Monday, 8 October 2007

4th Day?

Haha~ i should have post the rest of the fresher's week's~ oh well~ 20th September 07~ A day made especially for international studentz (fuh, finally!)~ so we have a welcome n info session~ plus international students mini-freshers' fayre..
We have free fun day at the beach today but MISSED IT~argh, all the free bowling, candy floss, dodgems, video games and XD 3D motion theatre WASTED just like that!! Oh well, atleast we get to have free tea&bagel brunch dat afternoon~
But then again~ itz also Scottish Culture day~!! We got d opportunity to learn the scottish dance to the loud Ceilidh music ahaha~ Guess this is one of the great dayz in aberdeen~ coz at this very day i got to noe Anu&Dave from India and Kim from Malaysia~ who til now are one of my good frenz now ahaha~

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