Sunday, 28 August 2011

July Travel 2011

Hello people! 
See, I was supposed to update my blog 2 weeks ago trying to explain why I stopped blogging for a while. 
This was my reason
But then
Something bad happened╭(⫪Д⫪;)╮
My laptop charger died... AGAIN!
Wtf apple?!! 
And it took 2 weeks for Brunei's only Apple supplier (AV electronics) to get my charger exchanged! (and they told me to wait for 4-5 days only = = pfft). 
It wouldn't be a problem if I was still in Aberdeen (since my flatmates were macbook users.. and you only have to wait 5-10 minutes to exchange a new charger in uk Apple store), but i just realised i don't have anyone close in Brunei using macbook atm. 
So yay another 2 weeks without using my laptop.

I just came back from a long trip like uhh... a month ago? Ehehehe, I know I should have blog sooner before my charger broke down, but.. fasting month makes me lazier than ever!
... Owh, happy fasting to all muslims out there... and happy advance raya
Yayyy! Just a few more days! 

Gawd, I need to update my blog more! 
So anyway, my journey this time is one of the longest, most tiring trip ever. 

Where did I travel to? 


Day 1 - Zurich 

Day 2 - Lucerne

Day 3 - Mount Pilatus

Day 5 - Murren


Unfortunately nothing was visible when we were on top of the mountain ╭(⫪Д⫪;)╮ boo hoo

Day 6 - Geneva
We managed to see the whole town with trolley-car tram tour

Day 7 to 8 - Barcelona
Enjoyed Gaudi's Architecture
Visited Sagrada Familia - a temple

Park Guell - a magical park (reminds me of Studio Ghibli's!)
Hypnotic Gaudi dragon fountain

Day 9 to 11 - went back to London

Day 12 - Back to Brunei.

Day 13 - one day rest in Brunei. 
Then the next day..

Day 14 - flew to Jakarta with my cousin Faridah. 

Day 15 - flew to Jogja
Visited Borobodur
And we went to watch the night show.

Day 16 - flew back to Jakarta

Day 17 - flew to KL 
Meetup with my younger sister and her friend Melly, who has been studying in Limkokwing university there. 
Day 18 - Brunei for good. 

If you notice, me and my cousin were flying on plane in 5 consecutive days


Huy Tran said...

hope you find your mojo back so you can continue blogging! :D

Pu3 said...

Hehe XD thanks! I wish i could blog as much as before! XD

LoveStory said...

wow! you're quite a traveller! and i hope you'll be blogging more often too xD

Pu3 said...

Ngalihhhh~ XD but siok! I don't feel settled enough to blog constantly yet.. ╭(⫪Д⫪;)╮ i hope i will go back on track soon

αвву M. said...

wow! u really travelled a lot. I can understand why it was tiring hehe..
welcome back though :)

Esma said...

Welcome back my sweet chingu! Omo !(◎_◎;) If i were i wud oredi crawling on d floor bcoz of d nonstop travelling. Haha. But if ders yummy food bru th revive ckit. Lol. Glutton?

Shen said...

My gosh! I envy you, the pictures make it look like a lot of fun. The laptop charger incident sounds like a pain to deal with though. Above all else, welcome back!

Minza. said...

I envy you! Love your pictures! :)
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Nonny Atika said...

what a trip!well, don't wait too long for your next entry k Pu3!hihi

ウィンターちゃん Wynter Chan (。→∀←。) pakupaku~♪ said...

Oh I really love your bloggie muchly, I just found it <3<3

Care to visit my bloggie, and maybe follow too~~??

Thanks & baii!

{ B e r r i e ~ P O N } / Wynterpon

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