Wednesday, 6 August 2008

From what i see~ *_*

I tend to think alot these dayz~ i've done so many mistakes - those mistakes i myself didn't even realise at first. I've got lotz to learn~....
Im turning 21 soon~ sigh, y so fast? Guess im not ready to be there yet. I wonder~.. have i really grown up? ahaha~ dari segi pikiran la. Hmmm~ i see things differently. People say im clueless~ hahaha, banar plg, well, im not really that clueless!! :P i just look bangang all the time thatz all haha.
Anyway~.. i find it sad~.. knowing the fact that not everyone can live their life the way they wanted. Yah~ so unpredictable~.. we just have to be strong and try to move forward.
About me, i wanna learn more about myself. Itz scary there's still some part of me i dont understand. I can get over the limit sometimes, itz so annoying, especially when i get too overexcited. I cant help myself, altho, i still have to try.
But then again, im glad i have been the way i am. I dont regret for all things i have done. Cause for who i am now is from who i was by then. Still~.. the future scares me...


PJ said...

You're right Pu3 the most important thing is to be who you are, if you try to please other people all the time you'll please no-one, especially not yourself, and loose the people who love you for who you are now! Mistakes - yeah they're nuisance, I make 'em all the time - its sickening. I was once told by a teacher not to worry too much as the only person who doesn't make mistakes is one who doesn't do anything worthwhile anyway!

Getting too excited? - sounds like insufficient Kidney Yin - we did this on Sat on our Chinese massage course. The kidneys control Fire (heat) and Water (cooling) of the body. According to Kaptchuk (who's really good) - The condition of 'Kidney Water Exhausted' means 'the Water cannot embrace the Fire so the Fire inappropriately flutters' (i.e. you get too excited, like someone who's much younger would). Can be fixed, tho it should fix itself over time too, can talk more bout it when you get back if you like - or do a google search 'Empty Fire, Kidneys' it might find something interesting. - see I don't care if people think me crazy ..wouldn't be me otherwise (don't tell any of the above to traditional medical students tho, they'll think us complete nuts!!!)

Future - its a long way off even tho it doesnae seam to be (worrying bout future also a sign of 'Kidney Water Exhausted' [Kaptchuk, 2000]) - according to 7yr cycle for the female body, from 21-28 you're at your prime and don't start to loose any vigour till 35 yrs, then its only slowly and even slower if you exercise the body and mind! You don't wanna know what happening to me on Sat according the the male 8yr cycle - perhaps cos of my Tai Chi my hair won't go grey till this Sunday tho :-)! Take care - nice blog article, Peter (PJ - who's that eh?:-)

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