Sunday, 30 December 2007

Lookin' bek *_*

23th December 2007
What have I been up to??

Whoa, itz been more den a month udah eversince I last update my blog! Sowie~ been thro so many thingz lately~ yah, I had fun~ Donno why i find it really hard to type all my thoughts down nowadayz~ what have I been thinkin?

Having a winter holiday now~ itz been more den a week I guess~ 3 more weekz to go till our examination!! Ganbatte!! I donno ehhhh~ takutku~

Look how long and straight my hair have become~

And see how short and wavy it is after I cut my hair really short by myself~! Well thnx to keelah for cutting my back hair ~ hehe I love it! Save shampoo~

MMmm~ oh oh~ I found myself a new good pwen Syaz~ msa ani slalu hangout :) he reminds me of Hadee awww~ im really happy to noe how well we get along.

Why is it alwez more comfortable for me to be with boyz rather than being with girlz huh? I feel so free with them~ while aku slalu malu malu around girls (haha~ but still do get along pweety well with Nao :P fine, CERTAIN girls)~ the thing is I donno whatz in a girl’z mind~ they can be very complicated~ makez me paranoid at timez~ GUyzzz, I DON EVEN CARE WHAT’RE THEY THINKIN! I wonder ahh…. Girlz tend to be more sensitive than guyz~ and I alwez try SO HARD to make sure that I wont say or do anything that would offend them~ but I alwez did!! Kenapakan? Mulut banar ehhh~ I wish I could just shut up,like what my cuz alwez told me to. Then the next day the girl would totally ignore of me~ and I have NO IDEA what I have done wrong~ Why is it hard for me to noe whatz wrong and whatz right? Hehehe~ this used to be a very big problem to me~ parah utakku dibuatnya. But alhamdullilah I didn’t face these kind of problem for so long~ I think itz the fact that ppl around me are more patient and understanding that they would rather let the insult I made go.

1 other thing I hate about myself - I complain a lot? I didn’t mean it actually, Im juz making for a suggestion, I DONNO! What can I do to stop all the complainin? JUZ SHUT UPPP!!! What the hell, that easy?? Why cant I think of that before saying thingz out loud?? Aiyyayayaya~ sigh.

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