Thursday, 3 September 2009

Back to Brunei from Hong Kong~ *_*

After spending 37 days in Hong Kong (14days) and Japan (11days Tokyo, 12days Hokkaido) , its time for me to go back to my peaceful home country Brunei. Im somewhat glad and sad knowing the trip is finally over~ it was tiring but fun!

I felt like i never had a long rest in my entire life~ ..but after only 1 day, i started to feel empty!

Anyway, after Japan~ i spent 2 more nights in HK so that i wont rush through things, and buy more last minute gifts for frenz and family

:puteh_23:I would love to thank Jerry's family for everything!!~ especially how they welcome me to stay at their place.. and the gifts! His family are like the nicest people you will ever know!
^_^ I am also happy for being able to take Purikura pics with Jerry's lil sister, Kelly ^_^
(the pic below is pretty cool right :P)

Lastly~ to my beloved Jeri (and Nao)~ if it wasnt for you (two :P), it wouldnt turned out into an AMAZING trip. Travelling is easy when you have dependable people with you :P i cant imagine how will i be without you (planned to travel Japan alone at 1st!)

Thank you for accompanying me,
I owe u so much!
Lots of love!

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