Friday, 23 October 2009

Sweeeet~ (^_^) I love! (Japan Days)

Sweet treats! Im craving for fruity sweet treats! .. NO, Not TOO sweet thank you very much~ I mean, do you ever realise that the food in uk are a bit too much for your sweet tongue?

Anyway, thanks to Mami (for checking my grammar), Im done with my 'Gradualism and Punctuated Equilibrium' essay. What more to say? She's the BEST mum in the whole wide world~!! I love you very much mami T_T Becoz of you, i have time to blog now! What? The photoshopped pictures? Dont worry, i've done these incit incit kali ah.

Okay, back to my manis saya sayang topic.

These days i've been craving for some of those treats i've tried back in Japan~.. :) Here, im going to show you some of the manis-manis masa jalan-jalan di negeri orang.

Shibuya 109
In this building, its all about fashion and beauty~ and you hardly see guys there!
On the top floor, you'll find a small stall called Pure berry.
Here they sell COLLAGEN-infused frozen yogurt (for long lasting beauty) where customers get to fashion their cup with many different types of toppings.

But then me, Nao and Jerry rather choose what's best in the menu~
Dont remember what's the name~ but omg, i just can't explain how nice it was!Awu sampai ternangis nangis ani bahh whahaha

Lets go to Harajuku!

Seems that crepes are pretty popular with the teens! So i thought~ although its nothing much new to me, there's no harm giving harajuku ones a try.

Harajuku was overcrowded with people! There's a few crepe stations found~ but then I chose one called Angels Heart (since so many people there).

The plastic menu
(in which in reality, they only put a little fillings inside)Even though there were many people, the service was pretty quick! So i didnt even have to wait long. Bagus! Bagus!
*Watching staff making my strawberry and ice-cream crepe.
Nyeh, the filling so little and unorganised compare to what you see in the plastic menu (memang patut la). But it was a satisfaction anyway haha. Very quick ba.. and if so many fillings, how to eat?Owh~ notice the amount of people there!!

The end, bye-bye Tokyo.
Okay, lets fly to Hokkaido!!
For the 1st week, me and Jerry went WWOOFing in the country side of Hokkaido called Furano!
I was very nice of our host Shinji-san to gave us a holiday during my birthday! ^_^
It was such an unforgetable experience, but now i'll just talk about the wonderful fruity sweet treat i had on that day. :P
Furano Jam Garden was one of our stop that day (Thanx to Ume-san to bring us here)
The place was filled with..:Some of the jams are somewhat funny to me~ like the vegetable jams.. I tried a carrot jam and it tasted sweet and nice (doesnt taste like carrot at all!).
So anyway, thatz not it.
It was the Jam with ice cream that got me big time!I ordered a set with Midori Leafty cake. They even serve free hot olong tea!
So we sat and tried them on a table outside..
Green tress, cool breeze, sweet treats and hot tea...
Owh man.... tell me whats better than this??! \(^o^)/
So i guess that was my favoarite so far.
Moving on~.. to the 2nd week in Hokkaido.
We were in Sapporo. And i saw:
Marvelous Cream French Sweets Parfait
Well, these looks like all other thousands of other cake shop you see~ Cute decor, cute cakes, cute staffs. Again, these kind of place is famous for the ladies~ So i wonder, how come it seems like only ladies love cakes?
So asked for the best in the menu again~ (klau best mesti paling nyaman kan?!)
I enjoyed looking at the staff making it really~ squash picit kruk krak kruk.
Another satisfaction baby!
And~.. thats it!
Before i go, lets have a 'Get To Know Pu3' session!
"So baby, what is your favoarite ice-cream flavor?"
Pu3: "JUBUR!!!
Apakan~ nada deh haha (dude why am i so lame) Its pitachio and sesame~ ah if only aberdeen sells sesame ice-cream!''
Session's over!

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