Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Gareth Gates in Les Miserables

My dream to watch a live theatre in the West End in London finally came true! (^o^)/
Watched 'We will Rock you' and 'Les Miserable'. 'We will Rock you' was a last minute decision and we bought the tickets 2 hours before the show started, it was really funny ;) but im just gonna talk about the other play in this post (sorry Jeri hehe).
I've been longing to watch Les Miserables since my 1st year in uk!
 Found a good seat online and booked the ticket a months advance.
The play was truly magnificant XD No photos allowed during the play, sorry.
But then,
I just realised something
Let me just let you all read my journal
Don't laugh yea XD
Gareth Gates!! OMG!
 I have NO IDEA!
I didn't recognize him, he looks different than how I remember (below).


Tekkaus said...

Yes he does look different already. Besides, it has been a long time since I last hear from him. :)

LoveStory said...

OMIGAWD! SO LUCKY! aku nmpk post mu 'Gareth Gates' tarus ku click!! aaahhhh..so lucky! *sings in my sumbang voice and on top of my lungs!* it can happen to anyone of us~ coz i made a stupid mistake~ stupid mistake~~

(am yet to meet my Westlife! and it's been almost 13years!! ahaha)

but good to know he's still the the entertainment business and him in theater now means he's good coz i heard in UK theater is like a huge thingy..lurus kh? eheh correct me if I'm wrong :S...

pnjng tarus comment ku ah..excited!! ahaha xP

Nonny Atika said...

lucky u, indeed! ^_^

Esma said...

Its been so long didnt hear bt him... Haha.

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

I love Les Miserable. And the guy who play him in this play is so cute XD. I love your journal
~XOXO Charlotte

Izzy said...

Wow sounds great, and oh my gosh I remember him hahah! I've got a giveaway going on at the moment, it be great if you'd like to enter! Izzy xo

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DAP says will use PAS, PKR logos if RoS letter not revokedThe Malaysian Insider - 16 minutes agoRoS move pushing DAP to ditch rocket logo, affect Chinese votesThe Malaysian Insider - 17 minutes agoNo problem for DAP to use rocket logo in May 5 polls, EC saysThe Malaysian Insider - 17 minutes agoLet voters decide on BN's 'underhand tactics' in RoS move, says DAPThe Malaysian Insider - 19 minutes agoPenang BN promises to double Pakatan's social welfare handoutsThe Malaysian Insider - 1 hour 13 minutes agoKhaled tawar penyelesaian isu tanah di Johor jika BN kekalThe Malaysian Insider - 1 hour 55 minutes agoPenang BN reaches out to lower income and senior citizens in manifestoThe Malaysian Insider - 2 hours 1 minute ago

It's easy to imagine Marilyn Monroe here, where she lived off and on, as a young starlet, having publicity photos taken poolside.

il ne comprend pas que les pediatres n'aient rien vu, malgr茅 que je leur avais dis que pour moi elle avait un probl猫me de chevilles qui tournaient.


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