Monday, 31 December 2007

NC end of year party *_*

Itz funny noing im d only gal who doesnt drink~ but still pling high usulnya. Ntah, other ppl affect me kh? Nywy, d small gathering held in a...haunted bar *well, d place is dcorated to be hunted, i find it cool wat*~ as usual, no eating, juz drinking~ i wonder style orang luar ani... i noe drinking=drunk is fun for them, but nda lapar kah??

Syaz bet me to take in the ketchup n vinegar~ and I DID~ sakit parutku tarus ehh~ but wOoHOo~ i get a free coke for that :P

Surprised by the 7 deadly sins~ beerz n shotz~ quite an interesting menu :P
*L to R - Nao, Me, Doriana and Yoko~*

After d bar, we went straight for a karaoke!! Joe'z gettin in to much ;P cheese n bread all night long~
Nico & Dodi looked cute together in this pic :)
Such a nice feeling being with them all~
*L to R - me, Hideo, Janice n Ash*

Joe, Dabi & koki. Umm~ Koki.. u noe what ur doin ryt?? Haha~

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