Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Baby rabbit attacked by crowz~ *_*

Sa and I had an appointment with our Sport Science lecturer at the Medical School Building in Foresterhill - which is about 45 min walk from hillhead. Well, we got lost. Atleast we safely arrived there after nearly 2 hours haha. Itz far better than my 1st time experience walking to Uni from hillhead - 3 hours (at which it actually take only 15min!! How bad can my sense of direction be??!)
After meeting with our lecturer, we went belajar in the Library til 6.45pm~ Couldnt wait to go home and rest, we heard a loud squeaking noise. A little animal was attacked by 2 crows in the middle of the parking lot!!! Once the crows nampak kmi, immediately 1 of d them snatched the poor animal and tried to escape with it, but terlapas tia, it dropped onto the ground instead. "OMG, is that a bunny??!!!" We ran to it and halau the crowz away.
My 1st thought was "Its going to die~" everytime the baby bunny tried to run away, it fell down. "Itz badly injured" The poor thing. I picked it up and brought it home. That time i thought it would die in my arm anytime, we just didnt want to leave it on the parking area. But in the end, we found out his injury was not that serious, just a bruise on the back of itz body.

We took care for it for a while. Sa wanted to call it Chester, but i wanna call it Sayang haha~ "Can we just call him 'Chester Sayang'?" "What?? NOOO!!" But anyway, there's no big deal, since we gonna let the baby rabbit go at the end of the day.
Baby bunny atu mo minum air dari tangan saja~ Such a cutie, he didnt wanna eat nor drink at 1st. But then he did, does that mean he started to trust us hehe?
It was a bit hard to for me to let it go~ wondering whether he will get along with other rabbits and survive well. Such a short wonderful time, it reminded me so much of the 1st time i brought home my dearest rabbit *Qutie* i had long ago.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Natsu Matsuri (Japanese Summer Festival) *_*

The biggest event of the year finally came~ Nippon Connections have been planning this since last semester. We tried to make the festival as japanese as possible, p~... Um, i wonder why is it hard to make it real if itz not in Japan? But it was still a success tho, with all the japanese stuffz all around, i think itz good~ since itz just us who made this happen!

Saturday, University of Aberdeen Chaplaincy~ I came in early for all the preparations before it actually starts at 11am~ sticking posters, making water yoyos and stuffz. Me and Nao were incharge of the game stall outide.

Syaz and Janice were in charge of the bussiest stall of all~ the SUSHI STALL~ 1 coupon (50p) for 1, quite cheap right? (Itz usually 2-3pounds for 1 set of sushi here in aberdeen).
Great stall especially made by Syaz and Dubby, how cool is that?
Mmmm~ sushi~! I should have bought some earlier sigh, it was all gone by the time i wanna buy some that afternoon~
My restless attitude didnt keep me still in 1 place i was suppose to be incharge of hehe~ I LOVE THE MISO SOUP, n itz only 1 coupon!
Customerz~ the room is too full i couldnt get to take d pictures ^_^
Anyway, outside, Barteck and Janush were taking a big responsibility - the entrance. Only 1 pounds for entrance yo~
Our president - Dodi chan were so busy running around here and there that day~ She suits the meow mask no? Kawaii~ :D Ehe, a sneeky smile, sneeky as a cat.
Opposite the sushi room, FREE KARAOKE~...
~..and DANCE GAME~!

Ok den, upstairs please~ Sumei was selling choco bananas and apple toffee! Damn, i love those choco bananas~ not bad for self made goodies!

Joe (gimme those choco bananas!) was taking care of the other game stall, throw the doughnut. Errr, this pic, come think of it, after this shot was taken, he put d banana back kah?
Oh forget it, one more stall upstairs - the MASK STALL~ Yoko was incharge.
Like what Dubby said, that baby looks as if she was about to punch me! Daddyz with pikachu mask, lucky him (ppl were requesting for that mask) Why pikachu? Nda famous lgi waa, haha, man i rmmber being obsessed with pikachu when i was a kid. Well, thats not just it, there's calligraphy, origami, games and books corner as well on the 1st floor~Raiyen~ (1 of the photographers) anak atu ehhh~ abez pajalnya aku minta my choco banana at the end of d day (i got d last 1 hehe)~ from diz pic, kedapatan jua tu he tried it already!

Other pics on the 1st floor~ Me and Dodi peeking outside~ Man, do i look that BIG? that baju banar ehhh~that skirt also maybe~ that~..that~.. SHOE!! So HODOH~! Hahaha~

Playing around, Sa~... she really cant resist balls! I wonder~....
Let talk about COSPLAY!!
Yup, there was even a cosplay competition~!! Sayangnya because there was too many things to focus on in the festival~ ppl didnt noe about this competition~ But still~ there's prices! So at d end, member of Nippon Connections sendiri joined.
COSPLY WINNER (children)~
And guess who won the COSPLAY (adult) COMPETITION??
ahhh~ so happy i got the price at which it was the reason for me to join haha~. Totoro's NEKO BUS Plush toy!! Im loving it!!
"Why?????"~ itz just a simple clothing no?! I didnt intend to join the competition until the last 5 min before the competition started!! Since i knew there's only a few contestant, i thought i might get a chance to win. Unbelievably i won!
But then again~ i felt guilty, the reason why i won is because i ran around d chaplaincy asking for votes from everyone~!! My fren told me its all because of hard work~fuh, nope, i was hyper that time~ Dodi gave me the cup and said "Pu3, go get your votes!!!", i felt as if she clicked my 'on' button *sounds weird but yah, think wateva u want*
On d price award, Dodi asked me, "What exactly are you?"~
*Malaikat melintas*~

See, even i donno what i actually am~ a cat perhaps?
2nd price winner~!! I don remmber his name huhu~ he's not exactly a member of nippon connections, he came to japanese classes a few times. But yah, HE FUNNY~!!
3rd price! Janice~ gesha? hehe, don care, she's pretty in yukata.

At d end of the day, me and Nao's stall - the GAME STALL~ was the busiest. Glad it was a sunny day~ *the weather forecast said it would rain that day fuh, itz funny d fact itz almost never wrong*
One of d Japanese traditional games for kids~ Fish And Superball. We were hoping to use the real goldfish :( but Scotland ani strict with animals wa~ breng. I like d fact my place is against animal cruelty, but i guess this is too much for me~ *yah, i may be wrong in a way, but why japan can, why aberdeen cannot?*

the other traditional games - water yoyo~ all u have to do is to fish the ball~ itz quite an easy game (even for d kids), donno y they made this as a game~

Having our own fun~..
Arrived home with a hell lots of gifts from Japan~!! Such a memorable day of fun~ Come to think of it, i've been involve with many sorts of japanese events eversince i got to uk haha, cali.

p.s. - a very much thank you to Peter and Raiyen for taking wonderful photos :)

Friday, 9 May 2008

Preparationz~ *_*

I love it when the sun is out~! *Hate it back at home tho aha*~ Studentz were sunbathing everywhere around campus in between their lectures. Ntah, how many times have i slept under the sun while waiting for my next class. The Nippon Connections were setting up preparations for the Natsu Matsuri (Japanese summer festival) at Michelle's~ since it was a lovely day, we then had barbeque~

So glad all the stuffz from Japan arrived safely and just in time before the festival. Such a colourful set :) these are japanese traditional games, masks and gifts for Natsu matsuri. Things can be so convinient with the help of internet.
Making out our own apple toffee and choco banana to sell~ 50p each!

These are all the posters i made for the festival~ itz quite a number yah! Funny i didnt realise that~..
Natsu Matsuri~



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