Saturday, 5 July 2008

Frenz who were there for each other~ *_*

Bought new specz yesterday in Miri~ itz my 1st time with thick frames. L3.5, R2.5. I actually kinda like it :)
Hahaha~ over all these yearz, ani barutah berani post myself with glasses. I started wearing one since primary 6 actually. Then contact lenses since form2. Not many ppl know i wear glasses, bida bahhhh, macam orang tua~.. seriously T_T
Nyway, just had a date with Longlong (still consider a date kah? Aha ;D) this morning wit specz (1st time ever!) - just for a change. See, i look different kan? Longlong likes it somehow hurh, a new me? Oh come'n~
Both of us havent got our good appetite eversince we came back home~.. well, i hope u ppl understand~.. Got skinnier than before~..So i thought abt having lunch together, and have a nice chat.
But then~.. the food didnt look appetizing at all~.. ->

We talked about the things we've been thro~ to think it over, it was beautiful somehow. We are glad we met each other, learned, taught one another and going through so many things together. But the time have come to realise that we have to move on. No regrets.

Coz we are still the same :)

A quick snap~ Longlong's genuine smile haha :PLonglong never like to be in pictures haha, you could actually see from his fake smiles :P aku yg suka ambil gambar ani, asal keluarkan camera, marung tu muanya aha. If only he gets a li'l vain. Oh well~

We are who we are~..

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