Sunday, 4 November 2007

Halloween~~~~~ *_*

Imagine my sakainess~ hahaha~ my very 1st halloween night! I went to the Union Bar and Tunnels with my japanese pwen Nao and d otha Nippon society community memberz~ Doriana, Koki, Nico, Sumei & Bart. Haha~ itz nice to hang to out with them :) And oso, once again terserempak ngan the Hongkongz hahaha :D yah, i didnt noe aberdeenz that small?? Anyway, last minute aku ikut dorang for the haloween party~ p sampat jua me and Nao bali headbandz~ I bought the bunny earz, kinda weird~ so i cut into a cat ear- shaped~

How does it feel?? Ntah ahaha~ siok mliat orang lain terpulang, nda branti ketawa jua :D itz a heck of experience for some1 like me~smua so~new to me. Being in a bar n go clubbing~ i still donno watz fun about it~ i guess itz d fact that i don drink. Abez my pwenz paksa aku, nah~.. that wont work~ no thank you :P Haha~ Cali la, Karen ketawakan aku sebab aku minum coca cola saja "U come all the way here to drink a coke? Whatz the point for u to go clubbing?" APala~ ahahaha.. oh well XD

but hey, I DID HAVE A GREAT TIME~!! :D

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