Sunday, 13 July 2008

Letterz from the past~ *_*

*Due to my slow internet connection, i had a hard time trying to upload picz~ :P i apologize lama nda update*
Last 2 weeks - spent d whole day rah Zai's with illa since she was going back to NZ~ i posted this msareto udah, now itz pictures time. Sekali rajin, rajin~ sekali malas, malas. Sayang bah i edited d picz last time, itz never to late.
I wonder bah~ y do i have to post pictures kan? Why do other ppl to do so? To show and let everyone know what r d thingz u have done? But~ mo orang kan tau kan? I mean me bah, why did i blog at the beginning? Hmmmmmmm~.... okeh okeh~ leave it, lain pulang aku ah aiyaya. Back to where i supposed to talk about~
Letterz from the past.
Finally the day have come. Itz all started in 2002, abez pmb, ikut-ikutan dari comic 'Chibimaruko', me and Zai made letterz for each other and ourselves to be read in the future. And when we said future, we meant around our 20's~ who knew that we would seperate countries apart?
Now, 2008 is here, Im so happy Zai managed to go home! D letterz were made every year since 2002, so there's lotz to read! From me myself, from Zai, Illa, Hayat and Mahirah! - Forgot 2 tell the other girls had joined in some of the yearz back then. Ytah we were hoping to opened the letterz with everyone but hayat n mahirah nda dapat. But since diz may be d only time Zai ada, terpaksala...
Nyway~Let the letters opening ceremony beginz!
~Starting from the oldest one 2002, in a soda bottle ehe (we planned to buried it in smb msareto :P nasib baik nda jadi) Berdegup jantung ani wa~ *_*
Reading the letters out loud, cali la~ our 1st letters were quite short and colourful~ we were in form3, still boycrazy talking about each and every guy we admire, oh man~ this is what we get from the past??? Im not going to read mine :P sabut sabut pun bangang saja orang aha. Nyway, this is from Zai 2002 to Pu3 2008~
"Pu3~ i love u! Apa khabar mu? Rinduku eh~ kau ani bestfrenku dari form1. Jangan lupakan aku. Cubako~ ku tumbuk ko! Ku gigit ko! Apa kau buat masa ani? Sapa boymu? (1) Zuhri? (Iya...bisai...-_-') (2) Zell? (Padan padan :D smoga bahagia) (3) Jack? (Oh my god...@_@) (4) Petrick? (I'll kill you *_* i'll die)
Thanx 4 being my bestfren!"
Oh wow~ dat was surprisingly funny~ Ramai jua calon boyfren ku =_=' yah, listed were all my admires back then. Semua lagi kana bari nickname tu, rinduku eh =o= I've been without a single special boyfren for 19 years but i have damn a hell lots of guys i got crush on over d yearz whahahaha~ wait, is that something ntuk dimalukan kah or something to be proud of? :P:P:P - aku bangga ehhhh donno y.
Uh oh~ and - Zai sounded so ganassssss~!!
Then~ we opened all the other letters one by one~ baca sama2~ ketawa sama2~ malu sama2~ banyak question yang buat lain rasa ati... like.. "Ndakan nda berbf masa ani kan?!' or~.. "Kawin tah sudah??" from Illa ehehehe~..

Back then~... we didnt know what we will be at the age of 20~.. i didnt think of getting into University that time, I didnt think that the way i would be will still gonna be d same.
After reading all the letters, sunyi rasanya~
Ceremony ended~
After we went to pasar malam for midnight snack~ we went straight to bed. Illa's 1st sleepover ehe~ XD
Next morning was refreshing~ since itz d last day with Zai, we took so many picz with Zai's camera. Ya la~ bukannya selalu kan?Sampat ke CA Muhammad for breakfast~..

Oh and dat petang~ sampat Hadee datang jua! And he just came back from Aussie a day before.

Uh, not much to say~ just showing off some of the pics ;) lawa ba d quality and colours. and itz Zai's camera anyway. oh oh, and so many pictures of me mE ME! Aha, im not that vain actually, klu mua lawa buleh la :P musim nda berjerawat ka XD den barutah berabez...wait, nda jua la...

Me~... being with my closest friends~ im so glad that we didnt change much eventhough we're oceanz apart. i hope this friendship remains forever~..

Altho we'll never know what'll happen next~...

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