Sunday, 23 October 2011

Birthday and Spaghetti

My youngest sister has turned 18 three days ago. 
My mum went off for her business trip in Cambodia, my older brother went for Hajj and my younger sister Yana is currently studying in KL. 
It was just the 4 of us - including me, Yaka, Malina and Babah. 
So we invited our cousins from next door to join our very small celebration at home.

Spaghetti, cake and new Studio Ghibli's film - 'Arrietty'

Made a video out of this event, it's been a while ne? 

Lots of love


Esma said...

spend d moment doe wf small group it can oso mek d birthday boy/girl more happy rather den spending it alone. Happy birthday to ur sis Mal ^^

Pu3 said...

Lol :3 Hehe, i wish she would have been happier XD

LoveStory said... matter it's just s small celebration, it's a celebration nonetheless...xD

Pu3 said...

True true :3

Nonny Atika said...

cozy birthday party..i like =) happy birthday to ur sister..

Pu3 said...

Yay :3 Thank


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