Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Natsu Matsuri 2011

For Natsu Matsuri this year...

I was selling each photo sticker for £1.50 hehehe.
Not much --> £13.50 profit --> but it was good enough, 
atleast I make use of my new pogo printer for something 
^^ All the money from selling the photo stickers will be put into donation.

Natsu matsuri photos 
(1st photo by Peter)
Also brought along my Candy grabber.. and I'm glad I did :) 
Uh oh~ one of the highlights of the day
I finally get to meet Haya
 She was so small the last time I met her in July last year, 
now she has grown so much taller (and prettier)!! XD I was shocked. 
She still have the cute active personality though (pls stay that way!)
 Ahhhh I want to grow taller too 
*making sad jealous face in photo* 
Okay. Im short. 
I should just accept that =,= 
I'm happy to finally get to talk with Asuka and Jun too.  
Thank you for coming to our event!
I love their photo the most ^^
 They're so lively

Okay that's it.
Natsu Matsuri was tiring,
 but as always, 


Tekkaus said...

Hahaha :D The sumo outfit looks damn hilarious.

Pu3 said...

Yess XD My favoarite outfit, sadly someone carelessly broke the zip, so it cannot be worn anymore :/

a e r i . t e r r o r ♥ said...

this makes me wonder how tall you are because the girls are only 12 and 13 y.o., i am 4 feet 10 inches and 13 year olds over here are all taller than me >.< i hate to be short too xD

Pu3 said...

Im actually 5 feet 2.2 inch (158cm) two years ago :P I never felt so short before XD because i am usually the tallest among my friends, but in uk, im considered the shortest T,T boohoo

Lina Kim ♥ said...

mwaaa...u look so cute~!!! there'll be a sakura matsuri too by the end of the week in my place. =D

MizArWeN said...

If you feel oredi short den wat am i? Shorter? LOL. OMG dt lil girl is d cutest wf dt onigiri head *glomp* (^∇^)want to hug herrrrr!~

Pu3 said...

[Lina Kim] Aaahh im very flattered for something that comes from you XD I know i don't suit yukata, but thank you. Wow, you're totally gonna be the centre of attention on that day if you're gonna wear the traditional dress ヽ(♥▭♥)ノ

[Mizarwen] Lol, you're not much shorter than me XP Haya grown so tall already! She'll definitely surpass me next year!

I knowww the baby girls in the photo are sooo cute yesss ╰(◉ω◉)╯~♪♥

LoveStory said...

wow. you fan clubbers are serious. i wish dBrunei pun cemani all the fan clubs... -__-"
and you met Haya. n now i remember yg you're the reason I know about cHaya.ehehe..n youare right, taller and prettier..i wonder how the little ones always seems to grow so fast..

Tiff said...

OMG the onigiri hat is the most hilarious thing ever!

akiko hiramatsu said...

Wow, your kimono style is very cute!!
I love kimono,too.
So I'm very interested in your pretty blog.

huy tran said...

@Pu3; thank youuuuu! i'm glad you laughed at the last photo. you sound so easy to entertain! xD Hahaha! and i was totally unaware of the comments being removed. i thought no-one wanted to comment. ;A; LOLOL. and yes, long time no talk. (:

nice kimono you got there! and i'm liking the costumes. especially the Onigiri hat! ^^

❤ Moon ❤ said...

Hahaha, looks like you had a fun time! And you're so small, it's cuuute, hehehe :D

konayukiss said...

wow you look like you had tons of fun!!! im so jealous!! :) natsu matsuris are always fun to go to!! <3

Kristina said...

Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

MayClover said...

Nice photos :) ! x

sammybongo said...

Wow really amazing and big time fun lucky you big time.

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