.
I have to tell you this
..with Pete's manual coffee grinder!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My Holidays in China

Wow how long has it been? 2 weeks? I've been spending my days in China and I must admit its been really tiring...
And nyeh, of course, 
fun and life-changingEnough said.

Everything wouldn't be possible without Jeri and his family's generousity. Jeri had done so much, he tried his very best to take care of me during the trip. 
Here I am to say that I am truly grateful! (I may not look like it, but I really do!)
Anyhow, before I make individual post about my trip,let me summarize everything first. 

Went to Macau - Asia's very own Las Vegas. 
A place filled with casinos, and exciting nightlife with bright colourful signs.

Just so you know, I didn't go there to gamble! It was interesting enough to watch people, plus some of the famous casinos were full of wonders. 
Like the Venetians!
 A place that looks like Venice - Only that it doesn't smell fishy, and it's INDOOR!! 

Macau has a lot of other places to see since it has a rich historic and cultural heritage. (Used to be under Portuguese)
For example, the ruins of St.Paul's Cathedral (built in 1602).

After Macau. Stanley (Southeastern part of HK island) 
Me and my friends had afternoon High Tea there in the Murray House.

Stanley beach in search of bikini babes. 

We even went cruising for 1 night!
Although the place is full of grannies, its actually really nice!
Err..everything there was pretty expensive though! =_=
It was just too bad I didn't try swimming on the big ship.

Next. Our trip to Mainland China!
Visited Leifeng Pagoda.
On the top floor - beautiful scenery of the West Lake - the landmark of Hangzhou

Then we watched a beautiful live performance. 
Next day. 
We finally stepped onto Shanghai
A very crowded city!

the reason why we went to Shanghai in the 1st place. 
World Expo! 
And of course, I went to my country's, the Brunei pavilion
Quite small but nice.
Damn lucky we were. Got the chance to see the Bruneians performing our beautiful traditional danceThe chinese audience gone crazy! 
After they acknowledged our same origin, the staff let me take pictures with the dancers. 
My gawd, Thank you very much! ^^ I felt very honoured!
Sorry to cause the chaos though (Some chinese woman got really angry for letting only me and jeri's family in taking pictures with them)

And then....
That's it! 
Thats the whole story. 
If I do have the mood later, I would definitely post about some of the trips in detail yea. 

Til then. 

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Another Haircut

I got my time!
I got my time! 

Ladies and gentlemen
Let me present you this.

What do you think?
Nah, its not a permanent perm :P 
Jeri said my hair looked messy, so he brought me to a saloon just to clean it up. 
Cut my hair a bit shorter. The curls are just some extra bits that stayed only for a day.
Pretty nice right? 
I have curlers at home, but too lazy to use it -_-

I stayed in HK before going for the Shanghai trip. 
The weather is sizzling hot, but Im enjoying it anyway.

Got to meet my love and friends again. :)

Another purikura with Jerry and Kelly! 

Guess that's all for now!
Lots of love everyone!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sheffield ^_^

 Okay.. let me make my notes simple. 
Im going to Macau in a few hours and so i need to sleep super soon (luckily the photos were already edited :p)

A week ago - Spent a few days with Hisyam (host), Sabby, Kondy and others in Sheffield. :D Finally... 
Amazingly nice and warm.

Day 1 and 2
Went swimming and met the world diver champion Tom Daley. Did a few fun activities with more people on the 2nd night.

 The best thing about having a friend with magic hands. ;)  
Dance with me Sabby!
Day 3
My friends were freaked out by my sleep-talking habit at night.

Went out shopping and hanging around

Day 4
Went to Peak District
Photos above and below are taken by Izzul :)
Saya suka berabez. Thank you ahh

Here's photos by me :P

Day 5
Hisyam is officially an engineer!
Im very happy to see all my friends graduating :') 
So jealous also, I have 1 more year to go :( (extra year for scotland students)
Kamu semua, I am very glad aku sampat hangout with you all in uk XD sampai jua hajatku
I had a great time. 
Lots of love ah!

Dearest readers, 
I think this blog might be taking a holiday hiatus :P 
Yet there's a possibility that I might post something if I have the time.

Summer Holiday Bebeh~!


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