Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sheffield ^_^

 Okay.. let me make my notes simple. 
Im going to Macau in a few hours and so i need to sleep super soon (luckily the photos were already edited :p)

A week ago - Spent a few days with Hisyam (host), Sabby, Kondy and others in Sheffield. :D Finally... 
Amazingly nice and warm.

Day 1 and 2
Went swimming and met the world diver champion Tom Daley. Did a few fun activities with more people on the 2nd night.

 The best thing about having a friend with magic hands. ;)  
Dance with me Sabby!
Day 3
My friends were freaked out by my sleep-talking habit at night.

Went out shopping and hanging around

Day 4
Went to Peak District
Photos above and below are taken by Izzul :)
Saya suka berabez. Thank you ahh

Here's photos by me :P

Day 5
Hisyam is officially an engineer!
Im very happy to see all my friends graduating :') 
So jealous also, I have 1 more year to go :( (extra year for scotland students)
Kamu semua, I am very glad aku sampat hangout with you all in uk XD sampai jua hajatku
I had a great time. 
Lots of love ah!

Dearest readers, 
I think this blog might be taking a holiday hiatus :P 
Yet there's a possibility that I might post something if I have the time.

Summer Holiday Bebeh~!


Shou-chan said...

oh so many nice pictures :3

MizArWeN said...

Miss me pu3? hehehe..hiya ds week myb continue til nxt week quite hectic in school. got new stdnts coming join d hstel so yeah, my blog reli luk 'dead' at d moment. lol.

wahhhh u hv so much fun wf ur frns dsna. nnti lah f got rezki myt jz tni bjmpa..insyallah ;)

LoveStory said...

pu3!!!! have fun!!! take alot of pictures ahhh.. I wna see UPDATES when u get back!! xD

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

wooohhh looks you you've got a great holiday!!!! looking forward to more photos from you hehe...

**~Pu-3~** said...

[mizarwen] lol yea i miss u n all my blogger friends :) wah studeny already start masuk hostel at this time? So early? I thought uni starts august!

Yea hopefully sampat jumpa ngan aznuur :)

[lovestory] kan az? Jumpa ngan drg baz kuc syid n zawir :D lol ndaku terupdate eh this blog. Nantitah dalam sminggu dua

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

Aw, thank you for the compliment in my blog. You look adorable too ^^. Actually, those look like you guy have fun! I'm jealous lolz. Well don't be gone too long. Come back for your blog ^^

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

ah~~~ i want to go there too!!! (*o*) i hope you gonna update your blog soon~~ o(^-^)v miss ya~~!


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